Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Off to the Endo we go...

Today I had to take Busy to her Endocrinologist.
{She goes every 3 months to check up on her Type 1 Diabetes and her Hypothyroidism}

This check and the next are scheduled for 6 weeks apart because we’re doing a major overhaul on her insulin.  Why?  Because my friends puberty…it tries to kill even the strongest of us.

Here’s a funny about puberty:  {I know, I really enjoy side notes. wink}

One time Ethan and I were talking about him not forgetting to use his deodorant.  He’s ten and he asked me why he needed it.  I explained that when puberty approaches your body changes and one of those changes is you start to stink.  I laughed and said for instance if me or Po didn’t wear deodorant people would run from the room.  I stopped for a second then grinned, “Well actually, Po never stinks…just me.”

Ethan thought for a moment then asked, “Mama, has Po hit puberty yet?”

Haha!  I love that boy!  {both of them. smirk}

So, back to Busy.  Her blood sugars are starting to go higher and be more pesky but thankfully she’s right on top of it.  Sure we have lil spats about the occasional snacking or grazing, but she is so good about it all.  She really does stay on top of it and always {thankfully} checks her blood sugar.

Well, her Endo wanted to try her for the pump.  Busy doesn’t want to. 
{It’s her body and she takes care of it well.
So I have left that decision up to her.}

Today Doc won out and she put a site in Busy’s arm with a tube but no pump; just so she could see what if felt like.  I was going to take pics but by the end of the day we took it out.  {we were supposed to} and she just was a lil punky so instead of harassing her with photos I just took it out for her.

The decision?  Nope, she’s still old school.  She prefers to do her own adjustments and doesn’t see a problem with her nightly dosage of Lantus {24-hour insulin} that she takes along with her Humalog {which is the insulin she uses to compensate for her carbs}  She said that equipment can fail and if she’s only avoiding the injections then she feels fine about the system we’ve already started.

Goodness I love that kid.  {too.  wink}  I love that at the age of 12
{but really 10 when she was diagnosed}
she makes sound decisions that she explores, contemplates then lands on the answer according to logic and oh so importantly her own thoughts and feelings.  I love watching her grow and mature into such an intelligent and knowledgeable young woman.  She researches and sticks to her decisions.  But, she always listens to opinions and suggestions; never shutting down because she fears change.

With that said, on the way home I had to stop and get gas.  As I washed the front windshield she sat in the front seat with her mouth open in a ridiculously goofy smile; her face almost touching the inside of the window as she followed the squeegee with her face.
{She was not making fun but she definitely resembled a very happy,
but ‘special’ child}
I love that about her too.  Never a dull moment!

I’ll keep you posted on the latest insulin overhaul.  Enjoy the rest of your week!




  1. My nephew was just diagnosed with type 1. It's such a huge adjustment not only for a child but the entire family as well. You are so blessed that your daughter has such a wonderful attitude about the situation. Thanks for sharing

  2. shes a cutie. Can I say that? Or is she too old for "cutie" haha :) Maybe she can come teach Mondo how to take care of his diabetes! He's slackin...

  3. Busy is the coolest! I wanna be like her when I grow up:)
    And I laughed twice with this post - Po and Puberty & Busy's silly face at the gas station...

    Still...Busy's a hero:)

  4. So glad to hear that she is so on top of it and does a good job managing it. My sister in law has type 1. She was diagnosed at age 7 and is now 19. She has the pump and loves it but it took her awhile to come around to the idea of it. :)

  5. She rocks!! Tell her for me.
    Do you read Candy Hearts? Her daughter is has severe type 1 and she blogs about it. You can find her by googling candy hearts blog. Just wanted to share a resource.
    Happy day to you.

  6. What a smart girl!!! Good for her to form her own opinions, and be willing to try new things (even if she doesnt like them)!

  7. What a great post, and thank you for keeping the 'chore' of diabetea just that. It doesn't change the normalacy of life (are any of us truly normal?} but shows that adapting/adopting the routine is doable. Mom is diabetic and she handles her diabetes quite different, but what can I say about a woman who is almost 85? lol


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