Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Saturday...

Why are Saturdays hard for me to post?  Maybe because there is something about a Saturday that makes me painfully aware my shops are not where they need to be.
{I think I may be on to something.}

Perhaps it’s that I am generally not interrupted on Saturdays because the kids are gone and not in school and you don’t have doctor appointments and things that happen during the week. 
{I see…go on…}

The thought has crossed my mind that a Saturday would be perfect for me to organize my craft room…

{cough..Wait, hold up.  I thought we weren’t going to talk about that room anymore.  What do you mean I was talking to myself?}

So, once again I will be hauled up in above mentioned {yet not supposed to be mentioned} room and working on getting more of my holiday line out on PidgApeg Cottage.  Not to mention…{even though I happen to be mentioning it} I have a line of holiday rings that are clay and oh so much fun that NO ONE has seen because each Holiday Season I fail to get them listed.  But not this year!
{Oh goodness I just put that out there…please let me get them up…}

Once again, on this chilly, trying it’s hardest to turn Fall of a Saturday, I will be in the chaotic room of craft creation and sometimes craft-burn and smolder into pathetic failure, who would buy that, it’s ridiculous, don’t put that in your shop but take pictures to torture yourself later failures.   
{Catchy, don’tcha think? Wink}

But before I go; I think I will throw something out there.  Nay, put your hands down…I’m not really throwing something! 
{Ahh Hahahaha!  She’ll read that one on Monday.  I like to start her week off with a pinch of goofy antics so she has something to go with her coffee.}

I’m thinking about doing a giveaway of my stuff on my blog.  Not because I’m selfish and like to take center stage. {Edges towards curtain} but because I’ll be completely honest…I don’t think I’m coordinated or efficient enough to handle someone else’s giveaway just yet. 

I’m waist deep in the muck of life and I’m one of those people who likes to do the best I can for someone else.  If perhaps my giveaway for someone else’s wonders was, I don’t know…AN EPIC FAIL; then I would feel extremely forlorn about it. 
{It would bother me for days, possibly even weeks.  It might even prevent me from organizing my craft room and perhaps lead to procrastination… Huh?  Oh, it’s Saturday…yah, work day…cricket…cricket..}

With that thought in mind. 
{Yes, I realize I’m probably only talking to my Daddy and Nay and the faithful Salena…snicker} 
Should I do a giveaway for some of the jewelry from PidgApeg or PidgApeg Out Loud or Fall décor from PidgApeg Cottage?  Just let me know if anything floats your boat.  It might be fun.  I might even get enough courage to ask {beg} some of my other talented bloggy friends to do one on my blog.  Guests?  Me?  Do I have to clean the craft room?  NO?  I like this already!

If I don’t produce major pumpkins, signs and Fall wonders this weekend I might be posting about therapy on Monday.  I guess we’ll see!  Until then Happy Weekend and I might drop in on Sunday.  You just never know.



Meanwhile here is a reminder to go and jump in the giveaway for my PidgApeg jewelry over at Sarah's place Scissors and a Wisk.  She is evidently coordinated and efficient! 


  1. =) Yes, do a giveaway from PidgApeg!! I would love to do a giveaway on your blog. Guest post, blog swap, whatever... I wish I could have time alone to get my etsy shop stocked. But then again, I'd probably be so excited and it would be so quiet... I would most likely fall asleep. :)

  2. Yeaaaa, do a giveaway. I also need to do one myself.

    Lisa x

  3. HI! I love your blog and I really love your shops!!!
    THank you for following and I'm following back!

  4. hey! love your blog! your family is adorable! xo


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