Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 37th year...

In my church we are just generally goal oriented as a people.  We tend to set goals throughout the year and so when New Year’s rolls around, it’s kind of flat.
{for me anyway}
I do ask people if they’ve made their resolutions {I’m supposed to right?}  Make small talk with customers at work…well most of the men laughed and the woman sighed and said I’m going to lose weight.

End of discussion.

Well…earlier I mentioned one of my friend’s that started her blog in 2011 called
“My Year of Fifty” 
and starting a blog was one of her 50 goals for her 50th year.  Whew…she’s pretty awesome.

But…I loved her idea.  And I asked if I could steal it and I also loved that at the end of 2011 I only turned 37 so I didn’t have to come up with so many goals.
{Haha…I’m such a pansy muffin}

So for my 37th year, I present to you my 37 goals for 2012.

Some are vague.
Some are not.
Some matter a lot.
Some are just kind of nice.
Some I Know I will accomplish.
And some…I will be tickled to pieces if I accomplish.

I’m not worried about it at all.  I have a lot to complete but I also know I can’t start out
at the beginning without ending up
{perfectly overwhelmed}
I would, by the end of the year like to have these under my belt.

Right now I’m just listing them…I imagine with me and my wordy self, there will be much discussion throughout the year.  
And I…am Excited that you guys are going to be with me along the way.

Happy 37th year to me!
Maybe at the end of this year, I’ll be a better person…
{Hey if I do this right by most women’s standards of ‘age’
won’t I only have 36 goals next year? Haha!}

1.       Lose 15-20 pound.
  1. Change my eating habits to maintain energy and {above mentioned weight loss}
  2. Exercise at least 3-4 time per week
  3. Save money for me stuff {New computer, bike, new pair of jeans.  Yes I’m serious.  Hey, I inadvertently typed “bake” instead of “bike” is that bad Karma do you think?}
  4. Read scriptures daily
  5. Prepare shops for the holidays all year
  6. Start a “thankful” journal
  7. Become more proficient at sewing…okay proficient…or even slightly good
  8. Learn new stitches for loom knitting {Because I’m a nerd bomber and no one will teach me how to knit or crochet with needles.  Too dangerous maybe? Smirk}
  9. Have family spiritual thoughts 3 times per week {quick mini lesson of a spiritual nature along with our family prayer}
  10. Write in my personal journal 4 times per week
  11. Take care of my skin.  Wash my face night and day.  {I know this isn’t a big deal to most of you but to me it’s irritating like crazy.  It’s like putting a cat in the bath.}
  12. Finish writing the two books I’m currently working on.
  13. Submit my novels {the finished ones} to different agents at least 3 times per week.
  14. Finish the Young Adult book I started with Moi
  15. Hopefully e-publish something.  It’s vague because I would like it to be my finished Children’s book.  But I don’t have an illustrator {Ironic side note:  Po is an amazing artist…hmm…go figure…}
  16. Be ready for Christmas by November 1st for the kidletts
  17. Visit with my parents {as adults} at least once per month.  {Did I mention no children?  Oh, I did?  Good. grin}
  18. Top secret family goal I can’t divulge.  If I can accomplish this one I will share the journey.  Promise.
  19. Double our food storage
  20. Have flight bags {72-hour kits} for each member of the family {again}
  21. Make enough income from my shops that I might be able to take Sunday’s completely off from my job.
  22. Teach my children to really have a work ethic.  I plan on lots of working with them. {Not force or beat them.  giggle.}
  23. Join the choir {stop laughing Mama}  I started this one as my birthday rolled around.  It was to get Moi to do a solo for the Christmas program.  She has a truly angelic voice.  Irony?  Of course.  They just asked me and Moi to sing a duet at a conference coming up.  No laughter…it’s not funny.  I must need to repent of something very BIG.  This proves once again Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. 
  24. Write more love notes to Po and my babies
  25. Learn how to make candy
  26. Stop drinking regular soda on an oh so regular basis {sigh}  It’s different than eating right because the soda is harder for me to give up than Busy’s cookies that are sitting next to me.  {brushes crumbs off of shirt}
  27. I stopped cussing like a sailor, now I need to stop cussing like a sailor in my head.  {Sad admission right?  Yah, I know… I can’t help it, Mama trained me to tell on myself.}
  28. Find more recipes to hide more veggies in for Po {Shh…don’t tell him}  I bet he just heard me type that.  wink.
  29. Be more active in compassionate service.
  30. Take more family pictures.
  31. Rejoice in chores …it won’t be long when they’re not here to make messes.  {Maybe I should just rejoice in messes instead. snort}
  32. Blog consistently.  I’m thinking 3 times per week since I’m working outside the home again and I’ve gotten really unmotivated when I am home.  {Can we stop with the sad admissions please?  Sheesh…}
  33. Base 1 family home evening per week on the scriptures I’ve read that week.  {Basically a longer spiritual thought.  More of a lesson.  Sometime just fun stuff with a spiritual spin.}
  34. Clean, organize and cut in half my storage…then raise rabbits…no not really.  {I have no idea where that came from.  But now I want a rabbit…or 5.}
  35. Plant and maintain a successful {lil} garden
  36. Stop fashioning, forming, unearthing and clinging to excuses.

It’s go time… {smirk}




  1. I love it! Id like to do a post like this.. everyone is writing about goals or resolutions.. Im a follower not a leader LOL im gunna copy you. I'll wait til my list is 36 goals before i give up my dr pepper though!

  2. This is great! I might steal it too if I don't get deterred by 41! Now I read, #8 Become more proficient at sweating and I said, "Wow she's really serious about this exercise thing", then I re-read. ;-) LOVE #37

  3. Does that mean I'd have to do 38 since that's what I'm turning this year? Um, scary...and wow, that you put yourself out there and accountable to all of us!!! {scared now?}
    I love all your goals {especially the book-ish ones 'cause it means just me closer to having you move us to Wyoming, right?! and then I'd teach you to knit or crotchet or at least have a fun knitting needle/sword fight! ha...}
    love the Pidg&Po pic...♥}

  4. A good list. Let us know how it progresses.

  5. awesome goals! happy 37th year to you! cheers!!!


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