Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goals and Setbacks...Small Business Month

Small Business Month 
Challenge #5 and #6

It’s that time again…well it was that time again and I deliberately avoided it.  Challenge was to  
write out your goals for your business

I didn’t want to.

{Sorry Nicole} 
That was for Tuesday.

And then do you know what the next challenge to write about was? 

What is holding you back from reaching those goals?
 That was for Thursday.

Are you sensing what I’m sensing?  A big fat LONG explanation to the above mentioned assignments?

You’re right!!!!

Okay, so most will talk about time management, money, product development, or children…umm yah, just count me in those too.  But do you know what hit me?  And I’m gonna jump on my soap box right now as a matter a fact.  
 {Hey, I’m only 5’3” I feel better on the box}
It is such an emotional and ridiculous reason I didn’t want to complete challenge #5.

I’m pretty certain Mr. B reads my blog.  I’ve been humiliated time and time again and when I fail, he is there to thoughtfully throw it in my face.  When I don’t fail, he assures me that I did.  I didn’t want to put my goals out there.  He will only laugh.  He’s successful, he’s money.  I am that sad little woman that works in a diner {hypothetically speaking} that you see in all of those stereo typical women movies.  You know the "poor mom".  Except Mr. B likes to remind me while my professional years are long gone due to raising children I now cannot get a job.  So, I caved to the anticipated defeat of him …well, making fun of my attempts to work from home.

I have learned as of late if you don’t get paid via a consistent paycheck then you don’t work. People say pretty things but in actuality they will then turn and without thought spurt out something about you not working. 

Example:  “Andi, do you work?”
“Yah, I work from home.”
“Oh, then can you watch my son during the day while I work?” 
Huh?  Really?  Didn’t I just say I work from home?

This kind of mentality, coupled with Mr. B’s gentle {definitely not gentle but hateful} several page long emails, phone calls and texts of “You are a loser” is what holds me back!

Today, after another bout of why I am a failure to my kids, the church, my family and the world.  I sat there just staring out the kitchen window.  Po who is a man of few words as it is said something that struck me.  {Daddy said once that Po uses words as if they cost him.  Love that.}
Anyway, Po looked at me and said, “Why do you let him get to you?”
Translation: He, as in Po, is the only one whose opinion matters now.  He, as in Po, is my husband, my rock, my partner in crime.  He’s right.
It happens. 
{Actually Po is right a lot.  I’m cool with that though.  He chose me didn’t he?  Hahahahahah!}

Major set back number 1 crushed!  done!  OUT.OF.THE.WAY!

So, I’m writing it.  Putting it out there.  And one day when PidgApeg Cottage is featured in …yah well I don’t read magazines..but one day when I’m Rich it won’t matter!   
Okay, so that was the crazy “I’ll take over the world me”.  In actuality, I don’t have to think about “one day”.  I’m just a girl trying the best she can for her family.  That’s a little bit of success right there.  No defeat, just keep moving forward. 
This, according to my goals at the bottom, is what I am now doing to keep myself accountable.

Money? Save up.  I even like to do it in cute mason jars {I hide from the kids} so that it’s simple and pretty.  I have jars for several things that my husband didn’t even know I stashed for.  It’s not much, but it helps and it adds up and if I need something and the business itself can’t pay for it, then I wait.

Time Management?  I am starting a new type of calendaring.  One with actual blocks of time reserved.  I have actual work hours so that the kids know and I know when I need to be doing certain tasks.  With ADHD I most likely get a bit more distracted than most of you efficient chickees out there.  My calendar is much more detailed; my notes longer.  I also am starting to actually schedule in the two things I hate most.  {Could not tell you why…I have no idea}  But one is listing items…and two is making packaging.  I find that when I sell the item and my packaging is not ready I get irritated.  So, normally, my cutsie packaging {ie: bag toppers, cards, tags, boxes} are already made, ready to grab and be dropped into the shipping box.

I also schedule in time for chores, kids and my husband.  If someone gets sick or needs to be picked up, then that slot is shifted with another.

Product Development?  Man, I have so many ideas in my brain it’s ridiculous.  Then I get on Etsy and go into creative overload.  I get so excited and distracted then disappointed that I can’t do it all and end up accomplishing nothing.  Now, I write down my ideas and categorize them according to priority.  Mostly this is for the clay jewelry in PidgApeg Outloud and the homespun stuff in PidgApeg Cottage.  The jewelry shop is pretty much therapeutic and I keep if fairly filled.  It’s the other two because they require a bit more creativity.  So I prioritize what I want to try first then categorizing the new items according to what uses the same supplies then roll it out.  Hopefully, if this new system works you will be seeing those two particular shops a bit more full.

Children?  Sorry, I got nothin’.  I love them, can’t send them away.  But I have gotten a lot more efficient in using my time wisely.  Now that Mr. B lives here.  I use that time the kids are with him to work and only work.  Po comes in to check on me but he’s supportive knowing that I “need” to be in the craft room solid when they’re gone.

Now, lets back this train up.  Here are my goals.  Laughter or not; mean comments or not…mean comments because they come anyway.  I had them written out but now I have the courage to put them out for you guys.  The few of us that have built a little small business bond.  I’m sorry, I flaked this week.

Goals for PidgApeg:

Carry at least 100 items in PidgApeg by November 15th, 2011.
Carry at least 75 items for PidgApeg OutLoud by November 20th, 2011.
Purchase monthly add spaces on at least 3 blogs by January 1st, 2012
Release my holiday line for PidgApeg Cottage by November 25th, 2011.
Release my Spring line for PidgApeg Cottage by March 1st, 2012.

Yes, I realize some of these goals are super close together, however some of them I am already on top of.  I have found that goal setting even in small increments has helped me achieve what I need to.  But unless I put it up there in front of me, it just doesn’t happen.  I have sat on so many things that I have made and simply didn’t get them listed.

That’s it.  Simple.  I will continue to add more goals to replace the old ones.  Baby steps, soon to be smarter and larger steps.  But remember, I’m just a girl…

Thanks for listening, reading and being supportive.  I mean that you know.

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  1. One step at a time, you can do this! Good luck!

  2. Nice job on getting this all written out. I avoided too... and now am too tired to get it done. I dont know where all my time goes sometimes.

  3. This is great! First off, I'm glad you did this. I have learned so much from you in just reading this post.

    Secondly... well... I had to delete my long detailed comment about how I can relate to the other part of your post but I'll email it to you instead.

    Thank you for sharing this. I believe by holding back you give your power away. You just helped to inspire many others by sharing what is real about your love for your family and for your creative outlet. :)

  4. Speechless...yes me {don't laugh}...that was a eye-opening, sucked the life out of me, kept me silent-kinda much! You are...I don't even have the words. Good post!!! And I'm here if you need me (besos besos besos)!

  5. Sending supportive vibes your way. Go for it.

  6. Seriously, I'm with Nay on this one! I even read a few parts over again! Sorry I'm totally late to comment on this! It's HARD to put yourself out there and write goals down in black and white! So I'm BEYOND happy that you wrote them out and are now utilizing a whole new calendar system! The part that really spoke to me is the "working from home" mention. It's like, "okay.....did I not just say that I do, in fact, WORK??" Anyway, what a great post, and I'm so sad I had not read it earlier!


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