Monday, November 21, 2011

Family Pics...

Good Monday everyone!
{Yes, I’m attempting to sound energetic in hopes I will believe it!}

So the weekend in a nutshell:
Daddy is getting better; he even made it to church. {Huge grin}
I had a day off and cleaned a little but mostly sat on a heating pad.
{It must have been all of that exercising…or not because I totally just made that up.}
I worked.  I made a lot of customers laugh even when I was messing up but I just smile like I don’t know any better and it seems to work for me.  {grin}

Here are the family pics extraordinaire I promised.  I’ve never been the Mama who gets us all dressed up in stiff matching outfits because that’s not who we are.  We’re disorderly, rebellious, non-matching hooligans and it will forever be documented as such.  {smirk} and I’m completely satisfied with what we got.

I'm exhausted just looking at these.  I felt like after these pictures were taken, it might have been a good time to start drinking.  {just trickin'}  At the end of the day.  Bailey's surprise visit was captured and so were our colorful personalities.  I heart them so much.  
Every last hooligan {wink}




  1. Loved those! Bailey's surprise visit made it even better!

  2. How fun! Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. Those are wonderful and looked like it was fun! I prefer candid pictures like this to posed ones anyday! :)

  4. I love your pictures. You guys are a gorgeous family!

  5. I love these! And I seriously thought Bailey was you at first. You two could be twins. These pictures only proves how fun I think your family is. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Mi familia is so beautiful!!! Looks like you guys were having so much fun :)

  7. Love them and I'm thinking I want to move in with your family! Will you have me? xoxoxo

  8. What a beautiful family, you can see the love!! Your eldest daughter looks just like you :)

  9. Aww....I love ALL your pictures!! :) Beautiful Family!

  10. What wonderful family photos! I love how they really show who you are as a family. Great action shots! :)



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