Friday, January 27, 2012

We write...

The following sums it up.  Sums what up you ask… It.  Whatever it is.  But it’s definitely summed up.  It’s my latest letter to my children.

We write in this family.  {I think you knew that.}

We write as a form of communication to express feelings, issues, upset and jubilee.

Yes I said that…no we don’t usually talk about being jubilant.  But we will now at our next family dinner…you can bet your britches.
Yes I just said that too. wink

We write books on laptops and scribble out stories and imaginings upon tattered pieces of notebook paper.

We scroll notes, letters, and messages on tiny scraps of paper, gum wrappers and itty bitty boxes we’ve folded into origami.  We leave post it notes and torn halves of paper on tables and refrigerators, dressers and underneath clothes to be found as a surprise.

We leave messages and gigantic pictures in steamed up kitchen windows the size of Nebraska so a certain Mama can come home late from work and see the words of thoughtfulness fingered into the fog of the well-lit window.

We write to remind each other of things we will inevitably forget.  We write to share love and emotion of gratitude.  We write when we’re mad or frustrated or need to communicate what our words won’t form.  We write to apologize and beg forgiveness.  We write to express…we write to breathe.

We write for nothing…and anything…and everything.

Here is my latest letter of devotion to my children to…the house…okay fine, it’s a plea for my sanity.

But in the midst of a crowded mind trying to find what to write about I saw this note and it made me giggle.  It made the pidgletts giggle too. 
{Incidentally that wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for from them.}

But I know all of you parents will feel the pain. {wink}

Dear Beautiful and Glorious children that I love so dearly,

I am sad to tell you that you are all on notice of possibly losing your back door privileges.  After this day henceforth you will no longer be allowed to use the kitchen door due to your dumping of your crud all over my kitchen.  If you do not refrain from this act of crud dumping your back door privileges will be revoked permanently.

You will only be allowed to use the front door; the door that only strangers use.   If you then decided to dump your crud in my living room the cottage will be your new home.

I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause to your crud dumping crew.

Make your choices wisely.

Cinderella doesn’t live here anymore.

They giggled, but the crud dumping has been brought down to a minimum.  Oh, and here’s a picture of the cottage.  Don’t let it’s rustic beauty fool you.  It’s  a beautiful {freezing} storage shed.

Truth be told they’re probably packing their bags right now; they would enjoy it…until they realized the fridge stays with me!




  1. Hahahaha love it!!
    I might just have to try letter writing to my kids ;)

  2. My mom always wrote us letters too. I am totally doing this with my kids. And your letter, priceless!!

  3. LOVED the note...what an awesome mama:) and um, if I bring a lot of blankets and a little space heater, may I come stay in the shed? {pretty'll work until our *wyoming* is ready.}

    "Cinderella doesn't live here anymore" LMBO!

  4. hahaha! That's too funny.
    I love this: "We write to remind each other of things we will inevitably forget. We write to share love and emotion of gratitude. We write when we’re mad or frustrated or need to communicate what our words won’t form. We write to apologize and beg forgiveness. We write to express…we write to breathe." That's how I've always been. I get in little fights with my hubby and then get so frustrated that I cannot talk and then I forget why I'm mad in the first place. I'd rather write to him. I should start writing my babies little notes too. Oh yea and in my husbands lunch, I use a sharpy on his sandwich bag to say I love him. Fun times :) I hope my kids arent too embarrassed when they get in school and find some gooshy notes in their lunch bag LOL

  5. What a wonderful blog! I find my computer has almost as much notes, starts of stories, novels as it does photos. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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