Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Bloglovin’  pshh…cool…that’s cool.
New way to follow people
{Okay fine, new for me}
Nay says do it…yah…okay I’m in.

Bloglovin’  :  SIGN UP

I’m sorry that email is already in use. 
{Yah, cuz there are so many PidgApegs out there}
Try various passwords…I hear distant evil laughing …no it wasn’t the kids, it was karma and life and technology
{which I had to use spell check for bytheway}
giggling itself at me…again

Fight with Bloglovin’ fight with the email(s) that say we can’t locate your account.

Really?  That’s weird since I don’t even remember signing up.
I have about 14 emails sent to myself until it finally felt the pressure of what is Pidg and gave me a new owo3l2390472oj5lj type of password.
{Oh great now you all have access to my account.  wink}

Now I have a bloglovin’ account.
Went to Nay’s followed her.

That’s it.  I’m that kid in class when the teacher calls her name and dang it if she wasn’t doodling flowers on her notebook paper in her trapper keeper. 


I’m so challenged.  In most ways.  {deep sigh}

Follow me on Bloglovin’  if you can find me…and then if you find me tell me where I’m at. 
I love technology...but not as much as you and me…but I still love technology…

Busy sings that in the most perfect ‘Kip’ voice ever.

Well, I tried something new.  Now I’m going to go try dog food the chances are pretty good of it turning out better.

I’m a dorkwad.  Now will you come home Bailey? 
See, I’m not above using guilt to get my eldest child back home and away from college and a promising job.  I’m just thinking of what’s best for her… me…her
Besides, if this doesn’t work I’m still holding the white chicken chili recipe over her head.  That’s right Bai…no soup for you!

Hey, Nay just text me…I’ll tell you what she says!
“Think you’re cute and Funny huh?”

She’s referring to my tagging her in my last post.
I am cute and funny and 44… {snicker} 
Nay: “Yah a pretty old looking 44-year-old”

Me:  “I’m posting this conversation.  Better watch out.”

Yes, blackmail suites me tonight…yes, I think I’m funny …
She just said she actually started cussing in Spanish when she read my last text.  Bwahhhahahahahaha THE POWER!

Huh?…no…no… PLEASE still follow me on bloglovin’  when I find myself…
{I seriously just spit because I was laughing…I’m still posting this in the morning}

Yah, I’m going to caffeinate before work.  No being cute and funny {hyper} there, I have to be remotely efficient.
{but just remotely … grin}

It’s late.  But when you read this it won’t be now so it doesn’t matter.

P.S.  I found the widget for bloglovin’  I was tempted to get the counter so you could actually see the one follower.  After I stopped laughing and Po stopped staring at me; I decided against it.

I have more to say that’s random and means absolutely nothing to anyone but I’ll stop.  For now…the fever is taking hold…

Po is still staring.  Over and out…




  1. Wow, where to begin?

    #1. I'm follower #4 - so yay!
    #2. "Dorkward" is my new favorite word. Have used "craptacular" yet? It's an adjective, for example: "I'm having a craptacular day."
    #3. I say this with love, but do you have ADD/ADHD? Don't get me wrong - your post had me laughing so stinking hard! But wow - random was an understatement!
    #4. White chicken chili is amazing.
    #5. (This is for Bailey if she reads your comments): don't be suckered in by your mom! Finish college! Get a good job! She's secretly hoping you'll support her when she's old. :)

    That's all. Five different comments should suffice, right?

  2. Okaaaaaay, but only because I'm already there. I think. If I have any password drama .... 4gitit ;-)

  3. Whew that wasn't so bad. I was halfway there. I got you and Nay ;-)


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