Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday funnies...

In our family fast and accurate answers are important.  Sarcasm and teasing is very frowned upon.  Allow me to demonstrate:

Hanna:  “Hey, who was the Queen that controlled Egypt?”

{Without hesitation}

Busy:  “Queen Latifah.”
Moi:  “Queen Tut.”

Always here to help.

We are also a very delicate family by nature.  We are ALL avid readers.
{Except Po.  But that’s alright he was adopted in.} 
Example of our delicate nature when it comes to being interrupted while reading.

Hanna walks into the girl's room and sees Moi reading. 
Hanna:  “Hey, whatcha reading?”
Moi:  “shut up.”

See what I mean?

Another strong family value is how we always have each others back.

Lil Man:  “Hey mom, you know that day Hanna and Busy
{insert something they got in major trouble for}
Me:  “Yah?”
Lil Man:  “You shouldn’t have given them dinner.  It’s not like they can’t miss one meal.”

It’s true what they say.  Hindsight is 20/20

We also believe in thinking things out before saying something.  It would be truly awful if we were an impulsive family.  It might just be downright embarrassing. 

Moi yelling at Hanna:  “ have chubby fingers!”
Hanna:  “Well at least my chubby fingers aren’t fat..wait?! What?”


Happy Friday Everyone!
Woo Hooo….made it through another week!




  1. haha! Too funny! What an exciting family you have! Happy Friday to you as well ;-)

  2. Lil Man LOL!
    Have a good weekend!

  3. LOL! Queen Latifah! Best answer EVER Busy! Btw, I love your new header picture...adorbs! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my love :)


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