Tuesday, November 29, 2011

They survived...

So, I’ve been working.  We know this. 

But what will the family do without me?

This was an honest concern due to the recent {life long} activity in this home.
They’re unruly and fight.  They don’t clean up after themselves.  They won’t help with chores or take responsibility for themselves or accountability for that matter.  They won’t help when they’re needed and they will not take the initiative expected for their age groups.

And that’s just Po.

Ahh Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Okay sorry.  I had to throw that in there.  In actuality, Po is very well behaved.
{That’s because he’s not technically in this gene pool}

Adoption is a great option. {wink}

So, anyway the above mentioned thoughts are not just a whim of frustration.  They are true backable {you like that word huh?} facts.

Now, this is what has happened.

I work early, sometimes late.  I work and am NOT home when they all roll in.   My schedule fluctuates like crazy.  I work on weekends, I work on Sunday’s when they’re back home with us and you know what?

They have survived without me.

Hooda thunk it?

So they argue here and there.  The lil man throws his raspy yells through the air from time to time.  The girls screech.  But for the most part, they’ve done ridiculously well.  Moi makes supper and it’s clean when I come home.  Things are forgotten, but not the important stuff.  Bedtime is on schedule, the house is clean-ish and homework is done.


The other night I was scheduled until 10pm.  It was only Moi and Po home.  I’m thinking “Oh great what about dinner?”
This is why.
Po is a funny lil thing.  He waits for me to eat meals.  I don’t.  I guess I get the bad wife award.  But all I’m sayin’ is if ole boy was working till 10p and my hungry hits at 8pm then I’m eating.  Haha! 
{No really, there might be some truth to that}

So, guess what happened?  He and Moi pick me up from work because we’re sweet and sentimental like that.  On break they came by grabbed me so I could take my car home and they could be the first thing I see when I get off. 
It’s a good feeling.  And they’re so cute.
{My lil creepers}

I got home and it smelled amazing.  I have to tell you, my first thought was, “What am I cooking?”  Haha!  Absolutely nothing!

But Po was.  He had made the most amazing spaghetti sauce with meat and meatballs and garlic bread and it was all waiting.  He even planned it so that he could cook the pasta while I took a quick shower.
{Maybe I was funky.  It was very possible. I do get a lil sweaty sometimes.  Snicker}

Then after the 3 of us ate The most amazing meal  they both cleaned up {because I needed to hobble over to my heating pad}
and he had my heating pad on, my laptop on the bed and my trusty sidekick “blankie” all ready and waiting for me. 
{huge smiles}

But wait…there’s more.

He walked over and moved the pillow.  He had gotten me those little {fattening}
delicious wedding cake cookies.  I swear to you, I didn’t even remember that I had said I was craving those the other day.

But he did. {hearts and flowers in my eyes}

It’s the little things…sigh….

So in the end do you know what I’ve learned?  I must be the misbehaved, unruly turd.  We have now decided Po will quit work and be the stay at home mom.
Haha!  He’s at work right now and I bet he just got the heebeejeebees…

But really, I feel oh so blessed that this timing was right.  My family is growing up.  Maybe the timing was finally right for me to be removed just enough for them to step up to the plate.
The plate that I had always served, washed and put away.

Or you all have been praying just as much as us!
{thank you}




  1. Po gets the Awesome Hubby Award! Loves him more now:)

  2. Hooda thunk it hahaha. I'm glad things are going good while your workin. Your husband sounds very sweet

  3. That's fantastic!!!! They always surprise huh? Mine usually comes with a "ok what do you want" afterwards hahahaha. PS yay for another morning coffee post!! Now if only I could get on top of mine...heehee

  4. GO PO!!! That's wonderful. As for waiting for you to eat it must be a man thing. My mom said she could prepare dinner before she left for choir practice. She comes home, proceeds to fix herself something to eat and daddy comes in to fix his plate and the dog comes in to eat out of his bowl (after 9pm). LOL!!

  5. that means you are doing a great job... they are trained. :)

  6. Why is it that those who seem like they can't do anything themselves and need mom for everything, survive when we are not around? How wonderful for you!! I'm so happy for you that everyone is stepping up and helping you and what a wonderful husband that Po is!!



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