Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My lil light...

I never really thought about writer’s block being associated with a blog.

I do now.

I don’t know what it is, I’m just left with blahh..well it might be closer to blechh or pshhh…  {I’m still attempting to find the exact sound effect.}

But here I sit {again} trying to think of what to write.  Well, alright I did write a post for the end of the week but nothing for now.  I went back into my lil ole archives and man am I all over the board!  Whew, talk about no track there.

It’s just a strange transition I’m in.  Mama always called everything a “stage” growing up.  If I was PMSing then I was going through a “stage”.  If I was into collecting frogs I was in a “stage”.  We still say “stage” and just crack ourselves up.  But really, is this writer’s block a “stage”?  Or is this new transition the “stage”?  Hmm…

So, I’m just going to fill you in on what’s floating around my brain.  Mostly nothing, I’ll be honest.  But if you’re looking for random, I’m your girl!

The other day at work it was super slammed.  I’m talking customers solid, the entire day.  I love it.  My day flew and when we’re busy it’s easier for me to focus because I don’t have time to look up and get distracted.  Although at one point I did look up.  I saw the big guy, head hancho, store manager facing up a display in front of my register.  Then I looked back and he was gone.  He was on the register in front of mine.  I have to say, that was awesome.  I really respect someone who is a higher up who will roll up their sleeves and work side by side that was cool.  {I’m certain he reads my blog and will smile the next time I see him…Haha!}

Oh and you know what else was cool at work?  I was having this great conversation with this older gentlemen as I was checking him out.  {I love to say that.  It just sounds so funny… Puts on New York accent:  How you doin’?  Haha…checkin’ em out…Okay, I’m done.}

Anyway, we were talking I was making him smile…his eyes twinkled, I’m certain.   And then I put his eggs in a bag and told him I needed to give him the eggs because I’m extremely clumsy.

Then I proceeded to break his eggs.

There is no “wink”  I really did just that.

His eyes still twinkled and he promised to come back in my line the next time he was at the store!  {glutton for punishment}

Then when it was lunchtime Daddy called, it was like he just knew.  So he came up and we got to chat for a bit just hanging out in the parking lot your typical father daughter date.  {Hey, I’ll take the time I can get.}  It was nice.

While I’m torn with not being home when everyone else is and not being able to blog or email or write whenever I want to; it’s been nice to work.  I get a lot of comments because I’m nice.  What is that?  I think it’s  a little bit sad that they are so surprised.  It’s really not hard to smile.  Even if I’m having a bad day I don’t really think they deserve to have one.  And when I smile they {usually} do to.  And when they don’t I feel compelled to laugh…but I don’t…until they leave.  Cranky is funny to me.  The other day a crotchety guy came through my line.  {Notice how I didn’t say gentleman…nope just crotchety guy}  and he was very rude.  I was helping a woman and he just didn’t want to wait for me to help her.

“Hey,” he interrupted in his crotchety manner, “should I just go in another line then - since she’s taking so long?”
I looked around me, every register was full; at least 4 people in each line.
I smiled sincerely and spoke with my most thoughtful voice, “Um, you might want to.  If you are truly in that much of a hurry I would sure hate to hold you up sir.”
{aka crotchety grinch guy…see how his name is growing? wink}

So he did.

I helped the woman in front of me.  I helped the second woman, and third and the fourth who pointed out he was still in line.  We giggled and both whispered… “Karma” at the same time.
{evil smirk}

Being at work allows me to think of the things I’m grateful for.  It allows me to grow in patience and kindness, in missing my family and grow in appreciation.  I know what it’s like to not have a job when you need one.  Work is work and I’m glad I have it.  But I’m also glad I get to brighten a few days.  Our area has a large retired population.  I’m certain quite a few of the faces I interact with don’t get a whole lot of that.  It makes my heart swell to see them smile.

In the season of giving, the season of remembering, the season of Thy Son; it doesn’t take much to let 
your lil light shine.  I’m glad I have my light on.
Be sure to keep yours on too.  




  1. Love this! I can just imagine you at work. Haha! I can't believe how rude some people can be. When you said "checked him out" I took it in another way. Hey, I did not know that was your job at work. I have no idea what I thought you did there. =) One thing for sure... working gives you fresh new ideas to blog about. :) It's nice to hear about your day at work and what you've been up to. Miss you so much. :)

  2. Girl you don't have writer's block! Don't stop writing. I miss my Pidgy! And I didn't know crotchety was a real word. I thought I made that up ;-) Love ya miss ya! Smooches, get your holiday cashiering hustle on! I wish I could come through your line to see you smile and pull the plastic out of your hair!

  3. you make me laugh :) sorry about the eggs haha. Oh yea and how do you have nice fonts in your blog??

  4. Love this Darling... AND how bright your light is, kind of like my brightest shade of lipstick... xoxo

  5. wow you've left me speechless AGAIN...and you know it takes a lot to do that! I'm keeping my light on for sure...'cause you told me so and I'm a good bloggy bff and do as I am told:)


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