Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Seller's Challenge...

 Linking up again today with Nicole from

Small business Challenge #2

What is one challenge you’ve come across since you decided to start selling your merchandise?


Narrowing it down has never been my strong suit.  Some say I’m wordy, others say I talk too much.  {Huh?  No, that’s not the same thing.  They are two completely different concepts one regarding my word usage and limitless availability of them and the other well…that’s completely different.  Talking can be on the phone, texting, in person or via email…and…Huh?  Oh.}

ONE challenge I’ve come across since I have started selling my merchandise? Well one is, I just don’t have the figure I used to before having children…Ahh HAHAHAHAHA!  Okay, this time I am REALLY done.  I’m sorry.  I really can’t say anything to defend myself right now. 

{still giggling}

I would honestly have to say one of my biggest challenges would be comparing myself to others and their products or shops or perfect hair. {wink}  It is something we as women have become well adept to and it certainly is carried over into everything we do or attempt to put out to the world.   
AKA: Our products.

I have found I will do the same as another shop or maybe even slightly more and still will not receive the same results of Ms. Successful over there.   
It takes patience, it takes effort, sometimes trudging 
and it takes its own time.

Once, while reading the featured seller on Etsy Blue said,

“Tend it daily like a garden she will grow for you.”

Yep! That's my Moi. {heart}
That really stuck with me.  I try to remind myself that I will {eventually} reap what I sow.  It’s all about tending that garden consistently.

You can see how difficult that is for me if I am constantly comparing myself to others who simply just might be more known than me.  It doesn’t always reflect on my talent {or lack thereof} It just means I might need to use different tools in my garden, or water more or use different seeds and methods of planting.  My harvest, if you will, might come at a different season than others.

With that said…I can still list about 10 shops off of the top of my head that I think I could hold my own with, but don’t.  But that’s alright.  I will keep working on me and my attitude…

{Well that attitude probably isn’t going very far let’s be honest…Haha!  
Oh, that attitude…sure I can be more positive..wink.}

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get myself out of this rut? 

{Nicole told me to put that sentence in there…but I think I know.}

{I need to stop thinking like a whiny-baby}

However, feel free to suggest!

Happy Thursday!!!  Thanks again Nicole for letting us link up with you!

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  1. Hi there lady! Following you right back from Tag-Along Thursday. :-) All I can say is that I greatly admire you for putting yourself out there to make product and sell it. Also, don't know how you have the energy with six kids?!? Thanks for comment, it made me laugh out loud. :-) Can't wait to get to know you better.

  2. You is Kind.
    You is Smart.
    You is Important.
    {and don't you forget, baby!}

  3. Hi there! New follower from the Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop! I can totally relate this, I just opened up shop and am a ball of nerves! I try and follow my heart and hope everything else will fall into place...

  4. I fall prey to the comparing game too!! It's hard to stop at just measuring myself against myself... thanks for sharing :)

  5. Great post!! SO glad I found you!

    Found you thru Miss Mommy’s Blog hop! I’m your newest follower! Sorry just passing thru, but can’t wait to sit down and look around! Have a great day!!


  6. This is such a great and honest post! It's true, us women are competitive no matter how much we don't want to be!! That was one of the difficulties I had to deal with when I started to get really into blogging... It's just one of those things! I always think about what Oprah says (I know, can I get any more cliche?), "don't look around or behind you, because you will get scared, and you will slow down." Isn't that genius!

  7. I can really relate with this. I just keep trudging along, working hard to grow. Today I made an Etsy sale (yay!) but she is planning on reselling the item. I don't know how to feel about it. How would you feel?

  8. I love comments! I feel oh so cool right now..Thank you guys!

    Bonnie my first reaction is eww...that's lame that she wants to resell it. However, that's why {I have learned and am still learning} to set your policies early on and stand firm on them. Also, set your price to where it is worth it to you regardless of what they do with the product afterwards. As long as you feel good about your pricing then don't even give it a second thought. :)

  9. Excellent post! Your merchandise looks great! Best of luck! I look forward to stopping back when I have more time. I saw on Cover to Cover that you are trying to get to 100. Good luck! I am a new follower and my co-author liked your fb page. When you have a chance- please atop by our blog and fb page. Thanks!



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