Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lying Lie-face...

Do you ever lie to yourself?

I do.

All the time. 
As a matter of fact, I am a total lying lie face.  {giggle}

Do you ever say things like…
I ate less than I did that day so I can justify my guilt.  Um…hello, I’m the one who put the food in my mouth and I know just exactly how much I over indulged.

Like…when I say I’m going to eat better but I know there are leftover brownies that I would die before letting go to waste.

Or when I say I’m going to drink diet soda but there is still regular Dr. Pepper in the house.  Like I’m gonna make the right choice?  I mean come on, let’s be logical!

{Hey, why is my blog like a confessional?  Or for that matter, why are all those admissions about food?  Hmm, may need to look into that further.}

Wait, here’s a non food one…
I’m gonna clean my craft room and not blog {oops} on my day off but now I find myself sitting at the computer in the one open space I could manage to create.
{Hindsight: Should have left that one out too.  Winks at reflection in the craft room window.}

These are NOT good intentions; they are lies.  And I know it when I tell myself.  {And for some strange reason I giggle about it too.  My problems are probably a bit deeper than yours are. smirk}

So, with that said.
{Have you ever noticed how much I love the word “so”?  I bet you will now.  Grin.}

Anyway, {wanted to insert “so”...oh so bad.}
I noticed another lil trend on my path of lying.  I also tell myself things like this:

I can’t do this anymore.  When I prove time and time again
I can.

I can’t do everything by myself.  But each time I pray He keeps me straight and afloat.

Or… I need a break!  When in all honesty, I’m just a busy, working, mom, wife and aspiring writer that needs to step it up and stop taking “breaks”.
{Except when a heating pad is needed…see, which brings me back to heating pants…and mobility with warmth…..hmph}

I know with adjustment comes an adjustment period.
I’ve had that time.
Things are still changing and strangling, but I’m not a quitter.
I am not a pansy muffin.

Or am I?  Is THAT just another lie?
{Haha…I wanted to just explore that lil irony.}

The answer is no.  It’s life.  In the words of my own self-proclaimed
family motto:

Suck it up and be a man!

Yah, I imagine your mottos are a bit more dainty.  I don’t do dainty, or pretty…I shower…what more do you want from me?
{I almost added a wink at the end of that, but then I thought you might think it was pertaining to the showering part.  Hee hee…I do…I swear it.}

Why do I do this?  I mean come on, I know I’m lying to myself when I say these things.  Well, I think it’s…
I think I have a lot on my plate, but my purpose, my “job” if you will is a heck of a lot bigger than this.
Six kids?  I was a single mom of 8 when I took in two other teenage girls.  My goodness, it’s like a vacation, I only have 5 at home now.
{Back up, let’s be honest, that was another lie…that whole vacation thing…}
But you get it.

When I was that single Mama,
I worked a fulltime 3rd shift job then went across the street and worked a full time 1stshift job.
And I’m weepy about the physical tasks of this job? Well I’m not weepy, I love it, but I certainly don’t need to “rest” or hide from the world when I get home.  I just need to manage better.

My shops are neglected.  Uh…I’m neglecting them. 
What I’m saying is I make a 

and I choose
to do or do nothing.

And I need to do…better.

So, I will.  I imagine I will stumble.  I’ve learned to bounce with the set backs.  But my theme for 2012?
{I bet you didn’t know I was working on a “theme” did you?  Yah, me either.}
Is to just do better and do it right. 
Legitimately and intentionally do every single thing with purpose and without excuses or the easier way out.  No more “lies” to fill the gap where the real, honestly good intentions lie.  Nope, just keep telling myself what I can and will do.  And with a whole lot of help from my Father in Heaven I just might improve a whole lotta bit.

Yep, that’s what I’m going to do.
{Can you see an inspirational sign in my future?  Yah, me too…I’m pretty excited…giggle}

Have a splendid day on purpose!




  1. Oh I love this post! There's so much truth to it! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. I love this, I'm feeling like I can totally relate to you with this. No more excuses from me either. Or at least I will give it a good shot. xoxo

  3. There she is! I knew she was making a comeback!
    That's the Pidgy I fell in love with and stalked until she became my #1 bloggy bff!!!
    Yay! You're back:)

  4. Oh, our family motto's are the same! Awesome! I'm totally a lying lie face. I tell myself all the time that eating just a few bites of ice cream a day is ok, even though I'm on a diet and really wanting to lose weight.

  5. I'm going to have a purposeful splendid day.. on purpose. I deal with the whole slothfulness, rather sit on a heating pad thing. Only I dont have a heating pad but i crank up the heater and stand in front of it ;) I want to start preschool with my kids but I havnt. Instead of learning her numbers riah is learning to say "oh F$#%" when Emery makes a mess" I blame mondo haha! Ok if it makes a difference she can count to 14 and shes only 2 :) TODAY will be better. <3 have a wonderful day friend!

  6. Haha! I agree with Nay, you are making your comeback, that's the Andi I know and Love! :)

    I can relate. When I was a single mom with no hope of a husband in sight, I did it all. School, on the bus, 3 kids all in school, full time job, full time church, leadership, mentoring people, etc... Now, I do not know how I did it!!

  7. Hi!! Great post, very honest. I have as much will power as you, you're not alone in your 'lies' there!!
    Good luck to you for choosing 'to do' :)

  8. I do the same things! Especially with food. Great post, I'm a new follower ;)

    Amanda @ Lillys$Lollipops

  9. From spittin' mad to inspirational! Love it!


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