Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This is what I know...

This is what I know:

At this moment…right now…here it is, my knowledge to it’s fullest

Each of my children swear almost on my life
{until another child stops them for fear of me dropping dead}
that they are not and were not in my craft room whilst I was doing other so very important things {procrastinating}

I have found {just today} articles belonging to EACH of my individual children in my craft room that were not there the last time I sat my tookus down in said room.

I want to color my hair.  Definitely.

I won’t keep up with coloring my hair.  Fo-shizzle.

I am listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas CD.  At this moment.

I am going to marry Michael Bublé’s voice.  At this moment.  Po said it was okay as long as it was just his singing voice.  I’m still married to Po’s speaking voice.  {I’m grinning right now; at both voices.}

I wish it was Fall again.

I am procrastinating.  Again.

I honestly thought {while “moving” things around in my craft room} What I would wish for if I had 3 wishes.  The craft room being magically cleaned and organzized {yes I spelled that right according to Bailey’s 2 year old self} was definitely one of my wishes.  Actually it was a plea to a Fairy Godmother since I was dusting and fancying myself Cinderella.  {I do that}

I am never speaking to my children again because of the way this house looks.

My fairy Godmother must have missed the memo.  The craft room is still in dissary.

I want In N’ Out burger …not found anywhere near the region of North Carolina.  I might die without it.

I haven’t written in two weeks.  I wonder what my characters are up to without me.

Yes, I’m still procrastinating.  Well, I’m blogging as a form of evading {shirking} a more important need while still attempting to fulfill one of my goals.  {blogging 3 times per week}  No, I’m not proud.  Yes, I am giggling. 

Fritos ARE good with salsa...who knew?

I’m taking “my” chair out of the craft room so I can’t sit in front of the computer …again.

I am re-playing Michael Bublé’s Christmas CD…starting now.

I need your prayers, or rather, the craft room does.

Over and out.




  1. Yup - my thoughts exactly...:)
    I'll go over there and clean your place up and you can come over here and do all the coolio stuff you do (i.e., make my personal jewelry collection and daily snack bags of your homemade granola...)


  2. If you take little breaks in between cleaning, to you know check fb, and blogs and all that, i have trained myself to think that its not procrastinating, its meerly, a little breatk to regain sanity before i go on! :) Good luck!!!

  3. mmmm... I miss In N Out.. My craft room is clean, just not "organzized" right now. I'm really not even sure how to organize it.

  4. A few things. I was listening to Christmas music yesterday. So go you, for keeping the spirit alive! :) In n' Out burger is amazing and I am very sorry you are not close to one!! Fairy God mother's can't be trusted. Just watch Shrek.

    P.S. That last one comes from my 3 year olds Shrek obession. I could legit recite scenes from all of the first three Shrek movies.

  5. Oh I shoulda told you! I totally knew that fritos were good with Salsa. I used to not like fritos. Now the only thing I don't like is peas - dammit.

  6. In N Out is my FAV!! I would so send you some if I could!! I've even been know to make trips there at 1:30 am ;)


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