Sunday, January 8, 2012


So today, I realized something was missing from my life.

Money?  {Haha, always}
A family?  {I have some to spare…wink}
Extra weight? {checks love handles…nope still there}
Goals?  {see this post}

Blogging?  Really?  That’s what I miss?  That’s the link that seems to be cracked and spread all over my craft room floor?  Besides several craft supplies that my ADHD children get into when I’m at work…Tis okay, they got it from me.  The ADHD, not the crafts.  Huh?  What were we talking about?

Oh, yah…the blogging.  The lil window to the world, my pen upon paper outersphere I rarely climb out to.  I miss it.  I miss spilling my guts about absolutely nothing.  I miss interacting with the friendships we’ve developed.  I have come to need that.  I prayed this morning before hopping off to work that if I was indeed supposed to write, then I would be inspired to know what to write.  Here was my answer…


But, of course it makes sense.  Have I ever really had a purpose before in this tattered page of my wayward thoughts?  Nope.  I’m just random and sporadic, but silly and true.

Sometimes I just need to pop on over here and let you know I haven’t forgotten.  I’m disorganized and in need of “re-calendaring” as I like to put it but I’m never very far away in thought.
I smile when I think of our friendships instead of getting jealous I’m not here during the day to say “hey” when I want to.  {Fine, I’m jealous, but I’m smiling.  Sheesh…}

So with one of my goals for 2012 being trying to blog at least 3 times per week, wait, is that what I said?  I think it is…I’ll go check…naw you guys will tell me. {smirk}   

I’m starting with one.  And then we can giggle if I don’t fill the two other gaps for the week.  {Hey, look at it this way, it will give me something to post about.}

A few random thoughts that are on my mind:

*Something happened at work.  An un-named person or persons treated me like a child.  I can’t blog about it.  It’s work.  But I handled it well.  But it really hurt my feelers. 
{However I made a voodoo doll and am currently sticking pins in it’s bum.  No, not really.  Well, maybe…no…giggle}

*However, on the good note of work; someone called me charming.  {I’m pretty sure snot rockets flew from every cavity of my head…yes my ears too, no…not really.}  But I can say with assurity that I have NEVER been called charming.  I’m pretty certain I won’t be called that again.  There’s probably a reason.  {Could be the snot rockets.  wink}

I love my Po.  He is truly the most loving and frustrating man on this earth.   
Exactly when I feel he needs a “good talking to” he surprises me with such an outpour of love.  He’s simple.  
 {Not the dumb kind of simple.  The “it really doesn’t take much” simple}

I had this profound thought today driving my lonely self to work today.  {I make it sound like some pioneer trek.  I live less that 5 minutes away.  But now I see myself in a bonnet with a covered wagon…sorry.  I derailed again.} 
My profound thought:  He really must love me.  {Wow, I know right.}  But the point of it is there’s really not much to offer as far as I go except the love thing.  I’m blessed, I tell myself that everyday even when he needs a  good talking to. {snicker}

*I miss my Mama and Daddy.  It’s only been like a week, but it seems like 2 months since I’ve seen them.  Hey guys, if you’re reading this.  {I know they are.  grin}  Pick a date that we can hang out.  Me and Po and Mama and Daddy, game night…I’ll make enchiladas!

Okay, that’s about it.  My head wasn’t that full tonight.  So not true…I’m just going to hit the sack.  Haha…or play with my voodoo doll…just trickin’!

Loves and smooches and hugs and high fives…{Take out the high five part.  I don't really do those much…now I need another tissue, dang it!}




  1. Some of my favorite posts are your random ones. What kinda enchiladas?!?!

  2. Awww more snot rockets at "Loves and smooches and hugs and high fives"? Love ya miss ya!

  3. I like your goal to blog 3x a week, that means I get to laugh, alot. And i like that. I like these random little funny thoughts that make me laugh so hard i cry. :) Hope this new year is finding you all well so far! :)
    (apparently i really like smileys today. :) LOL!)

  4. So good to hear from you! I think about you all the time and I'm always checking my inbox to see if you've posted and how you are doing :) So even when you are not able to write you are still being thought about and missed. Love ya lady!!! xoxo


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