Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chronicles of Movement: Getting back out

Okay, so I did it again.  If you missed the first Chronicles of Movement you can read about it HERE{It’s a longin’}
I promise not to keep you long this time.  I just wanted to let you all know I went out and walked with VENGEANCE!

Oh, yes I did!

I had a hard time this weekend with my hip so here’s what I did.  I was not going be deterred so I drove my driveway to see how long 1/10 of a mile was.
{Sad I know, but you have to realize I’m creative…and a lil bit pathetic}
Here’s my thinking though.  If my hip goes out and I’m in my yard I might be able to drag my tookus back up to the door and the dogs could pull me the rest of the way inside. 
{Would you spell tookus like that?  Strangely, spell check didn’t pick that one up.  I imagine you’re all just as surprised as I am.}

So anyway…

Up and down my driveway is exactly 1/10 of a mile.
{Can you hear the angels singing?}
So I walked 2.6 miles {again} in own driveway.  I wanted to make sure it was at least 2 ½ miles because that sounds better than “almost” 2 ½ miles so I did another tenth for good measure!

The pros and cons of walking your driveway:

The bathroom was close just in case
No anxiety about being too far away from home in case school called
I didn’t have to carry my keys
There were no serial killers

My view was not nearly as beautiful
No horses
I felt like a total dork

But that’s alright, I stuck to my guns holding my hand over my face as I turned at the end of the driveway when people were driving by …like “Uh, where is she going?”  Yah, so today I also tried exercise pants to attempt to keep the “Sha-Bam” a little more under control.  Yes, we call our bums “sha-bams” in this family.  It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose in this gene pool the backside is not going anywhere!  Mine now, after age and children is a bit more of a “Sha-bleh” but hey that’s okay…we’re working on it!

So, the exercise/spandex pants…uhh…accompanied by a large sweatshirt weren’t so bad.  I looked down as my deliberate, “I’m going somewhere” steps were striding and they glimmered in the sunlight.  I told myself it was muscle and that my thighs were not shaking.  They were just shifting with my great stride.  I smiled; that satisfied grin and then refused to look down again. {wink}

Here’s the skinny{jokes right?}  I am not one of those women that says…”Oh…I’m so fat!”  You know those irritating women that are like 115 lbs and they want to loose 2 of them?  Well, I’m not fat. I can say that because I have been there before.  At one point at the end of my marriage to Mr. B I had completely turned to food for comfort.  We’re talking double big gulps and chocolate galore.  It was my sunshine.
{Does anyone hear the angels singing again?
I don’t think those are the good kind!} 
Let’s put it this way, when I just stopped drinking regular soda and eating chocolate I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks.  That’s how much sugar and garbage I was putting into my body.  I had decided enough was enough and my body wasn’t who I was inside.  When I started losing weight and it was very quick, people kept saying, “What are you doing?”
Me:  “Uhh, I stopped drinking soda and eating like 2 full grown men.”

It’s all about Science right?  Pshh….I just changed my eating habits.  My goodness I was a single mom I didn’t have time to exercise.  But I know now my sanity, more than my physical self, needs the exercise.

Basically, now I am the size I wanted to be when I was REALLY overweight.  I’m not huge, but I know better.  I’m not comfortable.  So, I’m making a change.  By the way, I lost over 100 lbs. so don’t think I can’t relate to all of the women out there that are a bit larger.  It can be done and I’m a HUGE believer in
 Mind over Matter
but you have to be ready mentally.
{Goodness knows I’ll never be ready physically to want to exercise}

So that’s where I’m at.  I’m trying to remember the lesson I’ve already learned.  I’m attempting to keep my perspective and keep my body and mind just a little bit more sound.  Thanks for all of the encouragement!  I really was surprised to get all of the comments on my last display of silliness but it really helped get me out there again today!

Happy moving…well consistent moving… I’ll settle for that! {wink}

P.S.  I received my depression glass that I won from Bonnie and it is to die for beautiful!  So was her handmade bow!!  Please go check out her blog and shop.  You won’t regret it!  Thanks Bonnie!




  1. Hmmm, I didn't walk today, I am NOT giving up chocolate, never heard of a tookus.... I know I spelled it wrong from your wrong/right but I'm not scrolling up to check (cheesy grin) - Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh wait, let us be clear...that giving up soda and chocolate was to lose the original huge amount of weight. Pshh...15 lbs isn't worth giving those things up...we're not talking crazy! Haha!

  3. Ok. I love that you walked in your driveway! If i didnt live on wisteria lane i might try it, but i am truly afraid they would 5150 me. (turn me into a mental ward) It never ceases to amaze me, how much so many of us women are the same. (yup, i eat like 2 full grown men also, i have cut down a bit!) But at least there is hope out there somewhere! :)

  4. Have you seen those ridiculous OldNavy commercials for their new workout clothes? "Don't jiggle while you wiggle!" I think I need them. My sha-bam has gotten wide since having my daughter and becoming a stay at home mom.

  5. I've lost well over a hundred pounds. Unfortunately, it was the same 50 pounds - twice (working on the third time). So discouraging.

  6. I am definitely going to walk on campus today again...I'm not going to be the *fat* friend in your circle! And...I'm pretty darn proud of ya:)

  7. my comment is in your email lol ;)

  8. OMG, I am the same way! I'd rather walk in a circle than walk one way for 30 minutes then walk back. I am so scared there will be an emergency and I won't be able to get back in time. I love treadmills. If i feel sick or feel faint, I can stop and boom I'm home in a safe place. You crack me up. And oh, I am that friend who needs to lose 150 lbs. I know what I need to do I just have no motivation what so ever. Maybe I'll join you guys in the walking movement. I have Jillian Micaels DVD and a set of weights handed to me recently. I vowed to do the Beyonce Get Your Body Moving or movement or whatever dance routine down. Ugghh. I'm proud of you that you went. :)


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