Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hey, you remember my business goals and that wonderful calendaring system I was on?  You will NEVER believe this…my calendar…it totally exploded.  No, for reals it did.


{You know that big explosion sound that only boys can make?  Please chickees tell me you’ve noticed this.  Men, who are just larger boys, can make sound effect noises that sound real.  Women tend just spit on themselves when we try. 
No cool noises just raspberries}

So, yah…major explosion!

{No silly, not the “actual” calendar…although that does sound like something that would happen to me…snicker}

So here’s the skinny on organization, you have to keep up with it. 
Ugh, I thought I was finally magically organized. 
In honor of my girls:  “Scared Potter?”
“You wish.”
{Hee hee…if they were here they would have said that.  It’s simply a must.  And a tad bit addicting. wink}
I’m so disappointed.  Needless to say, I have re-calendared.  And when I did it this time I made it big and long and filled in what I could and then left room for improvising.
{Oh how I love improvising…it’s sounds so much better than
“flying by the seat of your pants”}
{Wait, no, that sounds like way more fun!}
I guess the point is I will be working again on what I hope to be a beautiful Saturday.  Now that I’m organized…again.

But I added one more thing to my calendar.  Wanna know?  Huh?  Whatcha gonna give me? 
{Ughh.. I really need to hang out with adults more.}

Okay, the most important event of the day is scheduling in my time to “calendar”.  I have allotted a moment to plan and prep for the next few days.
{Yah, that’s it.  I’m sure the rest of you smarty pants are like. 
Umm, of course.}
Well, I’m slow.  And I like to do things backwards…and the hard way…and difficult…prolonged and cockeyed, crooked, kinked in a befuddled sort of way.
{I know…go to work Pidg.}
Pshh…umm kay. 
I’ll be working on Fall, but starting my Christmas line…yay!!!

Happy Saturday!  I’ll be playing Christmas music drinking a cup o’ cheer!
{I really don’t know what that is.  If it’s alcoholic, count me out, but it is pretty fun to say.}
“Hey, honey grab me a cup o’ cheer while you’re in the kitchen will ya?”

{Maybe a cup o’ caffeine instead; I think the cheer is pouring from my head right now.  To…much…cheer…}
Okay I’m done.




  1. Please you must have a secret to being so organized my dear. I'm a work in progress all the time but hey that's cool with me. xoxo

  2. I have a magnetic calender on my refigerator that has like 4 things written on it.. I found this super cute idea for an organizer book but really that would just be pathetic for me! I need to find more to do in my life! hah

  3. so thats the trick? schedule a time to schedule the rest of my time?

  4. I know how to make that noise! I guess I was trained way back when playing with my younger brother to able to make the noise with my son now. I won't say it's drool free but I can do it. Love what Darcie said...

  5. A cup o' cheer sounds delicious!

    Stopping by from Soleil Solene. :)

  6. Um, what the heck is re-calendared?? Is that even a word?? Hahaha! I missed that with my email earlier today. Please, humor all of us and post a pic of what your typical calendar system looks like. You obviously have a secret and you're holding out on us! Spill it! :)

  7. See? I told you! You can do it! Love when things just fall into place:) xoxo - missed ya this weekend:(


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