Monday, November 14, 2011

The Weekend...

So the weekend… It’s really one of impossibility to throw this one out there smoothly so I’m not going to try.

Just call it an update and a “note for school” as to why there will possibly be a brief hiatus from blogging or anything else for that matter.  

I apologize in advance for this post.  It's choppy, and doesn't give all of the story; it's brief {for me} and ends rather abruptly.
And forgive all of the typos, for I am certain there are many.

It’s good and it’s wow and it’s all going to be okay.  Ready?

Okay, so I got a new part time job!  Yay!  It’s not the most glorious job, although I am ecstatic.  I’ve already had some adults…yes, full grown {most likely I’m better than you type people} laugh at me and my new job.  It’s retail, its cashier, its for a large and very high volume store.   It’s 3 minutes from home and to me, work is work!  I am truly thankful for the major blessing I have received.

There is a lot to be said about a job I can make most people happy with by throwing on a smile.  When work is over I go home and leave it there.  I don’t have to worry about being on call 24/hrs or the piles of work I didn’t get through or the meetings I have the next day.  Honestly, having been on both sides of the collar I am pleased as all get out to have this job!

So, with that said as I turned my phone back on from my first day at work, Bailey called immediately.  “Mama, I’m in Chicago.  I’ll be home in 2 hours.”
{Insert crazy, disturbing, screaming here.} 
I couldn’t believe it!  My  baby was coming home for a surprise visit from college!
{Yes, I somehow stayed on the road but the cows were definitely staring at my “screaming” vehicle as it whizzed past them!}

Po and I grabbed her from the airport and she surprised Moi when she came home from babysitting Friday night.  It was glorious.  To see those two sisters unite after so much missing each other; words cannot express.  {sweet emotions}

Saturday I had to go to work.  It’s okay it would give Bailey and Moi some much needed girl time before she picked up the lil kiddlets from their dad later in the day.  {More surprises!}

I went to work and had an absolutely fantastic day.  I really did.  My manager even heard that my oldest daughter had surprised me and gave me Sunday off!

I ran outside see Bailey and Moi in my car {they picked me up from work.}  I jumped in and just as Bailey puts her hand on my hand, Moi places her hand on my shoulder.  “Mama…” Bailey says softly.

I stop, this isn’t the greeting I should be receiving.  This was serious, it was grey and quiet.  I nod my head for her to continue.
“He’s alright.  But Grandad had a stroke.”
My heart stopped.  “Daddy?”  I ask.
She continues to fill me in on the details of what was thankfully a minor stroke that seemed to have happened in his sleep.  He was in the hospital.  I ask about Mama.  She’s doing well.  She’s handling it all in stride.  Now that part doesn’t surprise me.

I wish so badly that I could take my time and write this all out the way I felt, the way I feel; the gratitude that I feel for my Daddy being able to hopefully come home today.  But I have to work.  And I’m grateful for that too.

So, in a nutshell Bailey leaves Tuesday, my Daddy is going to make a full recovery and I have a job.

I am grateful.  I am blessed.  I am full.  I am full of hope.

I hope you all have a beatimous week.  I will do my best to check in and out and continue to scrawl down my ramblings and passing thoughts of this world.  But I wouldn’t expect much…well until after Tuesday anyway.


Until then, I will leave you with this thought. 

Psalms 18:49

“Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.”

You know my love of words.  Heathen is in the category of love as well.  I know a lot of heathens.  I have been one many times.
{I really should stop grinning right now}

Happy Monday!




  1. Oh I am going to MISS YOU TO PIECES!!!! Congrats on your job, I am glad daddy is hopefully coming home today. He will be in my prayers too! You have a beautimous week too! I just told spell check to shut up - beautimous needs to be added to the dictionary ;-)

  2. Daddy is definitely going to be fine - our prayers will be with you, him and your glorious family. So happy you have Bailey with you...I'm here if you need me {always}.
    Love you tons and tons!

  3. So glad to hear that your dad is going to make a full recovery. I hope you get to enjoy every moment of your daughter being home. :)

  4. Yay for your daughter coming home! I'm glad your dad is ok. He will be in my prayers.

  5. Wait - you have a kid in college? Holy cow!! You're one hot mama!

  6. Yay for a part time job. This time of year it's a must to have some extra income. Oh and a surprise visit wooohooo. I'm so glad your dad is okay and going to make a full recovery. I'm sure that was terrifying. Have a great visit & we'll catch up soon. xoxo


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