Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shopping a love/hate relationship...

I went to the store to get my girls organizer thingys for their awfully trashed room.
We ended up going directly to the clearance clothing section and trying on things for way too long. 
{My co-workers will never let me hear the end of it for being there so long.}

Then we went over to electronics to try and find a $20 game for Po which ended up being an epic fail after I talked to the kids in electronics about every game in the world and ended with Po pouting because it just wasn’t what he wanted.
{Yes, I was texting his pouting self at home.}

I left completely exhausted and with zero games.

Oh, a movie, that will do it…I read the back of several ‘family’ movies then somehow left with one that was PG-13.  Really?  So that kind of knocks the boys out…I’ll be going back and returning it tomorrow…  Hey, what’s slightly less than epic fail?  Moderate fail maybe?
 {sardonic smirk}

Then we finally got to the organizational area of the store
{when co-worker from clothing started laughing again from across the store in seeing that we were still there}

Suddenly, all of the ideas and hopes for a clean and tidy space flew from the girl’s brains.  They didn’t know what to get or what to do or how to torture me less by ending this shopping experience.
Busy irritated Moi by jumping off the edge of the cart for the umpteen-billionth time and Moi sufficiently threatened her life.  I then sent Hanna and Busy to get me a drink while Moi and I turned the corner and spotted Busy’s diabetic ‘survival’ bag on a display of vacuums.
{Of course because … wait what?}  Yah, that’s kind of what I was thinking.

Moi and I gave up grabbed the girls ran across the store to grab chicken and tortillas for our enchiladas tomorrow night and ran to the check-out.
{Only 3 lifetimes later}

The girls started arguing again, making fun of each other and subtly kicking each other as we exited the store.  We got in the car, Hanna started singing…horribly…like ears bleeding kind of pain.

Me:  “Hanna…really?”
Hanna:  “Mom…I’m dying really I am.”
Me:  “Why are you taking us with you?”

Then laughter…lots of it…we were spent.

This is why I love my girls.  I love them more than I hate shopping.  So I shop with them and laugh even when shopping hurts.  Bailey was right…I am half man. {wink}

But I know, one day I won’t have anyone here to drag me around making scenes and sorting through the clearance section and zipping themselves up into robes.


At least we’re easily entertained.

Have a beautimous day!




  1. oh my goodness! hilarious my girlies:) I'm with you on shopping - guess I'm half-man too - lol!

  2. always make me smile when come by... :)


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