Friday, February 24, 2012

Email Issues...

I guess this is the week for love/hate relationships.  As earlier discussed I love my girls but hate shopping…well now I realize I hate and oh so love email.

It’s wonderfully convenient and the instantaneous delivery of news to your exact location still thrills me to pieces.


I hate sorting through it.  I hate getting too much.  It really bothers me to have it sitting there, lurking, lingering…smirking because it knows I’m avoiding it.  Why would I avoid it you ask?  Well, that is because I would like to take my time to respond to things personally and with thought. 
Or if it’s one of my favorite blogs then I want to have the time to read said blog and then comment sincerely. 
Or perhaps it’s a tutorial.  In that case I would like to have to time to sit down and list what I need then promptly whisk off to my craft room and experiment.

And then I wake up….

I don’t have time for any of that.  {lately}  So instead of responding accordingly I save it for another time; which actually translates into me avoiding/neglecting it.
But then it sets off a chain reaction of alarms. 
I cannot stand my inbox to be full or even full-ish. 
When my mail opens I like to have less than half a page so that I don’t need to scroll down.  Huh?  No, I have no idea why.  And yes, that is strange and I know I’m oddly particular about things that don’t matter. 
But hey, it is what it is.  {scowl}

Oh and here’s the kicker.  I just went into my email to sort and read and I have over 400 messages.  To most of these blogging chickees that’s a drop in the bucket.  But to fastidious Pidg over here who doesn’t like more than ten emails staring her in the face it’s a lot!

Huh?  Oh, yah, the kicker.  As soon as I finally acknowledged those emails sitting there {and don’t be absurd, I have opened most of them just not done anything with them}
I promptly decided to write a post about my irritation instead of dealing with the situation.
But I’m thinking about it…I promise. {crosses fingers}

Hang on, I’m going to sort and clear two pages right now.  The crossing of the fingers is making me feel bad.
Okay, I'm back...

I have 204 more…I went for the gusto {whatever that is} and decided to sort through the entire box tonight.  Life doesn’t really allow for us to ‘comfortably’ sit down and do anything.  I should be used to this.  And it certainly shouldn’t be an epiphany.

Why do I always have run on the treadmill of previous lessons learned?

Okay, I need a solve.  {I’m a slover ya know.}  I promise to go through
{and handle/respond to} my mail each night.  That way I can keep my inbox clutter free and sparkly and stop hiding under rocks.  {as often…snicker}

I think my calendaring system is in need of revision.  Oh wait, I’ve stopped calendaring.  I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants again.
{And now we’re back to the treadmill effect…sheesh..}

Okay, I’m going back in…

9 messages…Woo freakin’ hoooo!

You have to understand this is therapy at its best!  I feel free and alive and …yah, I know, I’m demanding and fussy and strange, but it’s the lil things in life for me! {wink}

Okay, new house rules.  No more avoidance!
{Haven’t I written about avoidance before?  Hmm…}

Hey!  Whoever just yelled “the craft room” better stop heckling right now!

I’m off to go do something remotely important but between this post and cleaning my email I totally forgot what that important thing was.  I’ll have a soda instead. 
Yes Darcie, it will be a Dr. Pepper.

Enjoy your day…don’t avoid anything or let it pile up or fester about odd things.  Love/hate…it’s a strange but common combo.  I really need to pick a side.




  1. I'm just gonna pick your side...yup, that's my final decision:)
    loves you tons and tons...
    happy friday chickee:)

  2. I resemble this post... .I think I wait until I think it will set on fire before I empty it. And I mean empty. So much doesn't get read cuz I hate email. I am glad I am not the only one with avoidance issues.

  3. lmbo :D In that case CHEERS! I've got an old progresso spaghetti jar filled. It's a Dr Pepper kinda day bleck!
    You make me laugh.
    I've the same issue with email!
    & Putting things off.
    & Calendaring. New word for the day, Ill take it - Missed Sesame Streets word of the day ;)

  4. I love e-mail. - kind of - I have started unsubscribing to Old Navy, Radio Shack, Staples, Victoria Secret, Bed Bath & Body, Fossil, Zappos and so on... Next time I'm in the store and they want my email, I'm going to say you already have it. If they insist then I'll give then or somethinornother ;-)


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