Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little matter of business...

Two posts in one day?  What is the world coming to?  Okay really, this is a matter of “business”… {snicker}

Please! Please! Please!

For those of you who do not have your email enabled on your blogs do it!  For me!  I love to be able to respond to those of my awesome commenting chickees but when you don’t have it enabled.  I can’t.  I start giggling at your awesome comment or getting emotional which ever applies and I hit “reply”.  Then you know what happens?  I get this big fat “no-reply” email address.
{It really messes with me emotionally, I’m just sayin’}

 And then I go through this internal struggle:

Okay do I comment back on the blog? No, because most people don’t go back to the blog and read to see if I’ve responded. 

Don’t worry about it?  No, because I love to connect with you guys out there.

Go leave a comment on their blog?  Sometimes, but then I feel funny doing that because it seems insincere to respond to the comment they left on my blog when my comment should be about their post. 

I’m weird…this we know.

So…. If you would go and check to see if your email is enabled on your blog.  If you’re on blogspot you can just do this:

Go to your profile
Click edit profile
Under The Privacy Section
Click the box “show my email”

I think that’s it.  And then we can correspond happily ever after!  Unless you do it so I can’t email you back on purpose; in which case don’t do the above mentioned.  And I’m sorry… but still continue to comment because I like to know what you’re thinking!

Happy whatever is left of the day!




  1. perfect - i'm sharing this on FB and Twitter!

  2. Nay already got on me about that so I'm not guilty. HA! For others I am saying thank you for the instructions! ;-)

  3. Whispers: Nay already got on me about that ;-) Saying thank you for the instructions for everyone else. Shared!

  4. Ok. well I am a big fat loser! LOL! thanks for the how to on the email thing! :)

  5. THANK YOU for sharing this!!! I go through the same emotional struggle when I can't respond to someone. Sometimes I forget to check if they are a no-reply commenter and I type out this long heartfelt reply only to realize they won't get it :(

  6. Thanks! I think mine is working, but I"m definitely checking now. I use this profile to comment on everything, so I need to make sure. P.S. I love your little shop!!

  7. Ditto to what you said!! It is sad to not be able to respond, I agree :(
    P.S. You don't have to respond to this comment lol I didn't say much ;)

  8. So true! I feel the same way you do!! I've wondered about commenting on one of their posts. but it seems so awkward and out of place...

  9. LISTEN TO HER PEOPLE! She knows what she's talking about!!

    Seriously, I have this same dilemma every time.


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