Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Love Note...

I wrote a post.  It wasn’t this one.  I decided this one was more important…to me.


This one is about Po.  I like him.  A lot.  He’s not much of a user of words.  He doesn’t express his thoughts unless it’s about work or the Marine Corps.  It’s funny, when he does land on a subject he’s passionate about he gets kind of loud.  That in itself is funny because he has this deep, quiet voice normally.

He loves me, don’t get me wrong he says it all the time.  But he’s not the sweet sonnet, leaver of notes kind of guy.
{Although I do have a few wonderfully cherished couple of lil notes of love from him tucked away safely.}

He's more of a "responder".  He won't usually initiate phrases of why he loves me.
When I tell him he’s beautiful, he says he’s with beautiful.
When I tell him thank you for loving me, he says it’s easy.
{Obviously he has been known to bend the truth sometimes. Wink}
When I tell him to “talk to me” he smiles nervously and gives me a kiss on the forehead.

That’s the kind of communication we have.  It’s not so much verbal it’s those looks and those thoughtful deeds.  I’m okay with that.  I like that I know him.

His expression of love usually comes in songs.  He will come home and tell me he heard a song on the radio he liked.  He will make sure to remember enough of it so I can search for it on the internet.  I find it then play it and often it’s a little sappy.  He makes sure to tell me what parts he liked best.  And then he stares at me while I’m listening to it.  He reminds me of a child watching someone open a gift; that anticipation of their reaction.  Will they like it or not?  Will they understand why it was given to them?

It’s not about the song I’ve found.  It’s about the words.  Those words he can’t always say.  Those quiet thoughts that he finds ways to translate to me.

But I wanted to share with you one more thought.  It blows my mind.  I laughed hysterically then I jumped on him and hugged him. 
It is, after all, so very Po.

He was playing his game on Xbox Live, Gears of War 3.  Now, we don’t like video games that have ‘nasty’ stuff in them but I have to tell you.  With all of my might, goodness help me, I love war.  In this game of protecting us from aliens Po took a moment to message me.

I had run into the kitchen to finish up dinner and it was Busy I could hear giggling.  “Hey Mama, did you see Dad’s tv?”
{We don't have the kids in there when he's saving the world, stop gasping.  giggle}
He had motioned for Busy to come in there and admire his handy work.
I shook my head and grinned as I walked into the bedroom.  Truth be told I was expecting some wonderful high score.  Then I would proceed to tell him, with pride in my voice, how thankful I was that he was defending man kind.

This is what I saw.

{He has always called me Baby; even before we were dating.
I’m not really sure if he even knows my real name.  smirk}

I cannot express to you how much I love this man.  He is the most fiercely loving man.  I am so blessed to have him taking time out of saving the world to leave me a love note.

Happy Thursday!

{Yes, this is the new background on my phone!}




  1. Is he a Capricorn? I will totally pass out if you say yes. Well I don't get songs ;-) so there is a difference.

  2. Aaaww!! I love this post! Po sounds a lot like my husband. Those rare times that he lays his heart on the line are the most precious to me and because they are rare they will easily be remembered.

  3. SO SWEET, PO! Love him even more now...ha! and he makes me laugh {so Po!}

  4. That is seriously so sweet!Totally something my hubby would do.

  5. I love that. It is awesome!!!! Its so cute the way guys show their love. :) 2 points for Po, because, I know that when they are playing live, someone else could have come in and seen that cute little message he left you, then some 12 year old lost boy would make fun! LOL. Hes a keeper! :)

    *and I agree 110% about not having the kiddos around video game time. Hubby has to wait until they are fast asleep, and I am crafting before he can play!*

  6. O.M.GOSH! This made me laugh, i watch my husband play this game all the time. How sweet :D


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