Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another birthday...

It’s your birthday shout HOORAY!
We want to sing to you today
One year older and wiser too

So, today is my oldest baby girl’s birthday!  Today, Bailey turns 19!
{I know, I definitely did not approve this}

I’m trying not to be sad because right now she’s probably out with her boyfriend eating our traditional steak dinner and going to the movies.  That’s always been our Mama-daughter tradition for our shared birthday date. 
This year, not so much.
It’s that awful thing called college.  I really don’t see why people think having your child move away to far off lands {Utah} and educate themselves is really a great idea.  I mean come on this idea must have sprung from a person who never had children…sheesh..

Huh?  Oh yah, back to the birthday…

So, I usually don’t post on Sundays but this was a must.  I just had to take a quick minute to say how thankful I am to have this child in my life.  She’s the responsible one, the I’ll fix it kid, the Lil Mama.

She’s the right hand to the throne and the guard of the minions.
{my minions… wink}

She’s ridiculously smart and her smile can light up a room.  She calls me almost every day just to tell me she misses me.  We dance together, sing {poorly} together and do each other’s hair.  We used to share clothes
{until I decided sugar was a food group}
and she kept me young.

Now she’s grown up, on her own, doing well and moving right along.

{which totally stinks}

Who keeps saying that stuff?  Major downer {smirk}

With so much motherly pride I ache for that original “baby girl”.  She wanted to come home this coming July.  Now plans have changed.  I guess it’s time for me to grow up again.  It’s a funny thing being a Mom.  You have to miss them and be happy for them at the same time.
It’s the first time my multi-tasking abilities have failed me.

I promise, I want to be witty and silly and happy and birthday wishing but in all honesty…I’m lonely and ache because we’ve not spent our birthday’s apart until now.  I always tease my kidletts I should have 6 birthday’s a year.  But how can that be funny when she’s not here to giggle with?

Tis okay, I’ll grow up soon I imagine.  But after this, I have learned.  No one else leaves the house.

The end.

To my beautiful girl:

My font is red
My heart is blue
My life is so blessed
To have a daughter like you


I love, love, love you
Baizee A!

Happy to you !
{Yes, I left the birthday out on purpose…it’s just one of our things.}




  1. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Okay, is her birthday sat or sun? Very eerie, I'm serious. How can they both have the same birthday or at least a day apart? Happy Birthday Bailey!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! How fun that your birthdays are so close together!

  3. Nope I don't approve either. But man, she's a spitten beautiful image of you. I just got some home video put onto DVD and the kids are in there one day in the blow up pool in San Diego, geesh, 10 years ago. The kids are all so little and Bay kept asking the proper names for the blow up pirate pool toys. Just like her mama, writing stories in her head all the time I bet! Happy Happy to you both! And Drew of course who's birthday is on the RIGHT day. Here's wishing for our birthday outing at Cold Stone!!!!

  4. Happy belated to Bailey!! SWEET POST! And :-( I remember my first birthday away from mom - eventhough I was having fun at school i was definately missing the shared birthday tradition. Don't worry she always be trying to figure out how to make it work - year after year!

  5. (found you from the facebook fest and now a happy follower)

    Wow.. first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter!!!

    Second, I can't say I didn't tear up reading this.
    And I will be back for sure, b/c I'll be experiencing these same emotions soon and I need to know I'm not alone! ;o)

    My one and only will be going off to college fall of 2012. A whole 7hrs away from home and that's just NOT cool.

    your daughter sounds like an awesome kid though, you are blessed!


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