Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Giveaway!

Happy Saturday!  

 I am sitting in the {clean} craft room staring out into a glorious fall day.  I’m making a ton of new pumpkins and hoping to finish up some new signs for the shop.   

A custom order just popped up for 20 of my stuffed and painted pumpkins and holy heck I need to get busy…
 {screaming obnoxiously in my mind}
So without my usual Saturday procrastination I just wanted to jump on here and wish you happy weekend thoughts and tell you about a giveaway going on over at 

Drop by to win the actual pumpkins pictured below!
{set of 3}

 Click Here to enter!

 Happy Fall, Saturday and anything else you need warm wishes for!  Mwah!




  1. im gunna go check out your shop :)

  2. stuffed and painted? Wow, I actually thought those were real all this time. :)

  3. i love fall so much... i will definitely check on the pumpkin giveaway! thanks for sharing...

  4. those things are so stinkin' adorable! :) I LOVE THEM! Great work!

  5. I want those pumpkins and my laundry sign...or you're grounded! :)


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