Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keeping up...

I had the opportunity to talk to one of my dear friends on the phone Friday night.  Now, I am NOT a phone talker.  I will, but I don’t like it.  Short bursts…ehh…that’s okay.  But generally, I just don’t care for it.  

{Which is strange considering I’m such a talker.}

 I suppose it’s because I like that face to face interaction with someone who gets you, laughs at your awkward facial expressions and can actually feel your pain through your held back tears.  I like real, raw emotion.  

{Even though I am one who desperately hides it from the world.}

I may speak about a lot of things, but in the end I am not a person most ever really get to know.  So, after talking to my girl, she told me to write this post.  I disagreed.  I think she is wrong. 
{She’s giggling now as she reads this I promise you.  She thinks it’s funny when I ‘think’ she’s wrong.  She begs to differ.  wink}

In this new and glorious venture into the blog world…mygoodness is it fast and furious! 
 I could not have imagined a life more fast paced, hot-in-your-hands, addicting form of …well….High School.  
 Some of you are shaking your heads no…
”She’s crazy…what a jerk.  She just doesn’t get it.”

And, you are probably right. 
{On all three accounts.}
However, I didn’t fit into High School either.

But I am certain there are those that are shaking their heads yes.  Those that feel the disconnect between the quick-stepping, entering, commenting, liking, following, guesting, giveaway girls.   

To all of those that are smitten with the world of keeping up, gaining followers and likes and bloggy friends.  More Power to you!  Really, wow…it’s admirable.  
 As far as emotions go…Sincere, is definitely one of my favorites.

But for those, who build their followers upon the backs of others posts, and giveways; the two-sided faces that take and do not reciprocate.    
Well, I suppose you’re just on the 20-year-plan of High School .  {wink}   

And that…is okay.

I’ve seen it happened, it’s happened to me.  But here’s the thing.  I started this blog to promote what I have to offer to the world; for one reason alone –

My Family. 
After a few experiences of the sincere and insincere I realized my time was worth more, even if it’s folding laundry.  I have a family, a pretty good sized one…just scroll to the bottom there are pics and everything.  {wink} 

I have daily household chores, errands to run, meals to cook, baking to be done, clean up because I have children to raise, homework to do, doctor appointments.  I have a  husband who works all day and deserves to rest when he comes home.  
 {Well, rest in this house is not necessarily a reality, but you get what I mean}
Sure it’s a joint effort between all of us in this family but 
they’re mine.  
 I work for them.  I made a partnership with my 
Father in Heaven 
to take care of my babies and my husband.
My rewards are great.  While I don’t have a ton of GFC followers I do have followers that I brought into this world and  
owe them guidance that was entrusted to me.

So, in a strange turn of events; thank you to all of those 
cliques and bloggy-fast-paced-wonders.   
You’ve reminded me where my priorities are.  I’m sorry to those who have wondered where I am on all of your giveaways the past few weeks.  I’m sorry if you question why I haven’t come to you and asked if I can guest post or giveaway or even invited you to my "lil house on the block". I'll do the best for what I can do when I can do it, but in the end of the day,

I’m busy.

I don’t want to appear off-ish or snobbish or even angry or hurt.  I just can’t play very often.  I’m in a binding contract, previously employed with the Big Guy.  And I have a lot of people who I can’t let down; not for this.

I’ll drop by, a few selected, when I can.  I’ll still try to be the best I can be.   
But don’t judge me, my priorities just happen to lie in a different place. 

And that…is okay.

Have a Beautimous weekend.  Huh?  Yah, I’ll be in the craft room, where the varmints come in and out freely; where 5 chairs are found in 1 room and I’m usually the one standing…

And that…is more than okay!




  1. I'm a bit speechless but I will try to find the words, lol. We all have to choose our priorities. It can be a very sweet world in blog land and a very tough world too. Boundaries are important and I hope you don't feel pressure. It is fast paced and I liked you saying Fast & Furious, ha ha. xoxo

  2. Haha! Speechless? Ohgoodness, I'm not profound; just a few random thoughts. No, there's no pressure because as you said boundaries are important. I actually intended this post to be more uplifting, in that I'm thankful I do have my priorities set. And I'm thankful to have met one of my dearest friends through blogging too...please don't mistake this as complaint. It's just life on "Paper" observing the world around me :)

  3. I struggle myself with finding time. Making time and deciding how I spend my time. I didn't see it as you complaining at all. I thought it was a great post :) xoxo

  4. Hey Pidg! I feel pressured too sometimes too but I don't have children to take priority. In fact, my blog is to help distract me from not having any children yet (and help promote my shop). I've found that blogging has been an outlet for me. I get to write and take a break from attacking furniture and if no one reads it, "oh well!" I've found some great people because of the bloggy world and for alone its worth it to me. I'm rabbling...hahaha thanks for your post Pidg. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Truly exactly what we were talking about last night (yeah, she was talking to me people! lol) get an A+...
    It is really "interesting" keeping up in this bloggy world we're in...I do love blogging, but I have a day job, a family, a hubby, my writing, reading, lunches to pack and goodnight kisses to I GET YOU!
    And I think for how we handle it all (and all you other ones out there), YOU ROCK!!

  6. Ouch! This is why I love you. You know who you are and you don't follow the crowd. It's becoming clear to me who to learn towards in all this. It's so easy to get caught up, so easy. Thanks for always reminding me. xoxo

  7. I'm right there with you on most of this post. I posted something kinda similar not too long ago. There are those who are in it for recognition, and there are those who are in it to give of themselves, and there are those who don't know what the heck they're doing here... lol
    I am trying to make my own way and find my own voice here in blog land... while simultaneously keeping up with "real" life. I would not trade for the world the wonderful friends I've made through blogging! But at the end of the day, it's God and my family who are my first priorities.


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