Friday, January 13, 2012

{Please sing this in the tune of “The Mickey Mouse Club” theme song…}
♫♪Who’s the sweetest chick a dee that ever ever was?
P.I.D…G.A.P…E.G. la la la
I’m so happy to be hear todaaaaaaaaaaay!
P.I.D…G.A.P….E.G. la la la♪♫♪

{Jeez that was hard to type out, but sounded really good in my little ole head!}

I am really happy to be a guest blogger-ette on this bloggy…and you know why I’m here already, so I’m not going to tell you…
{I’m not and you can’t make me!}

I’m Her Bloggy 
B F F!!!
{I know you didn’t ask or twisted my arm or anything, but I said it anyway…}

Can I tell you that Pidgy inspires me every single day?! 
And she really knows how to make me laugh and cry (not on purpose)…which is pretty awesome considering I’ve never met her…ever!

We’ve started doing little copycat posts here and there…see
…and it’s been fun…

We have some stuff in common:

Our husbands drive us crazy (I say this with A LOT of love)…
We love love love our kids a little too much …
(the whole hugging until they suffocate doesn’t cross my mind ever!)
We write, write, and write some more…
We’re both from California…
We’re around the same age…
(okay, I’m older by a YEAR, but I let her be the “oldest” ‘cause she’s such a smartie!)
We both aren’t fans of KFC and love Taco Bell
{I was running out of stuff that we had in common}

So I wanted to tell all of you how awesome she is…how much she appreciates each and every one of her readers/followers….and if she could, she’d probably go door-to-door to tell ya!

So I have a little confession to make:

I wasn’t exactly “invited” to guest post…I kinda sorta snuck into the blog and started writing…but Pidgy is totally busy today (teaching a craft class among the other 100s of things she gets herself into) and I wanted to give her a hand on here….

I do think she’ll kill me for barging in…
But she can’t physically do anything about it….
{evil laugh}
‘Cause I’m all the way across the country!
{just can’t stop laughin’!}

I crack myself up…Have an awesome weekend!
Pidgy loves you,
~ Nay ~


  1. This was so cute Nay! At first I was like "huh?", then I was like, "where's the blog title?", then I couldn't stop laughing! This is great! :)

  2. Ahh Hahaha! Only Nay! You're so flippin' {busted} and stupendous I can't believe it! Sweet, sweet thang! I love you from my subsol! ;) wink wonk

  3. Gotcha, didn't I? didn't I?
    Big Huge SMILE on my face 'cause I got away with something...
    Subsol love to you too !!!!

  4. That is sooooo sweet! She is lovaBALL!!! And I totally messed up with the song trying to sing along with B-I-N-G-O, it didn't work and then the Mickey Mouse theme wouldn't come to me. Watch it happen when I try to fall asleep.


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