Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

I got a package in the mail on  last Wednesday!  Can you guess who from?   

Not only is she so thoughty but she beat me to it.
{Grr…I’m never quick enough..never!  My cape has a hole in it.}

But the best part is it’s something I totally needed and way cooler than I would have gotten for myself.
 {Me:  $1 calendar on clearance the size of my hand…haha!}
Nay? Went all out and got the calendar of all {colorful} calendars!  

 AND she got me a huge set of my very favorite writing pens.  
{Yes, I still write on actual notebooks too}
I didn’t even know my pens came in that many colors!

I {heart} Nay.  She is so good to me!

So, then guess what happened today?  I woke up at my usual 5am, peppy {miserable} as always, {never chipper} to get ready for the day because I love mornings.
{Loath them with such passion I’m considering making up a new word for how much I hate mornings.}
But, seeing my Moi off to Seminary is definitely worth it.  {No, she really is.}

I got a text!  From who?  No, not Nay silly…she’s 3 hours behind me…that would be crazy!
I got a text from Salena!   
We chatted for a bit while she was winding down her night {6 hours behind me} and I was starting my morning.  What a great way to start the day.

So, in this ode to friends in far places I wrote on Saturday, there really are more.  I was thinking that when I wrote that post.  How sometimes I feel “strange” about saying I have friends {that I met through blogging} as if they’re not real…lol.  But, consider this a continuation of people I miss.

As I mentioned before I’m not a phone talker but when I get the opportunity to talk to someone I care about it’s so wonderful and I feel so blessed.  Ironic that I can’t go over to Salena’s and hang out with her lil girls and let her go out and run errands by herself while me and my girls watch her lil ones…or pop by Nay’s and hang out with her lil Lovebug instead of just texting her.  
 {Yes, I mean Lovebug, not Nay.  I text Nay but her lil girl is my new texting bff….We’re cool like that!} wink

I love, love, love having real people out there that care.  Ones that know you’re real and tangible even though we can’t go and hang out and see each other they way we used to, or want to.

Happy Monday!  Go call, text, or write your besties today.  Let them know you’re thinking about them!




  1. ♪♫♪Isn't she lovely!!!♪♫♪ Yes! Love me some Pidgy! Thank you my little Miss Craftilicious!!!

  2. Know what else is cool - I wake up to my phone beeping every morning. It's my grandson texting me good morning before he leaves for school.

  3. Aww, this is so sweet Andi!!! Yes, how I wish we could hang out in person. This post was just perfect! :)

  4. Oh and I love that calendar and those pens!!! I love to write stuff down and I am anal about keeping a color coded calendar!! See, so alike it's scary. :)


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