Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friends in Far Places...

Today, I'm longing for friends that aren't close.  Those friends that are family; they stay when they don't have to.  Yah, those.  Well, here's a little tib-bit of what I have to be grateful for.

Friend number one I have known the longest.  She was and still attempts to remain a recluse.  {I joke about it a lot but truly she has a hard time leaving her house and certainly never alone.}  How blessed am I that she allowed me in.  
 {I’m kinda pushy ya know…wink}   
She is my muse and one of these days we’re going to make something worthy of fireworks out of ourselves.  I would be just as happy for it to be her rather than me.  That’s the kind of friendship we have.  She’s just that second half of me…it seems like she’s always been there and I have no doubt she always will be.   

Friend number two is the best friend in the entire universe.  She became my friend when I attempted to avoid it.  Most “friends” had always let me down.  She has picked me up, dusted me off and calls whenever I need her.  Its kind of nifty really…she always knows, always listens, and always makes me laugh.  She is a spiritual giant whom I can thank for her example and amazing testimony of Christ and yet she’s so down to earth you can’t not love her…you just can’t.
{I can hear her laughter in my mind right now.}   

Friend number three only because I met her later is not what I would consider a BFF she is more of a sister.  She came in a time of trouble a time when we held on to each other so closely I felt the seams would rip from the world I was trying to survive in.  Where does the sister part come in?  Sisters forgive each other, the camaraderie runs through their blood.  They have to be there, no matter what.  We were hurt by others, hurt by each other and through the rifts a relationship of sturdy staying-power was built

and not one of these women lives in my state….

Here’s some funny facts.  Friend #1 and #3 are writers like me….okay, fine in all honesty, not modesty …they are better than me.  I am a good story teller.  I think I can say that about myself.  However, #3 is another Walt Whitman or Sylvia Plath…she is truly extraordinary and actually tells me “I” am her muse.  I’m her jester perhaps…she’s a funny lil thing.  You think I have sarcasm down?  Wait ‘till this one gets published.

So, Friend #2 edits for me and Friend #1.  Yah, she catches all of our mistakes and makes it purdy.  I remember when I first asked her to help clean up some of my work so that I could begin submitting it.  I said with softness and possibly a bit of timidness, “You just can’t laugh at me.  You can tell me the story bites and you can pull out your “red pen” and mark all over just please, don’t laugh at me.”  She thoughtfully agreed and I handed over the manuscript

Silence…  THEN she bursts into laugher… “You’re not supposed to start a sentence with a preposition and you did it like 20 times on the first page!  Ahh Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…breath… Ahh Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahah!  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah …choking…spitting…Hahahahahahahah….” 
Just so we’re all clear, the laughter was hers not mine….then it was mine…then I beat her and begged for her to give me back my novel…then she began laughing again…there may have been snot rockets involved…. 
{Why is she my friend again?  Maybe I should re-evaluate that list! Haha!!}

Sad note….they’ve never met each other.  Not one single time.  Maybe we can all meet on my ranch in Wyoming!   
{If you’re gonna dream, might as well dream big!}



  1. I wanna come!! I wish I had my tunnel to your place. :)

  2. Aw! I've been there - it is so hard to live far from the one's you love. My sister lives in another state. Thank goodness for Skype! <3

  3. Ohmygosh....i'm friend two who laughed when i shouldn't have I'm so sorry. I LOVE your writing and LOVE YOU even more. I need to work on my friend skills. They aren't as good as my editing skills. Ahhhhhaahaa. K, I couldn't resist.


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