Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday funnies ...

So I didn’t feel like blogging.  Well, I felt like it, but I was thinking it would magically be written.
{I know right?  Me??? Not want to write…hmm there must be something missing in my diet!}

But then I stumbled upon a lil piece of paper that had some more “Friday Funnies” on it.  Nothing hysterical just typical us…that’s all.  {wink}

I was making 50 paper pumpkins for my boy’s classes and teachers for Halloween.
The boys would occasionally toddle in to see if they could “Help”. 

Lil Man

Lil Man looks at me and says:  “I’m not giving one to Daniel.”
Me:  “Lil Man, you have to give everyone a pumpkin or they won’t let you hand them out.
Moi, who was also in the room said, “Lo, you can give him one that’s smushed.”
Lil Man:  “Mom, can I?”

Here’s my response.  In trying to be the type of mother I should be and in an effort of being a good example I humbly and gently reply, “Lil Man, Heavenly Father wouldn’t give you a smushed pumpkin would he?”
Lil Man:  “Yes he would if I was mean.”

Hahaha! Me and Moi just giggled. 
Seems the kid has got justice down to a Science…

Mental Note:  re-visit Mercy and Forgiveness.


So, I went on another job interview for an IHA.  {In home aid} Moi was asking about the job description.  I told her that I would help this elderly woman and do light housekeeping.

Moi looks at me with a puzzled look.  “Lighthouse keeping?  Like you get to turn the light on for the ships?”
She was excited for a minute, then we both started laughing.

Mental Note:  don’t leave yourself open when children that are wittier than you are in your presence.

Lil Man

So the kids wanted to try one of the 3D puzzles.  We were all laid out on the living room floor setting out the pieces.  Lil Man, Hanna, Ethan and Busy were all there helping display all of the 30 million foam pieces face up.  I began explaining how they should go about it.
“Put the same pictures/colors in a grouping together.  Then maybe start putting those together first, eventually you’ll connect them to the other chunks.  Lil Man, no, what are you doing?  Wait, Lil Man help us organize the pieces first…Lil Man…”
He looks to me, “Uhh Mama, we’re voting you off the island.  We got this.”

Ahh Hahahahaahaha!  What?!  We don’t even have TV!  Where the heck did he get that?  {Me?  Oh…hmm that is a possibility}
Mental Note:  Keep sarcasm to a minimum when children that can refine it are watching.

My oldest daughter, Bailey, asked what she should be for Halloween at work.  I sent her the lil emoticon of a Ninja and said, “Ooohhh, be a Ninja”
She emailed back, “I can’t be a Ninja for Halloween when in real life I’m a Pirate!

{She takes after her mother.  This has been a serious discussion and reflection in our family.  Especially since me, being a Pirate, crossed the lines of race and married a Ninja.  It’s worked out pretty well though..giggle}

Bailey continued, “It’s like being a Jehovah’s Witness for Halloween when in real life I’m a Mormon.”
Mental Note:  Read up on rules of Halloween.
So then I resolved it.  I sent her the little emoticon of the smiley face that had a big mustache and big glasses and said, “Be a stranger!” 

That DID NOT creep her out in the slightest! 

 I love being easily entertained, it’s cheap AND fulfilling!!!

It’s rainy and chilly today…{big smile}  I love this weather.  It’s good working weather for the shops!  

I hope you all have a very beautimous weekend!  I might be back with a thought that’s been on my brain lately.  Depends on how much focus I find in this rainy weather. 

much loves,



  1. I would totally give a smushed pumpkin to somebody that was mean. Beautimous weekend back at cha!

  2. 1. Lil Man = hilarious! I think Busy might have someone competition there!
    2. Mental Notes! Awesomeness - can you teach some of that stuff...
    3. Um, thinking I shouldn't have started numbering, if I didn't have anything past #2.

    It's rainy here too - and "it never rains in Southern California" {to be sung in your head a lá Tony Toni Toné song - do you know that one?}

  3. have fun being a light house keeper

  4. I love reading your blog!!! It sounds like your kiddos are absolutely hysterical!

  5. Bailey would be a fantastic missionary. The kind that all the sisters would want to serve with! Love it! :) Don't the "lil man's" have such fun things to say. Maybe it's youngest child syndrome, my little guy said to me the other day, "Mom, I have a plan.", Me: "what is your plan J-man?" "My plan is an evil plan, mom." Me: "Well, what is your evil plan?" J-man: " My evil plan is to take over the house." Aaahaaahahaa. You're voted off the island is so stinkin funny, like mine is going to take over the house. Wait...maybe they're on to something here. ;)

  6. I wish I could be at your house to witness all the hysterical-ness. lol.

  7. You guys sound too funny! I loved your list of funnies :) And how you were voted off the island!!


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