Thursday, November 3, 2011

Because Today is Special...

I can’t explain it.  Well, you know I’m going to try anyway though right?  So, today is my Anniversary with my beloved Po. 

Oh how I love that man.

I was going to write this “Ode to Po” kinda lovey smoochy thing.  I’ve been planning it since the end of Spring when he did something so precious you would giggle yourself into a fit…but… I don’t wanna now.

What?!  {Pidg you awful ungrateful wifey!} 
No, I swear, it’s not like I’m mad or anxish or anything,
I’m just not feelin’ it. 
I started writing it the other night and it got too long.  Then I tried to write about our “story” and it got too long.  Then I tried to condense it; it fell flat.  So, if I’m going to write a meaningful {to me anyway} love of my life spread of wonder I should do it right.

Therefore, consider it a delay.  I want to write it, when my words are not confungled.  It needs to be my heart; not my “it’s our anniversary I HAVE to write it kind of thing.”

But get this weirdness.  Po and I share an anniversary with someone else.  It’s someone that I share a lot of things with.  Someone that also is important to me.  Dang I wish I could stop my post right now and have you all guess.  Funny thing is; you’d be right.

Yes, of all of the people Nay and her hubs have the same anniversary as me and Po. 
How is that even possible?  Did Random{dot}org set that up too? 
{I’ve got jokes…Haha!}
I mean really what are the odds? 
{Anyone out there good at math?}

We were on the phone Monday and I told her, “Well, our Anniversary is this week.”
Nay: “Really?  What day?”
Me:  “Thursday, the 3rd.”
Nay:  “Nu uhhh.”
Me:  “Yah huh.  Why?”  {Cuz I’m slow like that.}
Nay:  “Me and the hubs Anniversary is November 3rd.”
In unison:  “Whoa…”

Right?  I mean come on, how crazy is that?  Things happen for a reason I am a firm believer.  But really?  It’s kind of silly.  See, Nay,
{you know, the woman I’ve never met}
is such a close part of me.  Sure we share so many similarities but I think the better part is the differences we embrace in each other too.  Our friendship is that crazy pick me up when I’m feelin’ down – when I’m laughing too hard you make my side cramp worse kind of kinship. 
It’s always even. 
If I text, let’s say… the word “No.” and I’m feeling sad.  She calls and asks what’s wrong.  Hello? 
It was one word…I didn’t even add the little sad face. 
{I’m giggling because the other day I told her not to look at me that way through a text message and she texted back asking how I knew what look she had on her face.}
It didn’t matter; fact was, I was right about the look! {wink}

So Happy Anniversary to Nay and the Man!

An Ode to Nay, Po’s comes later… {wink}

Our friendship is golden
I hope that you know
You better be nice
‘Cause you reap what you sow!!! 

Ahhhh  Hahhahahahaah
{Still got jokes!  That is my first “roses are red” poem for Nay…you better save it!}

I love you Nay!  I love you Po!
Yes my body is screaming for caffeine to slow me down…
 {I really should have thought about that before I wrote this post…
heehee sorry everyone!}

I for one am going to go enjoy my husband who is off today.  And make Christmas trees…maybe…while staring at my good looking hubs. {wink}

Go drop by Nay’s and check out her “related” post today.   

Cover to Cover
All I know is she made me email a crazy pic of me when I was lil. 

{Yikes!  I haven’t changed much though, all crazy haired and everything!}
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  1. oh my gosh - you suck. no, really! you made me CRY goshdarnit!!! I love you people, don't read my post...really - it blows compared to this one!
    My Awesomest Pidg - You are the "trick"-est girl, I know - and I wouldn't have it any other way:)

  2. Happy Anniversary! And how fun about your bloggy friend. I enjoyed reading her post too.. you guys are so silly. I just had an anniversary.. 3 years! I didnt blog about my hubby.. oops ;)

  3. How cute! And crazy that you have the same anniversary. (I hear twilight zone music) I mentioned you on my blog today cuz you're awesome! Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Well happy anniversary to you and Po and Nay and husband! Hope this day is nice and special for all four of you. I feel like there should be some clever couple/couple merger name the four of you get but I got nothing. Just know that once it comes to me it will make you wince.

  5. Oh yall are so cute. Oh and so are you and Po. ;-) Happy anniversary to everyone!

  6. Happy anniversary!


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