Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tag you're it...

So…I was tagged by Jamie from One Step at a Time in the coolest lil post.  I haven’t gotten to play a game in a while so I thought, heck yes, let’s do this thing.


  1. Post these rules {that was funny to me…and yes there was a part of me that didn’t want to just because they told me to.  Yah, I’m working on my attitude.  wink}
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself…oh here we go again.
  3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.

Know what I loved about this?  One of the rules wasn’t
and please tag 27 new people…whew.
They always kill me with the tagging or awarding stuff because I feel like I don’t know that many people.  Yay  I can tag as many or as little as I want…woo hoo..yay… {wait let me go make a list… nervous grin}

Here are the questions Jamie made up for me and my fellow tagees…is that right?  Or are they her tagees?  I do know she’s the tagger…hmm

1. What motivates you?  Really Jamie?  You Jamie?... the runner of marathons?  Fine {Miss Thang}  soda motivates me…are you happy now?  Sheesh…now I’m depressed I’m gonna have to go crack open another frosty can of carbonated wonder. {grin}

2. What is your favorite dessert?  Ya know my family and I have talked about this before {probably a lil too much} but it’s weird I don’t know.  I’m a pretty “well-rounded” dessert kind of girl.  {That was good huh?  Come on you know that was funny.}  But today I’m going to go with my Mama’s chocolate chip cookies.  You can’t beat them and NO ONE can duplicate them.  I’ve watched her, made them along side her and cannot get that amazingly lace-type of crisp to them.  It’s frustrating.  She has something in her pockets I’m pretty certain.

3. How old were you when you realized you were grown up?  Uhh…I guess I’m not there yet.  I’m sure my pidgletts will let me know when I am. {wink}

4. Did you ever write a letter to your 17 year old self?   Nope.  I go to bed with each and every flaw and wake up to find bright and shiny new ones.  No regrets, no looking back I’ve got too much to navigate with my 37 year old self.

5.  What is your dream race?  (runner or not…)  Ahh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…eh hem… wait…. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

6. Would you (or have you) ever sky dived?  Okay fine I’ll answer one seriously.  I actually had that on my list of things to do until I started spitting out people from my body.  Something about hitting the earth like a flesh-n-blood balloon made me think twice about my children being left behind.  I would be that cartoon where the chute doesn’t open.  But when I’m old and the kids are all grown yah, I’ll do it for sure.  And when my face is all caught in the mach 5 wind and my wrinkles are all pushed back behind my head I’ll have someone taking pictures for the posterity I leave behind.

7. Where is your best vacation spot?  I’m not one for travel but since we’re talking about a ‘spot’ and not just time off I would take Po back home to San Diego since he’s never been there.  {Notice how I didn’t say the kids?  That’s where the vacation comes in to play wink}

8. What is your go-to-meal for the family?  Tacos.  Any version we can make up…love, love, love tacos. 

9. Toms or no?  Who’s he?  Or are there two of them?  Okay, really I know what Tom’s are {quite by accident because of reading blogs}  but I’m a mom, I’m cheap and I don’t shop…unless it’s for soda.  When I publish, I will buy a pair and blog about them just so I can be cool…of course then people will all be wearing Bobs or Karls or something better.

10. Are you pinning right now?  Ugh…Jamie! Is this 11 questions to make Pidg look lame and completely out of everything that is popular and cool…because you could have done that in about 2 questions really.  {giggle…even though it’s true} No I don’t pin.  My manager at work who is uber cool and up to date and who has a phone that mesmerizes me with it’s magic sent me an invite.  {Truly that was cool enough for me} but I’m scared.  There I said it I’m scared of Pinterest…What if I get addicted?  What if it’s something I can’t peel away from?  What if I poke myself with a pin and I start to bleed?

11. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Well since I gave up on taller because I stopped growing at age 11 I would have to say a writer.  Oh, let me clarify… a writer that actually gets paid…with real money.

I am exhausted…

Okay so with a fresh new outlook to other people having to answer random questions….here are mine for the chickees I deem tagged….

1.       If you were a book what would your ‘title’ be?
2.      What value best represents you?  You know, faith, integrity, knowledge that sorta stuff.  {No, don’t give me money values…Haha! I beat you to it}  Part two:  What value would you like to work on the most for yourself?
3.      What is it about your spouse that completes you so perfectly?
4.      How many fingers am I holding up?  No, really?
5.      What is your most cherished keepsake?
  1. What {to date} would you say is your greatest accomplishment?  {Stop moaning, if you’re tagged I already know you’re amazing!}
  2. What was your favorite book, toy or game when you were little?
  3. Why do you ‘really’ blog?
  4. Loch Ness monster…Fact or fiction?
  5. What or who inspires you to be a better you?
  6. Why do you think we women enjoy these blogging game thingys?

Ahh…crud I totally forgot the 11 random things about me…I really feel like we just did this.  Okay…I’m not even clearing my throat for this one.

1.       I still check on my kids when they’re sleeping.
  1. My Sheila Bee calls me ‘Salty Mama’ because I’m more addicted to salt than I am Dr. Pepper.  {true story}
  2. I literally still feel my heart catch in my chest each time I see Po.
  3. My mom is my best friend …no she didn’t make me say that…this time {wink}
  4. I tell people I’m 44 so they think I look amazing for my age.  {fine that’s not true, but it’s brilliant isn’t it?  I should start.}
  5. Po has called me Baby since way before we were dating.  I’m not really sure if he knows my real name.
  6. Bailey had to help drive me to the hospital {Andrews AFB} when she was just 11 because I was incredibly sick and about to give birth to Lil Man.
  7. I am seriously thinking about marrying tossed salad.
  8. Olive green is my favorite color.  I know, almost too exciting for words right?
  9. Today was the first time I could wear jeans in a week because of work.  {I was beginning to mourn.}
  10. I used to collect snails when I was like 10.  My mom is a very tolerant woman.


And now to the tagging….YES!  I feel like I’ve accomplished something and now I get to pass the torch of creativity and thought provoking questions of wonder to my bloggy pals!

{I've revoked the bloggy pals bit...turns out they weren't so into it ...even tho they all made me do it in some way or another...Personally I think my questions made them work too hard.  wink}

I hope you have fun with this chickees but if you don’t feel inclined, dontcha worry about it.  I love and miss you to pieces!  Have a wondermous rest of the week!




  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You crack me up as always! I agree, pinterest is way too addicting! If you haven't started you should not do it. By the way I'll send you an invite too, just to be sure. ;) Too funny, you might bleed cause you might poke yourself with a pin. HAHAHA!!

    How many fingers? Why do we want to do these games? Too funny!

    I MISS YOU BUNCHES TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

  2. I'm confused and sleepy. Or I'm confused because I'm sleepy. Anyway, I'll read this tomorrow and might incline myself on Friday. ;-) Nite! Ok I get it now. I scrolled back up and down. But I'll really read it tomorrow. Maybe I'll incline myself Thursday.

  3. I can not wait to get started on this!......tomorrow (wink) No seriously though this is exactly what i need to break my non writing funk, thanks pidg! <3 <3

  4. oh my word. LOL! I dont really even say that phrase but you just made me. I'll start tomorrow too.. I think we all need to process all this info haha. How fun! You make me laugh. And smile! OH and i forgot to mail your post card. DANG... soon i promise ;)

  5. Eh - I'm not feelin' inclined. But you know me don't cha? You said, "Ima tag her but she probably won't play." I thunk on it real hard though. ;-) So I read my questions last night anyway and said, "Why did I have to read about Loch Ness before I went to bed?" Fortunately I only had a bad dream about a cat meowing in my house (I don't have any) so it was freaky. And its a full moon you know so to answer my questions I probably would have struck through #3 altogether, my heart isn't catchin' in my chest today. LOL!! Anyway I loved your "in Pidg fashion" response.

  6. hahaha. i love it. thank you for saying i inspire you. :)
    you crack me up. all the time.

  7. Great and funny answers!! Love the age 44 thing lol and your daughter drove at 11? Wow, how cool and scary ;)

  8. i love your answer to #4! what a perfect to state that!


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