Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deep thoughts...

I was thinking about my latest and greatest deep thoughts and there were many mind numbing, soul searching considerations that I now will reflect on…
For absolutely no reason; other than hearing myself talk “outloud”.

I am beyond help, addicted to hummus and Fritos.  Yes, classy meets redneck.  Garlic, spicy, roasted red pepper hummus.  All of it.  I can’t get enough.  And Fritos being gluten free are an obvious choice to add a little giddy to my day…and breakfast…and supper… and and…

I’ll search for support groups later this evening.

Since we’re talking about things I can’t get enough of here’s another.

I love watching my Po assassinate those freaky lil 
 Promethean knights on Halo 4.  Truth be told when I take the dogs out at night I always make sure to watch the woods so they don’t come out and surprise me.  Truth is that’s a lie, I watch for  
lambent berserkers from Gears 3.  I fear them more.
And more importantly, I’m certain they’re out there.

I also love watching Lil Man break dance on my hardwood floors in my bedroom.  It never gets old and he just keeps getting better.  Then after flipping around my bed a few times he sits down and realizes there’s a game afoot.  He asks Po what game he’s playing then…the dancing starts again {as he periodically stops to eat my Fritos and hummus} then more dancing.  Love.

I also love closing the bag when his back his turned.  He comes over, stops short and just hovers over the bag of corn chips.  Then he looks at me, gives a charming smile, grabs the bag and lays his head on my shoulder as he shovels more in his mouth telling me his deep thoughts.  {They’re kind of like my deep thoughts.}  Hang on… Oh he just told me it would be awesome if he could type in alien.  I think I have to agree with him.

I’ll be buying more Fritos in the morning.
He just said, “P.S. Mama will you buy me more Fritos in the morning also.”
I forget my children know how to read sometimes.  Never should have taught them.  Dang that hindsight…

I love looking up and seeing Po’s game face.  He always looks really surprised. {snicker}

And since you brought up things I can’t get enough of {Huh?  You didn’t?)  I love coke with extra ice.  I’m that irritating lady in the drive through that will give you the drink back to add more ice.  I can’t drink it if I don’t have enough ice, my tummy will hurt a quarter way through the drink.  I’m certain it’s a medical condition.

I also can’t get enough of my pidglets, even when I tell them to give me a break.  They know I’m lying.  Or at least that’s how they act because they don’t leave me alone…ever.  I’m lucky, even when they make my ears bleed.  They still make my heart warm and all hearts and flowers-ish.

On that note, I’m off to finish cleaning my room.  The irony in that statement is I can get enough of that.  If I would stop messing it up I wouldn’t be complaining now would I?  I like complaining, trick, I’m just trying to extend this post so I don’t have to clean my room.

Over and out…


Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Funnies 7

Moi and Logan
Moi, Lil Man and I were hanging out on our day off and out of the blue…
Moi:  “Hey Logan, guess what I’m giving you for Christmas?”
Lil Man:  {With excitement in his eyes} “What?”
Moi:  “Your own set of throwing knives!”
Lil Man: {Throws his arms up in celebration “Yes!  Oh Yes!”

Do you see what I’m dealing with here?  They “litary” {as Lil Man says} feed off each other.

Ethan and Po
A certain of my daughters needed a pair of nylons to go on a school trip that I was not in support of {Mr. B said yes}.  Anyway, she was disobedient in a very large way and not only did I not get those nylons, I decided to ground her.  Well, I was talking to Po {in front of Ethan} and was explaining how I can’t believe she went on her trip without so much as texting me from her sister’s phone to say goodbye. 
Ethan:  “Well don’t worry Mama, cuz if I went on a trip I would always say bye to you.”
Po looks to Ethan with a serious expression and says:  “And you would have gotten your nylons too.”
Oh man, we cracked up and Ethan has the best laugh ever… I need to record it somehow.  It’s ridiculously infectious!

So we’re driving down the road with Busy in the back seat and Po says:
“Oh, my gas light is on.”
Busy without hesitation says: “Hey look my gas lights on too.” Followed by obnoxious farting noises that thankfully weren’t real.

We’re too easily entertained in this family.

Lil Man

So there is this lil facebook game called PetVille that Lil man loves.  He created his own animal and feeds it and visits neighbors houses and cleans them. {wish he’d help clean my house} smirk.  I started the account for him a few years ago but in order to play he has to be on my FB account on my computer. 
Lil Man:  “Mom, when I grow up and turn 18 will you give me your Petville password?”
Me:  Yes, when you’re 18 I will give you my Petville password.  {smirk}
Lil Man:  Yes!
Pause… Lil Man:  “You will probably be in the care place by then though.”

At this rate… he’s probably right!

Bailey text me this week and told me she was proud to be my daughter and that my name was used as a verb.  Huh?
She proceeded to explain that a close friend of ours in Maryland {now both of our daughters live in Utah} referred to a group of people that needed the crud beat out of them as - I need to go “Andi” on them.  Honestly, I have never felt so proud in all of my life.  Middle school kids will be saying that everywhere I’m sure!
I’m protective and have a strong sense of right and wrong… what?  Don’t make me go Andi on you… {giggle}

Because I don’t feel like rummaging through the rest of my lil notes of the funny things I record I’m just going to take the easy out and leave you with a few heartfelt pictures of our very classy family.

This was Bailey's last visit.  I don't really know why we do what we do.

 Hey look, it's "Nuns having fun".  No really that's what it was titled.  Yes, it's still on my fridge.

It’s Captain Lederhosen!  Evidently when you’re a lil brother these are the types of things your older sisters put you through.  However, he doesn’t look like he’s in pain does he?

This on the other hand is something Lil Man does all on his own.  No, still can’t get the kid to wear a shirt.  I guess wearing one all day at school is completely exhausting.

Have a fantabulous weekend!