Monday, December 26, 2011

The Logan Show...

So, here’s the dealio…
{First off, I don’t say dealio…it just seemed fitting.  But it's not...I'm keeping it anyway.}
There is so much going on and was so much going on {emotionally perhaps}  that I don’t feel like delving into the deep sea of “stuff”.  I’ll get back to it at a later date.  When I feel like delving of course. {wink}

I hope you all had a wondermous Christmas.  Mine was so out of sorts but strangely nice.  Let me just say in a strange way the eerie quietness of it all; it allowed me to feel the actual Spirit of the Holiday and the meaning was driven home when I was forced to recall what I am truly thankful for.  That part was nice.

As it stands we probably will be having our Christmas in Spring when Bailey comes home.  Yes, I am thinking about keeping the tree up that long.  Or forever…which ever comes first.  {giggle}

Back to the non-delving. 

I thought I’d just share a piece of Lil Man today.  He’s such a goof ball.   
The other day he was reprimanding Busy and he called her:
“Busy Tate”

Why you ask?

Because his middle name is Tate.

So I asked him what McKenna’s name was and he replied:

McKenna Tate…

Funny thing huh?  What will their names be when they get married?  {wink}

So these pics are of him on Thanksgiving.  We had gone over to my parents house and they were playing in the game room.  Please note the unmade bed from my dear children.
{Those lil punks making me look bad…Huh?  No, I’m not gonna make it, I didn’t sleep in it.  Oh, I might know where they get their bad habits.  snicker}
My Daddy had picked them up the night before since Po and I had to both work later and the grandkidletts got to spend the night with my parents. 

So here’s Lil Man with my Dad’s headset. 
No, he’s not online
No, no one is talking to him
Yes, he believes he is in control…and most likely is…of the entire world. {grin}

I would love to add quotes or explanations, but I have none. And no, I cannot tell you why that boy still won't wear a shirt.  I'm just thankful I finally won out on the wearing of pants.
He simply is what he is.  It’s hard sometimes to have children that are so serious and lacking a developed sense of humor and what not.   Oh how boring it is…no fun at all.  {wink} 
And these are just a few of the pics. 

Now, go back and check out Hanna’s game face.  That cracked me up too.  She has no idea she’s being photographed, or that Lil Man is even in the room. 
Hanna and Po, keeping our world safe.

I miss you to pieces.  I have ideas to post…let’s see if I get it out there  {wink}

Enjoy your week…I’ll be listening to Christmas music until Spring…or forever; which ever comes first. {smirk}




  1. Lol! Enjoyed Hanna's game face and shirtless "Tate" ;-)

  2. hes too cute haha! Riah doesnt like clothes either! She's always telling me (as she tries her hardest to pull her shirt off) "off tummy!" I always have to tell her that she needs to keep her tummy on and take her shirt off :)

  3. Hysterical!! Logan and Carter would surely get along's the middle of winter and I have to force him to wear pants! I'll be sitting on the couch buried under 3 blankets freezing my hiney off and he's running around in his underwear! Oh and if I had a dollar for every time I said' "Get your hand outta your pants"...I'd be a rich woman...sigh.

  4. I miss my lil man so much! And yes we shall have a wonderful Christmas in the spring :) and then we'll do Halloween on the real Christmas ;)

  5. I have to say Logan's facial expressions are priceless. He must be entertaining all the time- since Hannah isn't even paying attention. I have had a long week and this post made me smile. Thanks! Hope you have a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas in the Spring! :)



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