Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday funnies...

What do we have for Friday Funnies?  Hmm….I was thinking about doing a more spiritual, more trying post today; one of the things that’s pressing on me but then I was worried I wouldn’t be able to put a good spin on it.  I think I can…I usually do but then Friday Funnies seemed more …well more fun.  So here I am.

I took Hanna and Busy to the doctor.  On the way out there were these 3 antique looking doors; absolutely gorgeous.  They had pictures in the background of different things in their community of doctors/dentists and even a picture of their doctor treating a patient.  These pictures were highlighted with fluorescent lighting behind these 3 beautiful doors.  So what do you think Hanna did? 

I imagine you guessed before I proposed the question.  And you’re absolutely right!

Moi & Busy

Me:  “Hey Moi, I’m making a Christmas playlist for the computer.  Give me some of the classic Christmas songs we love.” 
Moi:  “Jingle Bell Rock!  Rockin’ ‘Round the Christmas Tree!  Grandma got Run over by a Reindeer!”

As she’s giggling because those are not on our list of classic favorites...or any favorites.  Busy shouts from the other room, “Cotton Eyed Joe!”

Me:  “Busy!”
Busy:  “The Eyes of the Ranger!” 

{We have strange obsessions in this family; Chuck Norris is occasionally one of them. }


Ethan comes in on Saturday as I’m getting work done.
“Hey Mama, did we have lunch yet?”
Me:  “Yah hun, I’m sorry you missed it.  Maybe you can try again tomorrow.”

Oh the sweet look of devastation.  I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it!  Don’t worry, I served him double at lunch just for being a good sport!

Random Kid

Moi goes to school with this kid.  See, we have Cali accents.
{Yes people from California have accents.  They will tell you that they don’t. They’re wrong.}

Well out here they just assume we’re “Yankees”.  Only my husband and Lil Man are true Yankees from birth.  Both born in Maryland, Andrews AFB to be exact.  Well, this kid was asking Moi about moving from Maryland. 

Kid:  “Hey, do you have Hollister out there?”
Moi:  “Yah, they wear it like crazy there.  Probably more than they do here.”

Kid nods in contemplation…

Kid:  “Oh, so like do the guys wear skirts all the time?”

Moi crinckles her nose…thinking…thinking.  Okay, we definitely lived out with the Amish, but they don’t wear skirts…BING!

Moi:  “Uhh, dude we lived in Maryland, not Ireland.  It’s in the United States!”

Ahh hahahaahaha…I am SO glad that wasn’t my kid.  I would have beat him just for fun! 

Little love

For those of you that don’t know Little Love is Nay’s lil son.  So, we were talking and she asked what I was doing and I told her, “Friday funnies” and she said hey I have one from Little Love so here it is. 

Little Love is in the bath and love bug {Nay’s daughter, my texting bff} is already dried and getting ready for dinner.  Nay is attempting to get him out of the bath and she says, “I’ll cuddle with you.” To which he perks up and says… “Okay!”

She’s powdering him up, gets him dressed and they do the cuddle thing.  He asks about the scarves she’s been making.

Little Love:  “How much are you gonna sell it for?”
Nay:  “Umm, I don’t know yet.”
Little Love:  “Well you should sell it for a lot.  I want to go to Hawaii.  They’ve got soup, and singing birds and fish that talk!”

Nay, being the good mom is trying not to laugh and tells him okay.   They head downstairs, do the dinner thing and later are watching some kid’s channel.  Then this quirky little commercial for Hawaii comes on.  Sure enough, Little love is right!  Hawaii does have soup, and singing birds and fish that talk!  At least they do on the commercial. {wink}

Lil Man

A woman is coming over from an agency I, and many others are not fond of.  {Translation, they are all about the technicality and not at all about the lil ones they’re supposed to work for.  Enough said.}

Lil Man:  “So that lady is coming back over; that grandma old lady?”
{Please note, he’s 7, he’s not intending to be rude.  He’s truly describing her.  We’re still working on “politically correct.”}
Me:  “Umm, yes.  She’s coming back over for a few minutes.”
Lil Man: “That lady you don’t like?”
{You can hear Moi giggling in the background.}
Me: “Yes, don’t tell her I don’t like her.”
Lil Man:  I will tell her.  I’ll say, hey my mom doesn’t like you.”
Me:  “Lil Man, that’s not nice.  Besides, you’ll get me in trouble.”
Lil Man:  {He releases a deep sigh} “It’s not like you’re going to lose the house.”

Well, all I can say is “Honesty is the Best policy” is not something I will be promoting so freely in this house anymore; but you’ve got to admit he does have a point. {wink}

Well, that’s what I’ve got for now.  I do have to say even if you guys don’t find these that funny they sure do the job for me.  I’m already feeling a bit lighter than when I started this post.  Mygoodness have I been blessed to watch these little heathens grow.  They go through so much and yet still choose the “keep your chin up” way to live.  Sure we have bad days.  But in the end of the day we’re here for each other and we always remember…

“The eyes of the ranger are upon you..”
Chuck Norris

Hahahahaahahahahhaha… I’m going now, I promise.

Happy Weekend!




  1. DUDE!!! Oh you are so right, my Pidg! And you got my Little Love's banter with me down perfectly...still laughing at these Friday Funnies! Can I try the thing you did on Ethan for lunch? lol!!! {see, still laughin'}

  2. ok its official, i love your family haha

  3. Cute! Love Hanna's picture behind the door. What's behind Hanna, it it some kind of wallpaper? It made a neat effect in the picture itself.

  4. hahaha.. The Maryland/Ireland thing cracked me up.

  5. Have you heard the lyrics to Cotton Eyed Joe?? I was listening to it the other day lol, weird!
    You are funny, and your kids sound just like you :)


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