Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Tree is Up...

Tonight we decorated for Christmas.  We were all looking forward to it.  We picked Tuesday night because I was off and we would have a nice family night with yummy food and enjoy the  
Spirit of Christmas

Here’s what really happened.

Po and I didn’t eat until about 4pm so we weren’t hungry at dinnertime
I couldn’t get into the storage room so we fought with the cottage door for 20 minutes
The kids screamed and fought the entire time so you couldn’t even hear the Christmas music I had playing.
Ethan was fussing at Lil Man for not decorating the tree right
I had to explain to him I always let them decorate how they want and then at night I do it the “right” way and you never know the difference.  Lil Man just wants to be part of something.
{Ethan was floored.  I don’t know if he was impressed or disgusted that he had never noticed that.  Smirk}
My mood turned sour
Moi made the kids ramen because they didn’t want anything else

In the middle of their screaming fighting episode I yelled,
“Be quiet!  I’m going to say a prayer!”

Spiritual right?  Lol  But we prayed and it gave me a little peace anyway…sigh…

On the bright side…
I did make a beautifully simple wreath for the front door out of my here and theres

Best laid plans right?  I wanted to go into work and work for free.  Haha!

Now, I’ve set the clocks ahead so the boys will go to bed early.
{I know bad mom award.  I’ll display it with all of the rest of my “trophies”}

The girls are banned to their rooms and the Christmas music is all but forgotten.  There is not so distant banging and screaming from various parts of the house so I just put my headphones in.

This Christmas we are doing a handmade Christmas.  Of course Santa will still come for the boys but the girls get it and know that things are tight.  I thought they would be mad but actually they seem pretty excited about it.  I’m behind on my “making” schedule since I hadn’t anticipated working but I’ll get there.  I wish I could tell you what I’m working on but some of my kids read my blog so I have to keep a lid on it.

Tonight I looked around the living room and we have so little for decorating now.
Part of it is we {they} have broken so much.
I was kind of getting weepy and then I thought, in the disappointment of not having my shops where I wanted them this season
{again because of the working thing}
I will just stop stressing and make some fun holiday stuff for my house.

When people find out I craft they always ask to see my stuff and I don’t really keep anything I make. I sell it or give it away.  Well not anymore, soon I will cover my living room with
 festive splendid holiday goodness!

Yay…problem solved!  Really, I just want to be able to soak up the season this year.  I want to be grateful for the blessings and enjoy the peace that it is supposed to bring.

I hope that in the Season of Hectic, shopping, decorating, money strangling, exhausting pressure we can all take the time to remember the birth of Christ.  With all that we have to worry about; I find when I think of our Savior things just tend to simplify themselves.

However you choose to celebrate don’t give into the pressure but enjoy what you have and what you have to give.

Happy beginning
of the holiday Season!
{I’m going to go beat my children….not really…well maybe…wink}



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

They survived...

So, I’ve been working.  We know this. 

But what will the family do without me?

This was an honest concern due to the recent {life long} activity in this home.
They’re unruly and fight.  They don’t clean up after themselves.  They won’t help with chores or take responsibility for themselves or accountability for that matter.  They won’t help when they’re needed and they will not take the initiative expected for their age groups.

And that’s just Po.

Ahh Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Okay sorry.  I had to throw that in there.  In actuality, Po is very well behaved.
{That’s because he’s not technically in this gene pool}

Adoption is a great option. {wink}

So, anyway the above mentioned thoughts are not just a whim of frustration.  They are true backable {you like that word huh?} facts.

Now, this is what has happened.

I work early, sometimes late.  I work and am NOT home when they all roll in.   My schedule fluctuates like crazy.  I work on weekends, I work on Sunday’s when they’re back home with us and you know what?

They have survived without me.

Hooda thunk it?

So they argue here and there.  The lil man throws his raspy yells through the air from time to time.  The girls screech.  But for the most part, they’ve done ridiculously well.  Moi makes supper and it’s clean when I come home.  Things are forgotten, but not the important stuff.  Bedtime is on schedule, the house is clean-ish and homework is done.


The other night I was scheduled until 10pm.  It was only Moi and Po home.  I’m thinking “Oh great what about dinner?”
This is why.
Po is a funny lil thing.  He waits for me to eat meals.  I don’t.  I guess I get the bad wife award.  But all I’m sayin’ is if ole boy was working till 10p and my hungry hits at 8pm then I’m eating.  Haha! 
{No really, there might be some truth to that}

So, guess what happened?  He and Moi pick me up from work because we’re sweet and sentimental like that.  On break they came by grabbed me so I could take my car home and they could be the first thing I see when I get off. 
It’s a good feeling.  And they’re so cute.
{My lil creepers}

I got home and it smelled amazing.  I have to tell you, my first thought was, “What am I cooking?”  Haha!  Absolutely nothing!

But Po was.  He had made the most amazing spaghetti sauce with meat and meatballs and garlic bread and it was all waiting.  He even planned it so that he could cook the pasta while I took a quick shower.
{Maybe I was funky.  It was very possible. I do get a lil sweaty sometimes.  Snicker}

Then after the 3 of us ate The most amazing meal  they both cleaned up {because I needed to hobble over to my heating pad}
and he had my heating pad on, my laptop on the bed and my trusty sidekick “blankie” all ready and waiting for me. 
{huge smiles}

But wait…there’s more.

He walked over and moved the pillow.  He had gotten me those little {fattening}
delicious wedding cake cookies.  I swear to you, I didn’t even remember that I had said I was craving those the other day.

But he did. {hearts and flowers in my eyes}

It’s the little things…sigh….

So in the end do you know what I’ve learned?  I must be the misbehaved, unruly turd.  We have now decided Po will quit work and be the stay at home mom.
Haha!  He’s at work right now and I bet he just got the heebeejeebees…

But really, I feel oh so blessed that this timing was right.  My family is growing up.  Maybe the timing was finally right for me to be removed just enough for them to step up to the plate.
The plate that I had always served, washed and put away.

Or you all have been praying just as much as us!
{thank you}



Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back by Popular Demand...

I’m back by popular demand!

{Haha!  No, that’s so not true.  I just made that up.}

Its okay, I know you were all wondering where I was…
{again, I made that up too}

I took a long vacation from my wits, that’s where I’ve been. 
I’ve been working like crazy, spending the little time left running in circles and trying to keep up with doctor appointments for the kiddos and the house and trying to eek out a few moments with Po and then writing.  Truthfully, I’ve been a mess.  I’m flying by the seat of my pants and my bum is need of some new padding!  Haha!
{Did anyone else just get a funny visual of that?}

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope all of you did too!  Mama and Daddy had the kids while Po and I worked that Wednesday and I’m telling you they cooked the heck out of the place.  I thought I would have to pay my dues of being new at work, but they gave me Thanksgiving off and I was so happy.

I ate more on that one plate than I had eaten the entire week
Then I wanted to die
Then I vowed never to eat again
Then I had pie
Then we played games with the kids and relaxed
Then we went home I still wanted to die
I asked myself why I do this to myself every year
And then I ate…again {wink}

I haven’t had any moments for more “Chronicles of Movement”; however, I’ve had several “chronicles of standing”.  I would like to just put this thought out there…
Dude, I was so much more adept to this in my early 30’s.  This standing around stuff at work is leaving me such a sad little granny without her walker when I get home.  At work, I’m peppy and full of smiles and I have this higher pitched sweet cashier voice because I’m all about customer service and then I come home and I look like the hunch back of Notre Dame!  Haha! 

This is not me joking people this is me sitting on a heating pad at this very moment.
{And every moment I’m home!}

 I crack myself up.  My back hurts but while I’m sitting on my heating pad I have to then switch it to {usually my right leg} because of leg spasms.  So then after a bit my back starts again….I have a solution.  I need heating “Pants”.  Good right?  I may end up rich after all once those things hit the market. 
Eat my pants Snuggie!  What?!

Okay, this might be a sign I have in fact been away from the blogging world for too long and it is true indeed that the portion of me we thought to be sane was indeed a facade.  I still want the heating pants…I’m just sayin’

So, on to the next update, I’ve been writing.  At night, when I should be asleep but I can’t sleep because I get off late I get a second wind that should be filled with cleaning and laundry but instead is spent vomiting words from a story onto a page. 

See when I get a story in my head and I don’t get it out onto “paper” then it’s all I think about.  I can’t sleep, I can’t focus {okay like that’s new} and it literally consumes me.  So I’ve taken a break from the one I dreamt about to get this little puppy out of my brain.  It’s been therapeutic.  Since writing is my escapism it’s possible the story was created to pretend I am the beautiful and witty main character who does not require heating pants.  {maybe…grin}

It’s coming along though.  Not my sleep, the story.  I’ll let you know if it turns out to be crud or not.

I would also love to throw out a big fat THANK YOU to Beth from 
I have about 30 new followers from her Black Friday giveaway.  If any of you new followers have come back to stop by then  

And for some reason I feel the need to tell you I just ate almost an entire pint of my homemade salsa while writing this post.  I’m feeling pretty good about it too.  I swear there is something euphoric about that salsa.  Maybe I should market that too.  What a perfect holiday combination; Heating pants and Pidg’s salsa for those cold and old winter days!

{Okay, I’m done, for reals this time..smirk}
But if you have any ideas for packaging just let me know {giggle}

Okay, I’m off to write.  I missed you all to pieces!  I am hoping my little hiatus is over.  After this post, you might not be thinking the same thing.  Rambling and choppy thoughts…ut oh…it must be time for caffeine to slow the old brain down.

Have a great Monday!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Family Pics...

Good Monday everyone!
{Yes, I’m attempting to sound energetic in hopes I will believe it!}

So the weekend in a nutshell:
Daddy is getting better; he even made it to church. {Huge grin}
I had a day off and cleaned a little but mostly sat on a heating pad.
{It must have been all of that exercising…or not because I totally just made that up.}
I worked.  I made a lot of customers laugh even when I was messing up but I just smile like I don’t know any better and it seems to work for me.  {grin}

Here are the family pics extraordinaire I promised.  I’ve never been the Mama who gets us all dressed up in stiff matching outfits because that’s not who we are.  We’re disorderly, rebellious, non-matching hooligans and it will forever be documented as such.  {smirk} and I’m completely satisfied with what we got.

I'm exhausted just looking at these.  I felt like after these pictures were taken, it might have been a good time to start drinking.  {just trickin'}  At the end of the day.  Bailey's surprise visit was captured and so were our colorful personalities.  I heart them so much.  
Every last hooligan {wink}



Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Preview...


I have nothing.

Except perhaps this.

A preview of our family photos; they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I hadn’t realized they would include profanity.  Haha!  Okay, maybe not profanity, but the words in my mind for the uncooperative children were not thoughty.

It was a nightmare.  We are a ridiculously unruly bunch.  And it has been documented.

Once again.

Just so you know Lacee wasn’t there, but she is part of the family.
{Big smile because I know she’s laughing at this}

Bailey was behind the camera.  I kid you not, this picture was candid.  She does that to us a lot.


Every chance she gets.

I’ll be back with the documentary of “Family Pics”

Then end.


P.S.  I am oh so much better!  Thanks to my family and oh such wonderful words of support from my friends.  I loves you so very much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little tattered...

A lot of you have commented that you like the “realness” of my blog.  Tonight, I’m real; more like raw.  I don’t think I’ll be very witty tonight, but we’ll see, sometimes I surprise myself.

In an email to Nay:

I literally have been fishing through 115 emails
{I don't even know anyone...some are blogs though}
I’m attempting to clean out my inbox.  It seriously stresses me out to have more than one page of mail- even if I’ve read it.  I don’t know why, there aren’t reasons.  It just generates stress.  So I’m cleaning, I think simply because it’s the one thing in my life I can control right now.

I'm so embarrassed, I'm just depleted.  Mygoodness, am I getting old really?  I used to handle everything with flying colors now I feel like I'm just a florescent smear on the wind shield like a smattered lightning bug. 

I'll get it right?  I just didn't even get a chance to absorb anything...Bailey's visit, being there for my daddy, work...what work?  Really?  And I like how I don't have a chance to
breath instead of breathe...I'm turning into an old redneck at that!
{I really had typo-ed that to her...I just can't breath....what a dork face!}

When I wrote that to Nay I was struggling with gratitude and exhaustion.  What a crazy combination right?  Bailey came in and it was so wonderful, but I had to work most of her visit.  The girls had good times together but then when I arrived home and Bai wanted a few minutes with just me and her - the girls would blow up in this upset of 
“You always spend all your time together!  You don't even miss us!”

First, I would like acknowledge my run-on “paragraph”.  Second that’s not fair.  Sad thing was, by the time I got home I was so tired I even went to bed early.  We didn’t have our “yarn parties” and our stay up all hours of the night parties.  No late night runs to Jack in the Box….nothing.  She left today.  I asked her to drive me to work so I could have just 3 more minutes with her.  I was able to touch her face and hug her and remember she was real and that she does still miss us.  It was horribly wonderful.
{I’m evidently in to strange combinations of emotion tonight}

My daddy was in the hospital for 3 ½ days.  They finally allowed him to go home today.  I am so grateful.  Sunday, Po, the kids and I went up to see him.  A rude nurse with a cackling laugh said… “Yah, maybe some of you should leave…” What?  We’re a family.  Who would leave?  I don’t care about your test.  Daddy said we could stay.
{That chick was lucky I wasn’t waiting for her in the parking lot. 
Truth be told it was too cold}
but anyway we waited outside.  Lil Man was horrible.  He doesn’t realize the magnitude of all of this.  He was fussing and complaining and mopping the floor with his body as he flung himself along the corridor.  I wanted to cry.  I just wanted to spend time with my dad.  I had to leave.  Turns out my body couldn't even generate tears to cry.  I just felt void.

The girls got to go visit him on Monday.  He had internet on his TV.  My girls showed him how to use it and do you know the first place he went once he was online?  My blog.  Now I’m crying.  Do people really wait to see what I have to say?  Besides my daddy?  Because I can just call and bug him…Haha…if he doesn’t call me first. {wink}

I came home tonight looked at Po, thought about the emails waiting and the unwritten blogs and said, “I don’t want to blog ever again.”

Maybe I will.

I’ve spent over 13 hours in the last 2 days training on a computer.  {My bum hurts}  
 At lunch today I called to check in on Mama and see how they were.
{She was taking Bailey to the airport for me.}
I couldn’t speak.  I began to cry.  I can’t explain that either except maybe this.

When things are hard, or you’re tired or just not right, there’s that one voice.  It’s the voice that allows you to let go, the dam that’s been holding back the roaring waters, the emotion you’ve kept tight within.  For me it’s my Mama.  I couldn’t even hear her voice without choking so violently tears began streaming down my face.  I had to just hang up and text her that I was okay.

I went to lunch.  I got a happy meal.  It didn’t work.  I wanted to barf because I was eating  horribly and not able to continue my “Chroniclesof Movement” this week.  I missed the wind at my back {side} Haha.  {That was worth a giggle}

Po picked me up from work and took me straight to see my parents.  The day got better; by leaps and bounds.  I think that might have been what I needed most.

I came home.  The kids actually did great.  But I came home and they all wanted attention, they all needed something.  I had laundry to do.  {even though I did it first thing this morning}  I had to take the dogs out, sign homework and work pages, hear about their days and comment happily about their successes.

I changed into PJ’s…now the night is looking up. {grin}  Oh and then there’s this.  The child support is going to be cut to less than half.  I knew this.  North Carolina is overriding Maryland’s court order regarding monies I was owed.  I don’t even care about that.  However, the child support has stopped coming.  They’re still taking it from Mr. B’s account but they’ve put a hold on all outgoing funds.  My little pick up the end job just took on a new meaning.

In those 115 emails there was this:

"Tests and trials are given to all of us. These mortal challenges allow us and our Heavenly Father to see whether we will exercise our agency to follow His Son. He already knows, and we have the opportunity to learn, that no matter how difficult our circumstances, “all these things shall be for our experience, and our good."

-Robert D. Hales

There it was the light at the end of the tunnel. 
 {And I thought it was PJ’s}

This too shall pass…right?  I believe that.  I want to be able to look back on these trials and be proud of the way I handled them.  I want to gain more knowledge and strength through my journey, especially when I’m weary and a little bit tattered.  I know He is with me, I feel Him holding me up.  My goodness in all of the crazy directions I’m going in I sometimes forget He’s got me; of course I won’t fall.  Not completely.  It’s not even that I had forgotten really.  Goodness knows I prayed all day…really.  But often I forget to listen to those reassuring impressions of the Spirit and I don’t stop long enough to feel those arms holding me up.  Today they did.  Tonight, I am comforted as I can finally allow those tears to fall freely.

It’s okay to be exhausted.  It’s okay to feel out of sorts and not as controlled as I might like to be.  I give myself permission to falter, if only for one night.

But tomorrow, I’ll be back.

My Footpath

Suppressed in the silhouette of a world I will hide
Relinquishing ally my own path I will stride
Playful and laughing not missing a beat
Trampled and drowsy not accepting defeat
We all feel the burden of anxiety’s tax
But it’s how I manage that leaves others taken back
I’m nothing amazing I’ve just learned to survive
I give everything blindly self-preservation I contrive
Giving in to the mayhem is what I refuse
Forging my own footpath declining to lose

thanks for listening
{Deep sigh}   
Happy Wednesday!



Monday, November 14, 2011

The Weekend...

So the weekend… It’s really one of impossibility to throw this one out there smoothly so I’m not going to try.

Just call it an update and a “note for school” as to why there will possibly be a brief hiatus from blogging or anything else for that matter.  

I apologize in advance for this post.  It's choppy, and doesn't give all of the story; it's brief {for me} and ends rather abruptly.
And forgive all of the typos, for I am certain there are many.

It’s good and it’s wow and it’s all going to be okay.  Ready?

Okay, so I got a new part time job!  Yay!  It’s not the most glorious job, although I am ecstatic.  I’ve already had some adults…yes, full grown {most likely I’m better than you type people} laugh at me and my new job.  It’s retail, its cashier, its for a large and very high volume store.   It’s 3 minutes from home and to me, work is work!  I am truly thankful for the major blessing I have received.

There is a lot to be said about a job I can make most people happy with by throwing on a smile.  When work is over I go home and leave it there.  I don’t have to worry about being on call 24/hrs or the piles of work I didn’t get through or the meetings I have the next day.  Honestly, having been on both sides of the collar I am pleased as all get out to have this job!

So, with that said as I turned my phone back on from my first day at work, Bailey called immediately.  “Mama, I’m in Chicago.  I’ll be home in 2 hours.”
{Insert crazy, disturbing, screaming here.} 
I couldn’t believe it!  My  baby was coming home for a surprise visit from college!
{Yes, I somehow stayed on the road but the cows were definitely staring at my “screaming” vehicle as it whizzed past them!}

Po and I grabbed her from the airport and she surprised Moi when she came home from babysitting Friday night.  It was glorious.  To see those two sisters unite after so much missing each other; words cannot express.  {sweet emotions}

Saturday I had to go to work.  It’s okay it would give Bailey and Moi some much needed girl time before she picked up the lil kiddlets from their dad later in the day.  {More surprises!}

I went to work and had an absolutely fantastic day.  I really did.  My manager even heard that my oldest daughter had surprised me and gave me Sunday off!

I ran outside see Bailey and Moi in my car {they picked me up from work.}  I jumped in and just as Bailey puts her hand on my hand, Moi places her hand on my shoulder.  “Mama…” Bailey says softly.

I stop, this isn’t the greeting I should be receiving.  This was serious, it was grey and quiet.  I nod my head for her to continue.
“He’s alright.  But Grandad had a stroke.”
My heart stopped.  “Daddy?”  I ask.
She continues to fill me in on the details of what was thankfully a minor stroke that seemed to have happened in his sleep.  He was in the hospital.  I ask about Mama.  She’s doing well.  She’s handling it all in stride.  Now that part doesn’t surprise me.

I wish so badly that I could take my time and write this all out the way I felt, the way I feel; the gratitude that I feel for my Daddy being able to hopefully come home today.  But I have to work.  And I’m grateful for that too.

So, in a nutshell Bailey leaves Tuesday, my Daddy is going to make a full recovery and I have a job.

I am grateful.  I am blessed.  I am full.  I am full of hope.

I hope you all have a beatimous week.  I will do my best to check in and out and continue to scrawl down my ramblings and passing thoughts of this world.  But I wouldn’t expect much…well until after Tuesday anyway.


Until then, I will leave you with this thought. 

Psalms 18:49

“Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.”

You know my love of words.  Heathen is in the category of love as well.  I know a lot of heathens.  I have been one many times.
{I really should stop grinning right now}

Happy Monday!



Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday funnies...

What do we have for Friday Funnies?  Hmm….I was thinking about doing a more spiritual, more trying post today; one of the things that’s pressing on me but then I was worried I wouldn’t be able to put a good spin on it.  I think I can…I usually do but then Friday Funnies seemed more …well more fun.  So here I am.

I took Hanna and Busy to the doctor.  On the way out there were these 3 antique looking doors; absolutely gorgeous.  They had pictures in the background of different things in their community of doctors/dentists and even a picture of their doctor treating a patient.  These pictures were highlighted with fluorescent lighting behind these 3 beautiful doors.  So what do you think Hanna did? 

I imagine you guessed before I proposed the question.  And you’re absolutely right!

Moi & Busy

Me:  “Hey Moi, I’m making a Christmas playlist for the computer.  Give me some of the classic Christmas songs we love.” 
Moi:  “Jingle Bell Rock!  Rockin’ ‘Round the Christmas Tree!  Grandma got Run over by a Reindeer!”

As she’s giggling because those are not on our list of classic favorites...or any favorites.  Busy shouts from the other room, “Cotton Eyed Joe!”

Me:  “Busy!”
Busy:  “The Eyes of the Ranger!” 

{We have strange obsessions in this family; Chuck Norris is occasionally one of them. }


Ethan comes in on Saturday as I’m getting work done.
“Hey Mama, did we have lunch yet?”
Me:  “Yah hun, I’m sorry you missed it.  Maybe you can try again tomorrow.”

Oh the sweet look of devastation.  I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it!  Don’t worry, I served him double at lunch just for being a good sport!

Random Kid

Moi goes to school with this kid.  See, we have Cali accents.
{Yes people from California have accents.  They will tell you that they don’t. They’re wrong.}

Well out here they just assume we’re “Yankees”.  Only my husband and Lil Man are true Yankees from birth.  Both born in Maryland, Andrews AFB to be exact.  Well, this kid was asking Moi about moving from Maryland. 

Kid:  “Hey, do you have Hollister out there?”
Moi:  “Yah, they wear it like crazy there.  Probably more than they do here.”

Kid nods in contemplation…

Kid:  “Oh, so like do the guys wear skirts all the time?”

Moi crinckles her nose…thinking…thinking.  Okay, we definitely lived out with the Amish, but they don’t wear skirts…BING!

Moi:  “Uhh, dude we lived in Maryland, not Ireland.  It’s in the United States!”

Ahh hahahaahaha…I am SO glad that wasn’t my kid.  I would have beat him just for fun! 

Little love

For those of you that don’t know Little Love is Nay’s lil son.  So, we were talking and she asked what I was doing and I told her, “Friday funnies” and she said hey I have one from Little Love so here it is. 

Little Love is in the bath and love bug {Nay’s daughter, my texting bff} is already dried and getting ready for dinner.  Nay is attempting to get him out of the bath and she says, “I’ll cuddle with you.” To which he perks up and says… “Okay!”

She’s powdering him up, gets him dressed and they do the cuddle thing.  He asks about the scarves she’s been making.

Little Love:  “How much are you gonna sell it for?”
Nay:  “Umm, I don’t know yet.”
Little Love:  “Well you should sell it for a lot.  I want to go to Hawaii.  They’ve got soup, and singing birds and fish that talk!”

Nay, being the good mom is trying not to laugh and tells him okay.   They head downstairs, do the dinner thing and later are watching some kid’s channel.  Then this quirky little commercial for Hawaii comes on.  Sure enough, Little love is right!  Hawaii does have soup, and singing birds and fish that talk!  At least they do on the commercial. {wink}

Lil Man

A woman is coming over from an agency I, and many others are not fond of.  {Translation, they are all about the technicality and not at all about the lil ones they’re supposed to work for.  Enough said.}

Lil Man:  “So that lady is coming back over; that grandma old lady?”
{Please note, he’s 7, he’s not intending to be rude.  He’s truly describing her.  We’re still working on “politically correct.”}
Me:  “Umm, yes.  She’s coming back over for a few minutes.”
Lil Man: “That lady you don’t like?”
{You can hear Moi giggling in the background.}
Me: “Yes, don’t tell her I don’t like her.”
Lil Man:  I will tell her.  I’ll say, hey my mom doesn’t like you.”
Me:  “Lil Man, that’s not nice.  Besides, you’ll get me in trouble.”
Lil Man:  {He releases a deep sigh} “It’s not like you’re going to lose the house.”

Well, all I can say is “Honesty is the Best policy” is not something I will be promoting so freely in this house anymore; but you’ve got to admit he does have a point. {wink}

Well, that’s what I’ve got for now.  I do have to say even if you guys don’t find these that funny they sure do the job for me.  I’m already feeling a bit lighter than when I started this post.  Mygoodness have I been blessed to watch these little heathens grow.  They go through so much and yet still choose the “keep your chin up” way to live.  Sure we have bad days.  But in the end of the day we’re here for each other and we always remember…

“The eyes of the ranger are upon you..”
Chuck Norris

Hahahahaahahahahhaha… I’m going now, I promise.

Happy Weekend!