Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winner of the Fall Sign Giveaway!

Happy Lawn Day Everyone!  Well, Happy it's over lawn day anyway! {grin}
Okay, just jumping on here for a quick announcement of the winner of the Fall sign giveaway for you wondermous people who got me to 100.  Incidentally I was doing donuts on the riding lawn mower today and Yes, I did get dizzy! {wink}

The winner of the Fall Sign Giveaway 
is none other than
Nay from 

Nay said:  I'll be in North Carolina visiting my bloggy bff - wouldn't that be so cool?! But no - we're going to my brother's in-law's place, trick-or-treating around their neighborhood, eating pizza (me salad oy!), taking pics, and going through the haunted mansion that my bro's brother-in-law makes every's like a movie set - pretty coolio!

I know you're all going...Aww..what?!  That's her bloggy me I let out a big what the????  
Po was like, "What's wrong?"  I told him and he was excited for Nay.  Well, I felt weird but I want you to know I spent Waaayyyy more time than I should mention trying to figure out how to transfer the screen shot of Random {dot} org so I could prove it!
Ughh.... I'm such a paranoid ding dong!  
But Po said, "Hey, they either know you or they don't.  Besides you already sent a sign to Nay for Halloween."
Me:  "Huh?  Oh, true."

I've really got to stop over-thinking things.  
{Doubtful, but I'll try.  Okay, I tried...can't...sorry}

So there you have it, congratulations to Nay!  I'm now happy for you, unless you don't like it...which means you entered the giveaway out of obligation...which means... You are a really, really, good friend! 
{And Haha! Karma bit you in the bum!}

Happy Wednesday All!
{Wait it is Wednesday right?  Oh, whew…}




  1. Wowzers!! That's so WEIRD!!!! But I'm so thrilled even though I *did* totally feel obligated...but now I can put it next to my other one:):):) yay! thank you, miss craftilicious!

  2. Okay, I guess we'll have to trust you. Congrats to Nay.

  3. does your computer have a program called snipping tool? its this neat little click and box thing that turns whatever is int the box into a photo! I use it for my giveaways and its so easy. Say you want a pic of the comment: Go to the comment like you normally would, open snipping tool (the screen will go opaquely white and the snipping window will show) Then just click and drag your cursor (like you were making a shape in paint on your computer) and one you unclick it will show as an image. Save it and upload it as a pic to your blog and tada! This way you dont need to mess with screen shots or tricky files. Its so easy. I hope this helps, if you have the program its pretty self explanatory, trial and error

  4. What?! Unbelievable! Hahaha! Well, that's not as bad as when I chose the winner for a giveaway swap and it ended up to be my daughter. Both my daughter and I were all ready to pick a new winner and the host of the giveaway said it was totally fine and she was so happy for her. I could not prove my pick because I couldn't get the widget to copy over but I saved it so many times on my computer. :)


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