Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 things ... kinda

 Tonight we had a good time.  Halloween, is normally an evening full of costumes, candy and a chilly night of  trick-or-treaters galore.  Well, this time we tried a little something different.   

We stayed in, where it was warm, made Halloween treats, and crafts and watched a movie together as a family.  I honestly thought the kids might hate me, but they LOVED it…whew.  

 I just wasn’t feeling it this year.  We don’t really have a neighborhood to go trick-or-treating in and candy isn’t something I’m a huge fan of…in such large amounts anyways…and from strangers.  Call me old fashioned {I wouldn’t suggest it…wink} but just some good ole family time was what we needed.  It was so much fun {loud and obnoxious} entertainment.  We can't seem to sit in front of a movie all together without ruining it for everyone.  We talk and someone says something smart and then we all make fun of the movie and each other while everyone shouts “Be quiet!  Stop!  Shhh….” And then we start it all over again.  I have such lil hecklers {grin}

So after we completed all of our fun shenanigans and cleaned up, said our family prayer I tucked the boys in.  The girls were just about to toddle off their separate ways and I said, “Hey, give me a top 10 to write about tomorrow.” 

Eh hem…here is what they shouted out to me.  I was running for paper and pen to get this wonderfully thought out list that was being hollered to me from 3 separate rooms.  Yes, this is what I have bred.

Top 10 things to write a top 10 list about:  {Huh?}

Forgive me for this one will ya?  I'm exhausted and more than my usual "easily entertained".

  1. Ten pies {Busy, screamed that one out.}
  2. Ten donuts {Busy again, she must be hungry.}
  3. Ten of your children {That was Hanna…strangely she’s normally good at math.  I can assure you, I have 6 not 10.  I remember. I was there…smirk}
  4. Ten great traits of McKenna.  {Umm, that was Moi, go figure.  Wink}
  5. Ten lightbulbs.  {Busy again.  She just might be losing it.}
  6. My 10 most irritating people in Hendersonville.  {Moi said that, we decided I have way more than 10.  I know, I know, it’s my attitude again.  Smirk.}
  7. Ten things I did for my boys for Halloween.  {Moi again, she still thinks I’m a cool Mom even though she’s a sophomore.  Poor mis-guided child.}
  8. Ten butt creams.  {Really?  Yes, Busy has definitely lost it.  I don’t think she’s hungry anymore.  Haha!}
  9. Ten things I would re-name my dog.  {Moi’s on a roll now.  Hanna just kept laughing as if we were actually funny.}
  10.  Top 10 things we learned while watching “Andi-stasia”.  {Yes, Anastasia has been re-named for me.  My kids are thoughtful that way. Wink} Moi again.

I have included with this illuminating post a picture of Hanna’s pumpkins.  They make me grin.  Her raspy laugh as the pieces started popping out because of her executive decision to make it with less strips; I love her pumpkins.

I have posts brewing I promise.  They just haven't surfaced.  {Operative word:  brewing.  wink}
Don't give up on me just yet! 
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  1. This is great! Now you have 10 Tuesday 10 topics to write about! How clever you are. :) Wish I thought of it.

  2. Glad I wasn't sipping my coffee on #8, LOL! - Cute pumpkins too.

  3. It's going to be interesting seeing how you use those great suggestions.

  4. I am really liking your new background!

  5. Sometimes just a rambling post is plenty of post! :) Glad you guys had a fun Halloween!

  6. Hahaha this was a super cute post, I liked it!! Stopping by to return the love, I'm now following your cute blog too and I look forward to getting to know you :)
    I think it's awesome you stayed home as a family and spent some quality time together!

  7. I love my Busy, Moi & Hanna! They always know how to make me laugh:) Girls, time for you to send me a list now (Auntie Nay needs some love from my NC ghoulies)...and, um, where are all your cool inserted fonts!?! lmbo


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