Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fixing the Faucet...

Not much in my think tank today but I still wanted to drop in this wonderful Fall morning, say hello and share a little giggle.

The shower faucet handle broke.  It’s old, it just cracked in half during Hanna’s shower.  She called me once she had gotten out and I ran in to turn it off.  It was the hot water one just so you know.  I twisted and pretty much took off my own fingerprints attempting to get this now, narrow piece of metal to turn off.  “Hanna go grab my pliers.”
She did…I still couldn’t get it off.  This is bad I thought to myself.  This doesn’t make sense.  Hanna watched with worried anticipation.  I think deep down she had that “Was it my fault?” mentality.

She looked concerned.
I looked concerned.
My hands hurt.

I stopped, looked to my daughter and said.  “Did you turn off the cold?”
There’s something you need to know about Hanna.  She has these big amazingly wonderful eyes.  They are full of gorgeous expression of bewilderment most of the time.  At this moment they were filled with … 
“Mama’s going to kill me. 
Should I lie? 
Should I run?...Ummm”

Her hazel eyes were the size of oreo cookies.  I could see that smirk behind the towel she was holding to her face.   
{No doubt hiding her growing giggles}

I turned the handle to the cold water.  Done.


So Po and I went to Home Depot.  See, Po’s not a fix it guy.  It’s not that he can’t – he just hasn’t had to.  I on the other hand have always had to. 
My previous husband was not mechanically inclined. 
I could give you a gut wrenching hysterical post about those stories…ohh don’t get me started. 
{Yes, I am laughing out loud right now.}

But between that, I have been a single mom and oh, my dad was MacGyver, so I learned a lot along the way.
{Yes I just totally aged myself with that TV show.}

It had been a while that Po was working in the bathroom while I was with the kids so I thought I had better go and check in on him.  He was having a hard time.  Po can do anything once he’s been shown before, but this he hadn’t experienced.  Well, I came in and he asked for help.  I looked at it and it was one of those “Universal” nobs.  I messed with it for a second and it wasn’t working.  The shaft was too long to screw in with the handle attached.  I stopped - looked at it and said, 
“Hun, did you try it without this piece?”
Po: “Uhh, no.”

Oh, okay no problem I thought.  See that piece is used if it doesn’t fit first.  That’s the “universal” piece.  So I did it no problem.  Good as new.

Po looks at me and says.  “Are you gonna blog about this?”

I laugh “Oh Sweets no.  It’s not a big deal.  I’ve just done this kind of thing and you haven’t.  Don’t feel dumb about it.”

Well, the center handle turns on the shower.  It’s always been messed up, so we just leave it on shower.  No one really “bathes” around here anymore.  So As I’m finishing putting on the new hot and cold handles 
{because they need to match}
I look at the shower nob.  Hmm, it’s been over tightened, it looks like it’s about to break too.  I gently attempt to unscrew the handle.
{Uhh, yah the water was still on.  Remember that easily distracted side of me?}

So I’m squatting in the shower in my boots, my jeans and my trusty dark blue USMC sweat shirt and the shower comes on.  Po is just standing there staring quietly, probably not quite sure what to think.   {Possibly fearing my reaction as I sit under the pour of the shower fully clothed}

I just mumble… “nice” as I continue to fix the handle.  It breaks completely, so now I can’t turn the water off if I wanted to.

Me: “Uhh, honey, can you give me the old cold handle to use until we get a third one?”

Po:  “Umm…yah.”

He hands me the nob.  I fix it.  Hanna is in the room wanting so badly to laugh but again holding her hands to her face to hide the creeping grin.  I turn off the water, stare with wet glory, 

“Now… I’m gonna blog about it.”

Welcome to my life.  Always loud, always messy…but always with a story in my back “wet” pocket!




  1. Love it! Were you being condescending to Po? I made you have a condescending voice. And darn I totally connected with the MacGyver reference!

  2. Oh crud! No, I wasn't being condescending at all. I meant it...I usually just tell on all of my stupid things. He hadn't done anything blog-worthy Haha!

  3. Ha ha, Po! She blogged about it! Can you come over and fix my leaky faucet now, please? {hey, anything to get you to come over!} xoxo

  4. Ohhhhhh man!!! Well, at least you saved yourself a shower. So that's one less thing you had to do that day. ;0)

  5. Love it!! I always get asked if I'm going to blog about things too ;)
    Good job with the handles!


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