Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love Me Some Fall...

I’m originally from California…in case you didn’t know that little tidbit.  And oh, how I ache for Cali…except during Fall
In the Mountains of Western North Carolina
{which are a totally different type of mountains than the west}
They really know how to put on a show when it comes to Autumn.  I was late in getting the pictures, mainly because I asked my daughter, Moi, to take the pics.  She’s the photographer of the family and I am the appreciator of photography in the family. 
{Funny how it all evens out huh? Wink}
Well, she just got too busy so I had to do it…sorry.
{Insert sad face here.}

Here are two pics Moi took of Fall last year.

Now bear with me as I show you my variation.  This post is dedicated to Salena who doesn’t get Fall out in Hawaii.
{It’s okay Salena, you can dedicate your Summers to me.}
Our Summers would be pics of my crazy nappy curls lashing out at the humidity!

This is one of my craft room windows.  See my Scentsy…she appreciates a good view too ..wink

This is my view out that window…It’s actually so much wider and more beautiful than this.

We're working on "forging a path" We live on almost 4 acres and most of it is woods... So much exploration to be had, so little time to play.

Leaves begin falling
Apple cinnamon bakes
The winds are swirling
Chocolate cocoa you’ll make

Rain drips from gutters
Grass fades to brown
Chill turns to bitter
Sparkling roofs fill the town

Sweaters replace t-shirts
In your mittens you shake
Coats buttoned tightly
Frost turns into flakes
Autumn is churning
Amber sunsets laced gold
Sweet spices sing the whirlwinds
One more year you will fold

Above is our “Cottage” it’s a storage room /workshop.  The owner’s father built it so very long ago.  I love it.  It speaks to me.  Even the door handles are nostalgic.  The cottage hides behind a large apple tree that cradles it with whining branches, heavy laden with years.  Oh, how I love this place, especial in Autumn.

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Enjoy the view; wherever you may be standing!




  1. so pretty, i'm stopping by from the follower fest and would love for you to visit my blog and checkout the huge giveaway going on- xoxo nicole

  2. You had me at the cup of chocolate in your header...stopping by from the hop! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing these, all just for me? lol. It's so pretty! I'm jealous! And 4 acres? OMG... I live in a little townhouse with a small patio. Small price to pay for living in paradise I guess. :)

  4. I put leaves on my blog background in honor of my friend who is addicted to leaves. Sharing fall with you is so fun! :) Love love...

  5. Oh how I miss the fall! The spring better live up and not try to kill me when I come out *sniff*sniff*

  6. love the fall pics!!! makes this cali girl ache for the mountains too!

  7. Mother Nature put on a lovely display of color for us this fall. How can we not be impressed?

  8. Love from me to you during this wonderful fall - you know the best part of this fall, you fell into my life...awwww

  9. BEAUTIMUS! Did I get that right - one of your words. No wonder you don't need to leave for a vacation! As me and mom say Peeeeedieee (that's a made up word for pretty) Yes I agree NC mountains are so much prettier. My brother lives in California. The mountain scene is still pretty -because its mountains - but I call his mountains "nappy" mountains.

  10. Hello! I found your blog through the Follower Fest going on at Casey's. I'm now a follower of your blog too. These pictures are gorgeous!! You're very talented!!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  11. love, from follower fest :)

  12. oh my goodness i want to visit! they're beautiful photos.

  13. Stop it. I love your property! I'll move into the cottage, you won't even notice me. Beautiful!


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