Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Morning Monday!

I find that if I say Good Morning Monday with enthusiasm then I might start to believe it’s a good thing. 
{Fine, that’s positive thinking…so far, it hasn’t worked!}

In actuality it was Waaaayyy too warm and cozy in bed this morning and 5am taunted me.  So in order to fight back I re-set the alarm to 5:35am and mocked it right back!
{Oh, yes I did.}
I have another craft class to teach today and I actually got everything ready and packed up last night and began cutting mini paper for pumpkins for the boy’s classes for them to give to their classmates for Halloween.  But in being efficient and getting ahead  
{because I’m so very organized and never get distracted…wink}
I forgot to write my post for the blog. 

So here is a funny for Monday.  I am so mad, Hanna had one of her “one liners” yesterday and I totally forgot to write it down; hence, my memory is only of laughter.

This will have to suffice.  Just another day getting ready for school after Moi has left for Seminary and the boys have caught their bus.  This is what I am left with.
 Yes, this “conversation if you will. 
Yes, this is word for word. 
Yes, this happens often.
Why would you even bring up ADHD?  That’s a funny question…hmm

Hanna looks to Busy:  You, You  Insulin fool!
{Spoken in her best I’ll take over the world British accent.}
{Yes, Busy is a diabetic.}
Busy:  “Scared Potter?” {spoken in a British accent}
Hanna:  “You wish!” {Not as polished British accent…grin}
Hanna:  This was just a sad mis-confusion
Busy:  “Now, I’m scared Potter…” {again with the British}
Busy sings:  “Come on, Come on do the locomotion with me...”
Hanna:  I thought it was the hokey pokey?
Both sing:  “Come on, Come on do the hokey pokey with me…”
Busy throws ice at Hanna
Both sing:  “Ice ice baby…chicken rice and gravy…”
Me:  I think you’re missing the bus, like right now.”
{Looks of astonishment from the girls}
Inside my brain:  Thank you school for being there for me every day.  Thank you Mr. School Bus driver for picking up my hooligans and taking them to school….
Hanna as she runs out the door:  “My cheese…noooo…..” exits…
Busy:  “Peanut Blart and Jelley {In a British accent}  she exits…
Both pop their heads back in the door….”Bye mom I love you.”
Me:  “I love you back!”
Yah, I’ve got nothin’…..
It was a good morning.  Thank goodness for no distraction.

Have a Fantabulous Monday!
{Yah, I’m still tryin’…wink!}




  1. Hahaha!!! I love it! Where do they come up with these things? Never a dull moment at your house. :)

    I too am grateful for school and mr bus driver. One thing I love about Monday's is it resets our schedule for the week which means early and easier bedtimes.

  2. Too cute, during the girls exchange my eyes were getting big, wondering if they were going to miss the bus. LOL!!

  3. LOL! That is so awesome. I love it. :)

  4. ~grin~

  5. oh my goodness... seriously, this cracked me up. reminds me of my sister & i... and our silly episodes we used to have! :)


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