Friday, October 7, 2011

On a good note...

Bailey, my oldest, the one who left the nest and went off to college 
{complete betrayal
who is smart and feisty and thinks she’s an adult now 
because she’s 18 
{What are laws anyways?   
Hello it’s eight-teen because she’s a teen.  
Sheesh…am I the only who gets that?} 
 So, she’s working hard {in Utah far, far away} and going to school 
{an excuse to be far, far away} 
with a great boyfriend   
{who better bring her back to North Carolina} 
and doing well  
{without me..sniff}   
So basically I am so, so, very happy for her.  
 {grinding teeth}

She sent me this little tidbit a few weeks ago.  She and I and a close friend {like a sister} would text each other roses are red poems designed, written and appreciated by us.  I sent this one to Bai one day, a few years ago, when she was feeling down.  She told me she has it on her desk at work now…along with her PidgApeg Cottage pumpkins that she said "needed to be there" because she had an empty space…

"Cupcakes are vanilla
 I eat them in bed
Don't worry you'll make it
Cuz you've got a good head!!!"

Now if that doesn’t prove what a profound writer I am I really 
don’t know what else I can tell you. {wink}   
But it was wonderful that she thinks of me and my dorkiness everyday. 

On another good note Get this!
 I got a phone call last night from none other than Nay over at
YES! This is the first time we have spoken on the phone.  It was so crazy to actually hear her voice and realize- No I did not make our friendship up in my own sad, little mind. 
{Stop laughing Salena…you know I was really starting to wonder… he hee}

We talked like we were old friends.  
Which we are…for like a month now! {wink}
It was fun stuff!

I have a post that is in the works.  It’s still in my mind.  Why? You ask.  Not because I am forming the words with delicate, thoughtful, diligence; really I was just too tired {lazy} to write it last night.  It would fall flat and considering 
I have been asked “How do you do it all?” a lot lately. 
 I thought I should address this madness head on. 
Just not today.  {wink}
I have several more posts in my brain actually; locked away in my mind's attic.  They must be written soon, if only to empty out my brain to make room for more unimportant thoughts.  I apologize if they're not earth shattering.  
{If you're looking for took a wrong turn buddy!} 

I hope you all have a beautifully wonderful weekend where ever you may be.  I imagine I will have some type of procrastinating Saturday post; but we'll see..I might have to do a few more things first just to prove a point. {wink}

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  1. I love your little posts! And that poem makes me laugh - hehe. Wish my mom were cute like that!
    And how fun that you and Nay totally hit it off!!! This little blogging world is an intrigueing place :) I love it!

  2. Wow! So fun that you and Nay actually talked in real life! Love it!
    That poem is sooo cute! It made me smile! :)

  3. I love this post. You made me laugh on this sorta sunny, cold Friday afternoon. Thanks lots. Hope you have a great weekend {if we don't hear from you before that}. ;-)

  4. Love the poem! Your daughter is a very lucky girl! :)

  5. It was awesome talking to you too!!! I just wrote a post on the lines about what we talked about last night...I should have titled it "the reason for all this..." but didn't! Talk, text, email ya later, DUDE!

  6. That's so awesome, you spoke on the phone! I still love to talk to people and hear their voices! So much texting and typing these days (my grandmother texts me!), sometimes a good chat on the tele is needed!

  7. That's sweet to read a mom's perspective about a daughter moving out and growing up :)

  8. lucky daughter to have someone like you... wonderful poem! love it! XO

  9. That little poem is adorable! =)
    Makes me want to write my own in "roses are red violets are blue" style. lol

  10. Loved it, enjoyed it, you are my new favorite!


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