Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sit down for a cup...

So, it’s 12:56am over here and I just happened upon 
post that I just loved to pieces.

With that said, I’m linking up with the Canadian down under for a cuppa…

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

If we could sit down and actually chat without interruptions of kids, dogs and sweet husbands vying for attention I would tell you this… I’ve been working and still loving it.  When I come home I’m a lil sad because I just don’t have the energy that I need to keep going.  I would tell you it’s because I’m not eating right but Busy {my lil baker} probably just made another batch of Lacee’s “monster cookies” and I’m munching on those.
{I know, I love irony}

I would tell you that I miss my babies when I’m working but that I feel like climbing back under the covers when I get home.  Then, my sweetiemous Po took two days off
{to match my days off} 
so we could be together.
No covers for my head just yet. {wink}

I would let you know how much I’ve missed you and the blogging world; how much I’ve grown attached to my friends {that’s you} and how precious our communication has become to me.  I would tell you how I long to be able to chit chat and giggle back and forth through emails and comments…but I’m sure the kidletts would be back to sit on my bed and tell me {all at once} random, yet incredibly important events, desires and hopes of their days.
{I’m lucky, they still like me and want to spend time with me.}

I would tell you that I dropped in on my daddy today.  He looks much better and seems to be feeling more like himself each day.  I’m so excited for going over to my parent’s house New Year’s Eve {today} to have our annual “game night” and lots of food that probably won’t be healthy. {grin}

I would finish my cuppa and let you know something else that I really don’t need to say out loud. 
However, me being me will tell you anyway. 
The dogs finally succeeded in vaulting me off the porch.  From the top of 4 steps to the gravel on our driveway  
{no feet were involved in the landing}
I met the ground stomach, thighs and elbows first then continued being drug.  
 Yes, there is a body print in my driveway.   
Yes, I am making dingo jerky.  {wink}

I ache, I hurt…my pride is withered…the neighbors probably heard me cuss.

I figured I’d end 2011 with a symbolic “leap” of the type of year it’s been.  {wink}

But in the end…
We made it and we did it together.
I’m on the rise and on the hunt for veggies.  The energy will return and so will I to share another cup o’ cheer and a plate of hope for 2012!

I loves you to pieces for sticking with me!
Happy New Year and here’s to continuing to trudge!




  1. ouch ouch ouch!! so sorry that happened.. can I sit with Dr pepper instead? Ill pour it in a coffee cup if that helps ;)
    Nice to hear from you and your little world.
    Have a nice new years!

  2. I love this post!! You're such a good writer - I felt like I was sitting there with you! And the dog story totally made me laugh out loud! That's something that would happen to me - which is why my dog is only 15 pounds. ;o) Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!! :) xo, Reannah @ShapedbyGrace

  3. Happy New Year! So glad to have 'met' you! :) xoxo

  4. Pretty film roll at the top! Step awaaaaaaay from the snacks so you can get some energy ;-)

  5. Love this post! And so glad your dad is doing better!


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