Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Tree is Up...

Tonight we decorated for Christmas.  We were all looking forward to it.  We picked Tuesday night because I was off and we would have a nice family night with yummy food and enjoy the  
Spirit of Christmas

Here’s what really happened.

Po and I didn’t eat until about 4pm so we weren’t hungry at dinnertime
I couldn’t get into the storage room so we fought with the cottage door for 20 minutes
The kids screamed and fought the entire time so you couldn’t even hear the Christmas music I had playing.
Ethan was fussing at Lil Man for not decorating the tree right
I had to explain to him I always let them decorate how they want and then at night I do it the “right” way and you never know the difference.  Lil Man just wants to be part of something.
{Ethan was floored.  I don’t know if he was impressed or disgusted that he had never noticed that.  Smirk}
My mood turned sour
Moi made the kids ramen because they didn’t want anything else

In the middle of their screaming fighting episode I yelled,
“Be quiet!  I’m going to say a prayer!”

Spiritual right?  Lol  But we prayed and it gave me a little peace anyway…sigh…

On the bright side…
I did make a beautifully simple wreath for the front door out of my here and theres

Best laid plans right?  I wanted to go into work and work for free.  Haha!

Now, I’ve set the clocks ahead so the boys will go to bed early.
{I know bad mom award.  I’ll display it with all of the rest of my “trophies”}

The girls are banned to their rooms and the Christmas music is all but forgotten.  There is not so distant banging and screaming from various parts of the house so I just put my headphones in.

This Christmas we are doing a handmade Christmas.  Of course Santa will still come for the boys but the girls get it and know that things are tight.  I thought they would be mad but actually they seem pretty excited about it.  I’m behind on my “making” schedule since I hadn’t anticipated working but I’ll get there.  I wish I could tell you what I’m working on but some of my kids read my blog so I have to keep a lid on it.

Tonight I looked around the living room and we have so little for decorating now.
Part of it is we {they} have broken so much.
I was kind of getting weepy and then I thought, in the disappointment of not having my shops where I wanted them this season
{again because of the working thing}
I will just stop stressing and make some fun holiday stuff for my house.

When people find out I craft they always ask to see my stuff and I don’t really keep anything I make. I sell it or give it away.  Well not anymore, soon I will cover my living room with
 festive splendid holiday goodness!

Yay…problem solved!  Really, I just want to be able to soak up the season this year.  I want to be grateful for the blessings and enjoy the peace that it is supposed to bring.

I hope that in the Season of Hectic, shopping, decorating, money strangling, exhausting pressure we can all take the time to remember the birth of Christ.  With all that we have to worry about; I find when I think of our Savior things just tend to simplify themselves.

However you choose to celebrate don’t give into the pressure but enjoy what you have and what you have to give.

Happy beginning
of the holiday Season!
{I’m going to go beat my children….not really…well maybe…wink}




  1. So when you told me last night that you decorated the blog xmas-style, I was so unprepared at how I was going to have to tell you {probably lie about} how great it looked....but I don't have to! Yay! Phew!
    I LOVE IT! Not too much, just enough!

    ps: the clock idea - totally taking it!

  2. I love your Christmasy layout!
    "crazy busy" doesnt even begin to cover it.
    I get it.
    Because I just have two kids and no job and I can't imagine life getting busier.
    your super mom with heating pants instead of a cape LOL

  3. Oh how I love headphones! This will be the first year my daughter gets to help decorate so I can't wait to see how it goes!

  4. LOVE THE PHOTO AT THE TOP!! PRETTIEEEEE! Okay let me go read the blog ;-)

  5. Love reading about your crazy life :) You provide me some much needed comedic relief - Jill

  6. I loveee the holiday blog get up. :) too cute

  7. Seriously, sounds like my house. :) You guys are so fun!


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