Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sleeping in...

{A lil disclaimer for Nay.  This was written yesterday…I’m not off today.  I will be at work within the hour.  Or I would be emailing you just because I can.  But I can’t.
You get the idea.  Wink}

I’m off today.  I had every intention of going back to sleep this morning.
OH Yah buddy!
Me and the pillow snuggled up nice and cozy.  When I went to bed last night I had every thought of glee and bliss thinking of how after I got Po off to work and the kids on the bus I would just sneaky sneak back under the covers.  {Happy endings}

I even laughed to myself {that Santa type of chortle} at the thought of how Po and the kids would never know how deliberately rebellious I was going to be.

Now the reality of it all is I’ve been up since 5am.  I had to take the younger girls to school because a certain child that’s really ‘busy’ wouldn’t get her bum in gear and then had to talk an older daughter out of coming home.  The boys barely made their bus due to THEM crawling back under MY covers and I’m sitting here blogging.
{I do have my lights dim as if the thought is still lingering though. 
That’s rebellious right?}

So, I’m going to see Po for lunch today at his new store.  {We’re cute like that.}  I just walked by the mirror and it looks like someone cooked bacon in my hair so a shower is in order.  My kitchen is trashed and I have to relist on the shop.  I have to make dinner for the fam and company coming over and possibly do laundry since well, I just should.  The dogs are howling in the kitchen and I need to put together a piece of exercise equipment.
{Yes you heard me right, the chronicles of movement might just have a few more chapters after all.  wink}

Bed?  Pshh…who needs it.  {sniff}  I guess being a rebel just isn’t on the agenda today.  But just between me and you, I’m going to think about it all day.  Headphones in making sheet angels {not to be mistaken with snow angels} in the bed because I would be lying in it by myself and possibly ending up diagonal with my blankie up to my face.

Just a thought.

Oh, my phone just went off…I guess I’ll go get that prescription too.
{Insert pity party here.}

I’ll be here if you need me, not in bed; thinking only productive thoughts.

{And now, as you know, I won’t be here if you need me.  I’ll be working and being productive thinking only sleepy-snuggly thoughts.  Get it? wink}

I have an inkling my hair is going to be big and unruly today.  It’s always been rebellious.  Happy day!



  1. Happy Day! I don't know what got into me today BUT I actually cooked my husband breakfast before work and I havnt even finished my Dr Pepper yet :) I'm thinking of exercising.. hmm maybe haha. Wish I could visit my Mondo at work! I'll have a car soon as taxes come in! :D

  2. How do you know me so well!? LOL Good job with the disclaimer...I need that sometimes:)
    Now get back to work! {please}

  3. hahaha! You're killing me over here, so many posts from you all of a sudden!! I can't believe it! I missed your words and humor so much! I love the way you detail and describe your life... so fun! =)


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