Friday, December 16, 2011

It's My Birthday...

Do you know what today is?

Today is my BIRFDAY!

Sooo….in order to celebrate this tremendous
{really non-monumental celebration of years I’ve survived}
occasion…guess what I’m doing?  Huh?  Oh sorry, nope not a giveaway.  I listen to my own off-beat drummer remember?  I never seem to swim with the current.


I am going to celebrate the real hero on this day, My Mama.  

I mean let’s be honest I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot today 37 years ago at 11:05pm…’cept try with all my big headed might to kill her.  She did all of the work and has pretty much continued since that day of birth. {wink}

So without further babbling, here are a few tidbits about the woman that brought me into this world. 

There are so many stories about our shenanigans it’s really not something I can even scratch the surface.  I mean we’re talking tears streaming down my face hand over my heart hysterical stories.

I have never had a better time than I have with her. 

She has been my best friend, my calm in the storm, the girlfriend I choose to hang out with and the tack in my chair when I needed a push.

When I was younger and I had to give a talk in church she would always offer to type them for me.  {back in the days of typewriters…yes!}  So one Sunday I got up to give my talk and about midway through my nervous little self who was just reading with my eyeballs glued to my paper read … “and my mom is my best friend.”  Wait what?  I didn’t put that in there…Haha! 

Mental Note:  Never let Mama type your talks again.

Since then I have put that phrase in several of my girl’s talks.  Last Christmas I made a pendant for Bailey that said: “My Mom is My Best Friend.”

I just love family traditions!

I was raised with these two motherly phrases of wisdom:

“Life is Hard.”


“Save your money.”

Both of which are true.

She has always taught me to look on the Brightside and find the good in others.  She would still rock me if I asked and can still put me to sleep running her fingers through my hair. 

She’s the only person who can call me “Annie” without me knocking them out and the only person’s giggle at my folly that just makes it funnier.

She’s late night soda while watching a thunderstorm, a loud laugh in church, a call when I thought I wanted to be alone and the laughter that makes my day. 

There were times growing up when I thought she didn’t know what she was doing.  Now as an adult I’m thankful to see her wisdom.  She has been my testimony of the gospel and the drive to keep going.  In watching her dedication I was able to develop my own.

She was the cool mom, the funny mom, the crazy mom and now ‘Mama Jode’ to my kids who adore her.  She has her own dictionary of words she mixes up and my daddy is pretty much the only one to decipher them. 

Mama Funnies:

Me:  “Hey Mama, how old were you when you had your hysterectomy?”
Mama:  “Um, 28.”
Me:  {cricket…cricket}   “Mama?  Weren’t you 30 when you had me?”
Mama:  {Hysterical laughter}  “Oh it’s a miracle!”

Mama:  “Oh, he’s such a carbohydrate…”
Me:  “Huh?”
Mama:  “You know, one of those guys who thinks he’s always sick or something’s always wrong with him?”
Me:  “A hypochondriac?” 
Mama:  “Oh, yah that.”

My full name {grown up name} is Andrea Noel
Whenever we sing the song “The First Noel”  my Mama leans into my ear and sings…Andrea Noel… Andrea Noel... to the tune of the music.  We’re singing it in the Choir for Christmas Sunday…let’s see if I can get through the song without snot rockets. {Pray for me}

She likes to tell people that my real name is “Andreka” after a witch that was supposed to have cast a spell on her.  {It was a woman that worked for her that she had to fire…long story short she calls me Andreka…often…snicker}  But I’m alright with that because I call her “Jodie Commodie”.  {Yes, like the toilet}

While sitting at the dinner table my mom announced to the missionaries that I used to be a sumo wrestler.  Haha!  She meant power lifter.  {Same same right?} 

There are so many memories of laughing so hard we were crying.  It’s funny how I can’t remember what was so funny; just the time we had together. 

We love scary movies {like the scary monster type not the real life psycho killer type} and we would always watch them together.  For Mother’s Day when I was super pregnant with Busy she took me to see the late night showing of “The Mummy”

We make up dumb songs about things and then continue to sing them for years  “The moon got stolen away..hayy…”  like that…

When we worked late together we would always promise the other we’d call them to let them know we made it home safely.  Then we would call in the morning and laugh because we forgot{again}

When we laugh hard we both throw our head back and place our hand on our chest like we can’t breathe.

When I was a teenager I really did choose to run errands with my parents instead of hang out with my friends on weekends.

She taught me how to trudge through the hard times but always tells me I’m stronger than her.  When my tears finally fall she always makes me laugh.  {Sarcasm is truly our best nature} 

She gave me my work ethic, taught me never give up and that you get out what you put in.

She taught me to laugh because you don’t know any better because the alternative sucks.

She’s the good kind of crazy and the strongest woman I know.

My Mama really is my best friend.

Happy Birthday to me…thanks Mama, we done good!  {wink}




  1. Awww, what a sweet post!! And happy birthday!! :)

  2. So sweet. My mom and I are tight like that too. Everytime she tells me that I am stronger than she was at this age I can't believe it! She's my ROCK. ANYWAY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a shout out to Annie's mom who birthed a big head baby! Don't knock me out you said it first! Love ya!

  3. ANDI!!!! You never cease to amaze me - I LOVE THIS! What a great way to celebrate your momma...and you (of course) on your birthday. You brought tears to my eyes, and a giggle to my lips (like usual!).
    I hope its special in every way :)

  4. I am crying over here! Not from laughter but from how awesome your mama is. Now I know why you are so gosh darn amazing. Thanks Andi's Mom! "You Done GOOD!"
    Happy Birthday my sweetest friend - may your day be filled by all the wonderful things you deserve and that Our Heavenly Father showers you with lots of hugs and kisses!
    Te Quiero Mucho!

  5. Aww! I love this post. Your mama sounds awesome. And of course.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  6. Happy Birthday! I agree, mommas don't get enough credit on their kids' birthdays! Hope you have a fantastic day!

  7. Happy Birthday to you AND to the woman who did all the work that day.

  8. Love it :)It's really awesome to be close to your mom. I love my momma too :)

  9. Happy Birthday girlie! I hope it is amazing just like you :)

  10. Such a sweet post!! You and yo momma rock! Happy Happy Birthday lovely lady!! Hope it was just as fabulous as you are!!


  11. Happy Birthday to you!!! You are such a beautiful person, I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest :) Loved that you wrote all about your mom :) At the end of the day of my sons birthday my husband said to me, "hey, thanks for pushing him out mama." Ya, no big deal...

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day!
    happy crafting,

  13. Happy Birthday! People have been blogging about you all over the place, so I had to stop by and offer my own greetings. :) And my husband makes fun of me b/c apparently I always say "birfday" instead of "birthday." WHAT.

    Beautiful post, by the way. :) My birthday's in four days. YAY for Sags!

  14. Great (and funny) tribute to your mom! Happy Birthday! I think I know where you get your sarcastic and humorous ways!! She sounds like a hoot! :)

  15. Happy Belated Birthday! I was married five years ago on the same date!!! :)


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