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My two cents...

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Small Business Month Challenge #4:


Okay, here’s my two cents.
{and most likely, that’s the actual value of what it’s worth.. snicker}

As far as diversifying my audience, I won’t lie.  It has been and continues to be a constant struggle.  Time is a huge factor in that.  Trends come in and out, the economy fluctuates, and so do customer’s needs/wants.

With that said all of those mentioned {and many more} variables alter each “audience” differently.  It’s difficult at times to figure out who you sell to and who you want to appeal to.

First off, choose your audience.  If you find a few stragglers on the way that’s great!  Never underestimate the power of word of mouth or those one time buyers.  But what I mean is choose the type of individual you think would appreciate {die for} your stuff the very most.

For me it’s cheap!  Haha!  Honestly though please don’t think I haven’t sat in my craft room staring aimlessly towards my inventory during slow sales and thought to myself, If I slapped a price that was triple what I charge people would come out of the woodwork.

And you know what?  They probably would.  But when I set out to do this venture {the jewelry part} I was frustrated.  I don’t wear jewelry but my girls love it.  I hated looking at all of the crappy, poorly made jewelry that cost an arm and a leg.  {AND it would break so easily!}

I wanted something that girls and women alike could afford and not feel like they had to settle.  My supplies?  Oh, trust me I go into this 4 day concentration mode when I order.  I search Etsy for the very best yet cost-effective supplies so everyone wins.

Okay, I’m veering off the path…  {surprised I know Haha!}

Originally when I had a craft business that was mainly tole painting and woodworking.  Craft fairs worked well, but they were exhausting!  For me, it wasn’t worth it to sit there for 2-3 days manning my table.  And inevitably a few weeks before said fair something would come up and I would be hit with not feeling like I had enough inventory.  Craft fairs work wonders for some people.  And I’m not saying I would turn a craft fair down, no not at all.  You just have to be careful of a few things.

Does this fair have an audience that suits my products?
Is it worth my time?
Do I or will I have enough inventory?

Currently, this is how I am “workin’ it” 
{spoken with extreme sarcasm}

I have girls in High School and Middle School who serve as perfect models and sales people.  They do a great job of spreading the word for me on the Jewelry.  My Mama takes up my decorative crafts to her office and spreads the word that way.  If I give a gift, I make certain it is one of my handmade items.  Not just because of the sentiment that goes into making that but also it helps business too.  I’ve had several people come back to me when they are searching for a handmade item for someone else.

I have just begun to attempt all of the online social networking.  Personally, it seems like its fun but not a lot has happened for me.  {yet}

I’m new, and I have made the time in my schedule to work in all of this blog, giveaway, networking mumbo-jumbo
{That’s like, one of THE greatest phrases ever}

 So, it’s not hurting me.  I have decided to give it 6 months of consistent work and then re-asses how I feel about it.

And last but not least. 
If you get the chance to blog on a Man’s blog…


This is no joke chickees.  I have made tons of sales from men purchasing for their wives, mother, daughters, aunts…whatever. 
If you are in Mary Kay.  Definitely DO IT.  

Offer gift wrapping.  

There is not a thing {most, I’m not saying all} men like more than having a great, thoughtful, gift for their loved ones without having to put much thought into it.

{No offense men, we still enjoy the gifts all the same! wink}

Truly, it’s not that they don’t care, it’s that gift decision making for men generally falls back to something that can make your life easier while caring for them and their children.   
{Haha!  It’s so true though.}
Fry Daddy anyone?

So if you offer up a chance to wow the women in their life and they didn’t have to be the creative one.
  They. Will. Love.  It.

Been there…done that…would do it again!
If you don’t have the blog opportunity think of work, offices, church, games anywhere men hang out.  Also, offer wish lists.  Several women find what they like give the list to husbands and then boom, he purchases, and she thinks he’s the best!

True story.

If you have more ideas, feel free to drop them in the comment box.  It would be exciting to eventually have three cents worth of advice! {wink}

Okay, I’m off to be productive.  I somehow feel that this lacked in entertainment.  Hmm…I’ll have to make up for that soon!

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  1. Okay...Phew! That was exhausting...not your post, I haven't read it yet (I will, you know I will)...but I entered the MASSIVE giveaway and I better win! I did every possible entry imaginable and now I'm going to post about it...and you can't stop me!

  2. As for social media the one thing I have learned is that others love to have their stuff retweeted. Show your followers that you care about them and they reciprocate. Once you get that down it will be easy for your business to go viral just like that.

  3. Awesome idea about the gift wrapping!

  4. I completely agree with you on the time factor.. it's just so hard to stretch out the little bit of time you have to fully dedicate yourself to the business what with all the kiddos running around!! And I'm loving the gift wrapping idea, too!

  5. I swear, you do not belong on Etsy. You need to open your own shop and be a motivational speaker. :) Very good info, thanks for sharing your knowledge. :)


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