Thursday, October 27, 2011


Me: “I’m hungry.”
Po: “Me too.”
Me: “What do you want?”
Po: “I don’t know.”

Do you have these intellectual conversations in your marriage?  Are these mind boggling discussions just floating in and out of your everyday life challenge?  Yah, I thought so.  Do you know what I’m going to do about it?  Me either.

Dang, indecision is just haunting me lately.  I get on these kicks to where I get so tired of making every single decision in this family that even deciding what to have as a snack seems exhausting.  

Am I alone in this frustration?
{Hey!  Who said that?   Always a heckler..}

But honestly it drives me crazy.  And just to be a rebel I tell myself I’m going to go into the kitchen and make myself a snack and NOT  him because he wont’ make a decision.  But then I realize three things:

  1. That’s really lame.  {Funny… but lame}

  1. My husband has those beautiful cow brown eyes that would be so sad when he saw me eating and I didn’t get anything for him because that is SO not like me so he would totally KNOW  he was in the doghouse but being a man would NEVER  be able to figure out why.  {No, I don’t know what a run-on sentence is…maybe you should tell me again. wink}

  1. And last but not least Po is playing online with my dad {literally has the headset on talking to him} and he would tell on me.  Then my Mama would find out then my Mama and I would laugh and laugh and laugh about how funny and petty I was and that she should do that to my daddy too later in the week.  {And then we would both wake up and be irritated that not only would we never do that but they would never care that much and just keep playing their game.}  It’s a funny thought, you’ve got to admit.

{Yes, I generally put a lot of thought into my pathetic but entertaining day dreams.  You don’t?  Really?  Some days they’re the only thing that keeps me going.}

You know in the movie “Monster in-law” where the mother-in-law grabs soon to be daughter-in-law and smashes her head into the cake several times then it flashes back to reality and you realize she was just visualizing the whole thing?  That’s me.  I love to picture, in great detail, how I wish I could react to situations.  But not in this situation, I really just wish Po would make a decision for me.  So it must be that he’s really just not that hungry.

But I am.  I’m getting a snack.  It will involve soda.  Possibly chips.  Possibly Po. 
Possibly a call to Mama for some giggles.




  1. Lol! Love it! I love thinking it terms of what I would really like to say and do. The first few lines here remind me of a funny YouTube video I saw a while back I'll find it and email it to you.

  2. I love that scene! I was just thinking about that type of thing last night involving the hubby...sometimes you just wanna do what you would never do...and then you wake up:)

  3. Totally sounds like me and my husband.. He'll say "lets go out to dinner" I say "ok, where?" He'll say "I don't know. I made the decision to go out you decide where we're going!"

  4. I understand this totally but then we are way worse! lol. We'll go as far as going back and forth, get into the car, ask eachother over and over where are we going? We just keep driving till we are so irritated that we just pick someplace out of frustration. I hate it. It used to be cute when we were dating. I thought he was just letting me choose to be nice and thoughtful... little did I know he was indecisive. I am too and I can't stand it. I'm always asking "what if"... I don't like my food, I leave the house and don't like the color I'm wearing in an hour, and so on... This happens almost daily with us. :)

  5. Oh my gosh Salena, you just described every night we go to dinner.

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