Friday, December 9, 2011

Just Rambling...

 What to blog?  What to blog?  Hmm…now don’t take this for coercing myself to write.  I want to, I do.  But suddenly after the day is done my brain decided to inhale “back” in what I was planning on posting about. 

{I’m sure it was incredibly important …right?  No?}

Wait!  My sticky notes…hang on…okay, I’m back.  Wow, those ideas kinda stunk.  We’ll have to come up with something else.  Funny thing is the other day; I had ideas but didn’t feel like sharing.  Tonight, I feel like sharing and have zero ideas. 

I could talk about:

How irritating it is that my right shift key isn’t working.

How much food I consumed when I came home from work.
{I’m PMSing and I even embarrassed myself with my intake}
somehow I’m still giggling though.

How funny my husband’s face is when he’s in an intense battle on Xbox

Or how every time I go to type an exclamation point I get a “1” instead.

Nah, those aren’t any good.  Well, you might feel better about yourself if I delve into the food one.  I can make full grown lumberjacks look like petite eaters. {wink}

Really I shouldn’t have winked, that was misleading.  The wink was more like wink, I really can, not wink I didn’t really eat that much.  {wink} that last one was just being cute.

I’m out of my funk, well I’m still skimming the edges of the pool but I’m feeling a lot better.  Lacee pointed out that the weather probably has something to do with it too.  And that is sooo true.  It’s soup weather right now, know what I mean?


“Their soup weather rights now, know…”


Anyway, it’s hazy, rainy, a lil bit of snowy coldness.  Incidentally, I’m making soup again tomorrow.  I’m also thinking fresh bread… I imagine chocolate will be involved somehow too.
{I have the urge to wink again…man this week is hard on the waistline}

Oh, I don’t have any Friday funnies because I don’t think any of us touched base this week.  I did a few silly things like tonight at work my Mama’s friend came up and gave me a “Merry Christmas” hug from behind and I almost knocked her out.  Yah, I know I’m pretty coordinated like that. 

Oh, and then a woman pulled a piece of plastic bag out of my bangs that I had been wearing for who knows how long.  Funny thing is she thought at first I had a teardrop tattoo under my eye.  I’m like, "Well, I am from San Diego.”  {grin}

Or when I had to run to the bathroom and as soon as I washed my hands I shot water all over the front of my khaki pants.  I’m classy like that.

Nothing funny just your everyday stuff; but it’s all I’ve got.

So with nothing said I guess I’ll just say good night and I hope you all have a wondermous weekend!  Po and I are off Friday.  I looked at him and said, “You off tomorrow?”  He nodded yes as I continued, “You, me, PB&J, bed…done”

Good plan?  I think so…then after the entire day {most likely till 8:00am if I’m lucky} of sleeping…I’ll make the soup and the bread.  Best laid plans though right?

If I remember what I was really going to post about, I’ll let you know.  I imagine you’re all just holding your breath. I know I am…not.  Dang, I’m already starting to keep secrets from myself and hide my own Easter eggs.


P.S.  Is it horrible if when they do take away the GFC I just don’t do anything?  {gasp}  But honestly, do any of you think that’s bad? I’m not missing anything here am I?


  1. Re: your "ps":
    I kinda am on the fence about GFC now. I see a lot of bloggers going to google+ and i just don't wanna! but i can keep gfc and it'll just reflect blogger...but don't we always tell each other, "who cares about the numbers?" CONFUSED as usual. I did notice some biggie bloggers with over 1000s of followers just take GFC off....hmmmm?

  2. I like your rambling posts. That's how I feel about so many of my posts. I "want" to write but I just don't have a topic. But sometimes it's a good thing!

  3. The people who love to reeeeaaaad Pidggggg will come backkkkkk reeeeegaardlessssss offffff GGGGGGFFFCC. Ok so that's not really happening right now but MY computer keys like to stick and I just have to mumble a few choices words and walk away. No matter how soft I type thissssssss happpeeeeeennss.


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