Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who's hair...

So, I don’t mind saying we’re a simple family.  I mean we are…not in the dumb kind of simple… {well, we have our moments.  wink} 
But all in all we’re simple.
 Okay, fine we’re poor and easily entertained.  But I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  Hey, look at it this way, when the world is ending my family will already be used to playing with odds and ins and highly qualified to entertain the masses of displaced people with self-made games.
{just sayin’…smirk}

So, what do we do around here?  Nope, we don’t have TV.  We get distracted enough to be sitting in front of that thing.  Don’t freak out, we do have movies that the kids watch from time to time.  Nope, no Netflix, I don’t really have the desire to fill my TV empty time with millions of new releases.  We just have certain movies that are family oriented, fun, and most of all good for the ole’ soul.

Okay, this is going nowhere.  I had no intention of this TV talk 
{Incidentally I kept typing TB just now.}
For the record, I have no intention of that either.  {giggle}

When, Bailey was here for her surprise visit we had the perfect opportunity to have some good clean family time.  We ate together, we laughed, and talked and all sat on my bed, because that has always been the family gathering place. 

I often wonder if there was a fire would the kids automatically go and sit on my bed because that’s where we always meet.  {wink}  Okay, but back to cheap entertainment.  The best part is it’s never planned.  It just sorta happens.  Well, these pictures are what happened after dinner one night.  I don’t know why we do what we do and I certainly don’t know why I share it with the world but here is one of our most treasured games. 
We like to call it… Who’s hair do you wear?
{Actually, we don’t call it anything…we just sorta started throwing our hair on other people’s head.}

I almost peed my pants laughing. 
True story.

 This is how it started.  Don't worry, I'm scared too.  Poor Moi, she never saw me {the grudge} coming...but you can tell she senses something is definitely wrong.
Nope, on second thought, I think she's game!
Work it Moi!  That's our {making fun of} model look.
 {I apologize in advance.  That 'look' seems to be hereditary.}
 It also seems to never get us. {wink}
 Then there was Busy.  She's always game.  Yes that's Bailey's hair now...and why does Busy look like she's 8?  
All I know is gets better.
 Like the bangs?  I did those.  That's my dementor hand fixing my 8-year old daughter's hair.  I'm a good mom like that.
 There's the Busy we all know!  Incidentally, that's the face she was pulling as she watched me clean the windshield in yesterday's post.  Do you get it now?

The girls and I were dying at the table at this point then we looked over at Po.  He was sitting there looking entirely too much like our next victim. flag.  Po is enjoying this way too much.  Side note:  Contrary to the look in this picture, my husband does not smoke pot. 
Nor does he listen to Kurt Cobain...I swear.  {much} giggle
I was uncomfortable at this point...I made him take the hair off.
We decided to take it a step up and go a little bouffant with Bai.
I think she's happy with the decision. 
{I also think I need to add the same disclaimer I did with Po.}
There it is....'the look'.  Nice right?  That's a lotta hair huh?
Now I being more experienced started out with 'the look' it comes naturally to me.  So does telling on myself and shinning the worst light on myself.  It's a gift.
That however is not 'the look'.  I can't explain it really.  Please scroll down immediately for your own emotional and mental safety.
Uh comes Hanna.  She wasn't feeling it so much.  We coerced {forced} her to do it.  I think she looks great.  As a matter of fact, I would go as far as to say that she is sporting one fine looking comb over.

Wait a minute...I think she's warming up...

Nice 'look' Hanna!  Way to look distant and mysterious at the same time.
Uh oh...remove the hair.  I repeat, remove the hair before her and Po decide to do Daddy Daughter pictures together.

Hey... go get the boys....

Look at that male model material.  Not even a moment of hesitation...Lil Man, you're a natural.  Did your Mother give you those long locks?
 Distraught and forlorn.  Or perhaps careful contemplation.  Or...really why didn't I have more brothers?

Hey, who's that?
Oh, it's my daughter Ethan!  Hahahahahaha! does he know 'the look'?  I'm going to have a talk with him...perhaps more football.

Wanted:  for coveting other people's hair. 
That's enough Po.
Put the hair down and nobody gets hurt.
No wait....that one is enough!  I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the real live comb over.  I should carry this picture around in my wallet.  The only thing that might have been better would have been a mullet.  {dang it.}

So now with all of these horrifying yet so completely us photos.  I felt it necessary to include a picture of us to show that we really don't look awful.  We just like to play...or we're really easily distracted...and entertained...well...

Enough said.




  1. i love that after i read your blog, no matter how silly, it always makes me want to come and sit around your dinner table with your fam! I love the hair game, I might just have to bust out at the next family gathering!

  2.!! I'm moving in with for reals. You are my kinda family 100%! Po with the blonde hair and thumbs up looks just like Kid Rock hahahaha!! Omg I love you, I love you all! Thanks for making me laugh after a super craptastic day :) xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm dyin' here!!!! LMBO LMBO!

  4. I don't know weather to laugh or be scared LMAO! Love the look Ethan gave. SMOOOOCHY face hahahahaha

  5. You are demonstrating that people really do still know how to play love love it

  6. ...and Darcie, thought I taught you the difference between whether or a raincloud with the comment....great job, Pidg; you have an awesome family.

  7. I so needed that today. You guys rock. I wanna play!!!!! Love you all. E is my favorite with his lubba lips. Ha ha ha!!!

  8. what an awesome family! love it! FUN!

  9. Po's comb over about gave me a laugh cramp. I had to stand up. I actually use to do this to my brother. SOMEWHERE there is at least one picture. Lil man totally looks like Kenny G in the first shot.

  10. I love that you don't have a tv! I would love to get rid of mine- but I get my internet through the cable company, so it is cheaper. Since I pay for it, I do watch it (but limited). I think the hair game is hilarious. I love simple entertainment- it is usually the funniest!

  11. ps.. I just tagged you. :) come visit to see!


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