Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Moi...

Me:  “Hey Moi, what day is your birthday on?”
Moi:  “Umm…the 20th…”

Me:  “Ahh Hahahahahahahaha!  Yah, I know, I was there.  I meant what day of the week does it fall on…”

Yah, we’re simple like that…  BUT, guess what today is?

Moi’s 14th birthday for the 3rd year in a row!


{Really, she’s 16 today but she made a promise to me that she would stay 14.  She’s doing her best.  She’s a good kid!}

Oh, how I love this child.  She’s such a sweet, wonderment of joy in my life.  She {at 16…shh don’t tell}  still toddles around after me and sits or stands right next to me and talks and talks and we giggle and plot and plan and laugh at how silly and conniving we could be if we wanted to. 
Oh how lucky I am my high school baby still loves to spend time with me. 

She’s the child of nicknames…
Mo, Moi, Moira, Mozie bear, Mozilla, Eski-Mo, Lilo, Sparx, Moi-zee, Moizenberry, and when I get angry and mess up all their names she sounds like a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich:
McHanna, McBusy, McEthan, McLo

She’s an artist and an amazing photographer.  She’s nature at it’s best.

When people only scratch the surface of McKenna they think she’s shy, dainty, polite and sweet.
{Okay, she’s sweet and polite…I’ll give them that.}
But my Moi is
Ridiculously talented
Talkative and fun
She’s out there and forms her own opinion of everything
Fiercely oh so fiercely loyal
Loving and compassionate

The list goes on and on…just think of good and wonderful things and you can make your own list.  She has the voice of an angel and I hear them sing with her each time she blesses us with her talent.

Happy Birthday to my second in command of the army of heathens!  She’s the lifeblood to all that is family, the keeper of our secrets and the leader of our dreams.  My healing seraph, the smile when it gets a little chilly.

Happy birthday my sweet and petite
McKenna Rae…
I’m so very proud you’re mine.




  1. Loved that - you are an awesome mama...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my youngest Cover 2 Cover fan:) Loves to the Moi-girl!

  2. This is just beautiful! You are such a great momma! She is so lucky to have you as a mom. She's gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. She's so lovely! Happiest of Birthdays to you!!! :O)

  4. Lovely post Mama! Happy Birthday McMo (I made one up)!

  5. what a wonderful mother you are... makes me smile every time i visit here. lucky kiddos!!!

  6. happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  7. This is so sweet. You perfectly portrayed how a mother can know her child better than anyone else. Happy Birthday!


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