Monday, February 27, 2012

Short and sweet...

This one’s gonna be short and sweet.  {I promise}  I know, me, short and sweet?  Neither one of those descriptions fit me.  I am now giggling at the thought of either of those in a sentence describing me.  Ornery and easily entertained maybe…ahh crud I’m already killing the short and sweet…

Okay two days into work, inventory is today.  Yah, I heard you gasp.  Don’t worry I’ve been choking on my own spit for the past two days.  I listen to everything I'm being taught as it goes in one ear and falls with a crashing spiral to the floor from the opposite ear.
I love it.  This job will be fast paced because I’ll make it that way.
It’s challenging.  
It’s a mess.   
{or maybe that's me}

Can you be diagnosed with ADHD x 2?  I’ll ask.  {wink}

As thoughts go off in my brain as fireworks over top of each other I’m trying to make sense of it all and retain it.  It’s exhausting and demanding; trying and 
freakin’ awesome!

I love being pushed.  I have plans.  I can’t wait until I actually know what I’m doing.
{I bet my managers can’t wait either.  wink}

Okay, here’s my funny.  I called Moi to see how the kids were today.  She said they were playing in their rooms and that she would check on them when we got off the phone.  On the way back to my locker she sent me a picture.  This is what they were doing.

I love creativity…it’s evidently hereditary.  And yes, I think we are all out of socks …the entire family.  {grin}

Have a great week…after Tuesday I will be a puddle with a name tag.  But that’s alright; I just keep smiling ‘cuz I don’t know any better.



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  1. I was rolling as soon as I read "short and sweet" and thinking "yeah right!" lol lol lol {see, I just can't stop!}

    I have a favor to that you are a big-time manager and all, can you please be one of those cool and oh-so-awesome bosses to the grunts like myself? The grunt nation will be very happy which in turn makes you happy.
    Wait, unless you're one of the lead grunts...then just influence the boss to be oh-so-awesome:) k? k!
    From the grunt nation president - ME! {wink wonk}


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